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New Honda Vezel from Japan

Are Japanese Hybrid Cars Worth The Money?

Hybrid cars from Japan are compact and fuel-efficient and definitely worth the money. The Honda Vezel is powered with HEV that charges the battery while it’s running, owing to the gas motor which will certainly not leave you deserted on a quiet excursion. Its engine is widely known for its ability to switch easily between an alternate fuel and fossil fuel and the deluxe Japanese hybrid cars also offer an automatic switch that starts and stops the engine as per the requirement.

New Honda Vezel The Dream Hybrid  Car From Japan

The third-generation high rider revolutionary vehicle (HR-V) launched by Honda has set a new bar of comfort for its buyer. The ground clearance comes in handy during unfavorable weather conditions and drives over the obstacles to bring you closer to the destination without causing any hindrances. The Honda Vezel has sufficient room for everyone with the capacious cargo and an attractive interior that would certainly never disappoint its buyer. It has a seating capacity of five people and the exterior that makes it elegant and sportier. The new Honda Vezel hybrid is equipped with Honda’s original real-time AWD which is in charge of controlling the flow of torque from the front to rear wheels.

Honda Vezel 2021 (e.HEV Play): The New Hybrid Everyone Wants

Honda Vezel 2021 is in demand for its stylish exterior and the minimalistic new variations that are worth giving a go. It has the perfect, foldable magic seat second row that can easily be transformed into a hauling camp. It also has a leather seat trimmed which is specially designed to provide comfort to its owner with a system that monitors the tyre’s pressure, also the listed kerb weight is around 1400kg. The new Honda Vezel of 2021 is the vehicle of elegance with the best of the features including a lane-keeping assist. In short, Honda Vezel is not your average Hybrid car that only performs well but also has a low emission rate that also assures the safety of its owner.

Honda Vezel e.HEV X Package

Honda Vezel X package is the basic packages of New Vezel comes with 16-inch Alloy rims 1500cc e.HEV hybrid engine and fabric seats. X packages come with a push start button option along with parking sensors (Optional).

Honda Vezel e.HEV X Package

Honda Vezel – e.HEV Z Package

Honda Vezel Z package comes with 17-inch Alloy rims along with partial leather seats with a smart entry system. Z package Alloy rim size and style is different from X package. It also includes a Rear AC feature which makes it comfortable.

Honda Vezel - e.HEV Z Package
Honda Vezel - e.HEV Z Package Rear AC

Honda Vezel e.HEV PLAY Package

Honda Vezel e.HEV play package comes with a panoramic roof which has been introduced for the first time in Vezel. A lot of customers use to ask for a sunroof in Vezel, finally, Honda has included a panoramic roof option in a top package of e.HEV play package. Also, the major feature is the 360 Degree camera. Play feature has been introduced in two-tone colors with black tops. The play package is equipped with a complete beige leather interior.

Honda Vezel e.HEV PLAY Package
Honda Vezel e.HEV PLAY Package-360 Degree camera
Honda Vezel e.HEV PLAY Package 2 tone color

Get Your Hands On The Imported Honda Vezel In Guyana

Honda Vezel hybrid cars are high in demand especially in Guyana which has recently taken the shape of a successful market for Japanese hybrid cars and Carjunction Guyana has taken the lead in the market of imported cars from Japan. It ensures the top-quality Honda Vezel hybrid cars for its loyal customers and has a wide range of used as well as brand-new Japanese hybrid cars but this does not end here. Where Car Junction is greatly loved by the customers for exporting the best of the cars, they are also rich with a huge range of auto parts. The sleek hybrid car is just the right choice for someone who can neither compromise on the model of a car nor the safety.

So don’t worry needlessly if you want to get your favorite model but do not want to go through the hassle of finding imported spare parts from Japan because CarJunction Guyana is always here at your service.

Used Cars Import Policy in Guyana

Used Cars Import Policy in Guyana

Japanese used cars have certainly attracted a vast number of citizens and residents of Guyana. The direct importation of Japanese used cars is quite popular in Guyana, and the government has also placed a dedicated used car import policy to provide the facility to the people. With lower taxes, sufficient leverages, and lesser restrictions on the import, used cars from all over the world and japan can be imported in Guyana.

However, specific duties are to be followed by the importer or the importing company to drive the car in Guyana. The country permits only importing right-hand drive vehicles that should not be more than five-years-old from their production date. With Nissan, Toyota, and other Japanese brands and models popular in Guyana, the S.U.V.s are the preferential choices.

Used Car Import Duty, Policy, and Regulations.

The destination and recommended port for all vehicles and shipment coming to Guyana are Port Georgetown. The Japanese used vehicles imported in Guyana should not be more than 5-years old, and small-trucks and light haulage vehicles up to 3 tons must be at least less than 4-years old. When it comes to Japanese second-hand or used vehicles imported from Japan, no mandatory inspections are required.

“Effective October 1, 2020 and resulting from the 2020 Budgetary measures, import of vehicles over 8 years old, half-cut vehicles and used tyres will be allowed to enter Guyana.”

Regularly Imported Used Vehicles & Trucks in Guyana

Toyota Corolla Fielder, Ractis, Premio, Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Leaf (Electric Vehicle), Honda Vezel and Mitsubishi Canter Trucks are most demanded used Vehicles & Trucks in Guyana.

Documents Necessary.

  • Original B.O.L/MASHO
  • Identification Proof
  • Form C 72
  • Commercial/Purchase Invoice
  • Standard Administration Document (S.A.D)
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Non-sale certificate
  • Original registration and title
  • De-registration certificate

Importing A Vehicle.

  • All motor vehicle ‘entries’ are entered into the Total Revenue Integrated Processing System (TRIPS) at the Entry Processing Unit (E.P.U.).
  • If importing a reconditioned motor vehicle, the canceled registration from the company or individual from whom the vehicle was purchased is required. It should be noted that new vehicles do not require a cancellation of registration.
  • The respective Assessing Officer verifies the ‘entry’ at the E.P.U, who then checks to ascertain that the correct Customs Duty and other relevant taxes have been applied to the vehicle.
  • When the importer, consignee, broker, or agent uplifts the ‘entry’ from the Lodgment Counter, he/she must proceed to the G.R.A. Cashier and pay all relevant duties and taxes.

After the payment is made, the importer, consignee, broker, or agent then returns to the wharf to uplift his/her import. Import Taxes are calculated based on the car’s engine size, manufacturing year, and base-model year.

Toyota C-HR Compact SUV Becomes Best-Selling Model in 2017

Toyota Compact SUV “C-HR” has become the best-selling model of this year with a growing vehicle sale percentage of 1.4 percent in the 1st quarter of 2017. This trendy and sporty designed subcompact crossover utility vehicle has consistently maintained this title of becoming the top-selling and demanding vehicle for 9 consecutive months. The C-HR has acquired a top ranking position in the most selling vehicles category of this year by having a competitive edge over other top Japanese hybrid vehicles named as Toyota Aqua, Prius, Nissan Leaf, X-trail, Honda Fit, Accord, and the Subaru Impreza Sports.

Toyota Coupe High Rider (C-HR) is a 5-door hatchback hybrid car which offers an ever-increasing demand and value among customers all over the world. The core reason for C-HR to become the most demanded vehicle is due to its superbly stylish exterior design, spacious interior, and powerful dynamic engine performance. It provides excellent fuel-efficiency with an eco-friendly drive. It is an ideal crossover urban SUV for the entire family to have both on-road and off-road all-terrain fun and adventure driving journey experience.

Toyota C-HR is a robust and rugged futuristic design all-wheel-drive hatchback car with a sheer distinction over other brand vehicles to receive a huge appreciation from customers with a continuously rising sale percentage for a longer period of time. It is undoubtedly an excellent choice for buyers equipped with all kinds of comfort, entertainment, and safety feature like Toyota Safety Sense P, Pre-Crash Safety System, Millimeter Wave Radar, Monocular Camera, Lane Departure Warning, Automatic High Beam, Radar Cruise Control, Anti-lock braking system, electronic brake-force distribution, SRS Airbags, and Steering Collaborative Vehicle Stability Control. All these advanced preventive features increase a huge appeal and value of this car among customers with an instant decision to buy.

Toyota C-HR has distinguished itself as a 21st century modern and innovative Sports Utility Vehicle with exceeding expectations of customers and it is certainly hoped that Toyota will keep introducing more outclass and dashing vehicles like C-HR with sustainable domination in the automobile industry for many years to come.


Japanese SUV’S The Top-Selling & Demanding Sports Utility Vehicles

Toyota Rav4

Sports Utility Vehicles - SUV's from Japan

Sports Utility Vehicle is an automotive vehicle which provides a true combination of both ease utility and sporting adventure. It is a kind of rough and rugged design vehicle built on a light pickup truck structure and having a matching similarity with a station wagon. They are also popularly known as Suburban Utility Vehicle specifically produced for a harsh and adventurous off-road all-terrain exciting driving journey experience equipped with a 4×4 drive transmission.

The Japanese brand SUV, unlike many other famous brand sports utility vehicles, are keenly and increasingly becoming popular among customers all around the world due to their distinctive robust sporty luxury design, powerful engine performance, and the comfortable inside spacious accommodation for both passengers and cargo.

Following are the top listed classifications of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV’s):


Japanese Mini SUV is a small-sized and subcompact urban city stylish Kei vehicle designed for the little family fun and exciting journey experience. It is an ideal for off-road all-terrain pleasurable expedition driving on rocky, muddy, and on all kinds of bumpy road surfaces. The famous Japanese Mini SUV’S are the Suzuki Jimny, Toyota Cami, Daihatsu Terios, Toyota Rush, and Honda Vezel.


The Compact Japanese SUV shares a touch of compactness and rigidness in their design and structure. This kind of compact mini SUV is perfect for various sorts of adventure activities for customers and offers a good amount of internal wide and open space for both passenger and luggage storage accommodation. Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail, Daihatsu Terios Advantage, and Toyota Land Cruiser 4-door Wagon are the best-selling Japanese compact sports utility vehicles.


It provides a highly spacious three-row seating design SUV with a highly spacious and convenient driving journey experience. It has a middle body size with a robust and remarkable actionable appearance for customers. It comes with a versatile variety of Mazda CX-7, Toyota 4-Runner, Toyota Highlander, Nissan Murano, Mitsubishi Challenger, and Nissan X-Terra.


The Full-Size SUV is a larger sports utility vehicle as compared to mid-size and compact SUV’s. It provides an enormous cargo and passenger accommodation capacity with a true sense of luxury, innovation, and perfection for customers. It offers a gigantically appealing look for customers to enjoy a family riding experience with 5-doors and 8-seating space. The Infiniti QX56, Lexus LX, Mitsubishi Montero, Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Armada, Land Rover Discovery, and Toyota Sequoia all fall into the Full-Sized SUV Category.


Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) is a terrific one single body vehicle manufacturing design based on a car platform as it combines features of both a sports utility vehicle and a passenger car and mostly built with a trendy hatchback and wagon structure. It is a sporty and speedy urban city vehicle structure designed with multiple options of front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drive capabilities.

Japanese CUV has a light-weight stylish 5-door exterior body with a swing back door on the rear side. The inside provides a lavishing and luxury spacious environment for customers with 3-row and 5-seating capacity. The Rear-side cargo compartment also offers extensively wide capacity for an easy luggage storage accommodation. The crossover utility can be further divided into more classifications such as Mini Crossover, Compact Crossover, Mid-sized Crossover, and the Full-Sized Ultra Modern Luxury Crossover. The Mazda CX-9, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Honda HR-V, Nissan Juke, Infinity FX, Lexus NX, Subaru Forrester, and the Toyota Kluger are all highly fabulous and renowned Japanese Crossover Utility Vehicles of the World.

Japanese SUV’S are widely demanded among customers from all over the world due to their unique and distinctive body appearance with an extreme touch of comfort, luxury, and fun outdoor leisure challenging driving journey activities.

We are the leading name in the discounted stock of Used and Brand New Japanese SUV/4WD in all regions of the world including Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Caribbean.


Top 10 Japanese Car Brands

Japanese car brands

Japan is the leading Car Manufacturing Country in the world and produces the most reliable and durable long-lasting cars with unique luxury style, modern urban cutting edge design, and dynamic sporty performance. Japanese cars are always better known for their versatility, affordability, and rising demand popularity among customers all over the globe.

Following are the Top 10 Listed Japanese Car Brands:

Japanese car brands


Toyota is the most renowned and recognized Japanese brand holding a stable and sustainable first position in the top-ranked Japanese vehicle brands. This leading brand possesses an increased demand and value among all ages of customers with a global reach at every nook and corner of the world. It has the oldest long history of producing and delivering the finest quality cars to the public by tremendously keeping up pace with the latest technological transformations for providing unique innovation and perfection. It offers all different varieties of eco- friendly and family-friendly vehicles for customers such as executive sedans, off-road SUV’s, small Kei hatchbacks, and spacious family wagons.

Apart from introducing traditional car models, Toyota also holds a smart thinking vision of bringing a true revolution in the Japanese automotive industry by presenting unconventional and distinctive smart concept futuristic design cars. Toyota Corolla Axio, Camry, Land Cruiser, Vitz Yaris, Prius, Premio, and Auris are the bestselling newly Toyota Hybrid Car models that have proven their sheer recognition among customers worldwide.


Nissan comes with a slogan of “innovation that excites” which means it keeps its core dedicated focus on designing modern innovative cars for the exciting fun driving customer journey experience. This well-known Japanese car brand is absolutely famous for introducing sophisticated and super high-performance cars for the public and has yet produced all kinds of passenger vehicles by carefully keeping in mind the essential factors of comforts, stylishness, and luxuriousness.

It proudly presented the first high-tech battery electric vehicle known as Nissan Altra EV for keeping up with modern technological automotive advancements at the Los Angeles International Auto Show on the 29th December 1997. The introduction of the Nissan Leaf an all-electric vehicle is the biggest success for the company to be the pioneer of producing the fully electric vehicle for the first time in Japanese automotive history.

Some other record sales hybrid electric vehicles are Nissan e-NV 200, Hyper Mini, and the Nissan March e-power. Nissan has also some surprising and interesting plans to launch completely driver-less autonomous futuristic cars on the roads by the year 2020.

Nissan Cima, Bluebird Sylphy, GTR, Juke, Teana, and X-Trail Hybrid are the popularly branded Nissan Cars.


Honda is a Japanese car brand synonymous with style and innovation, as it always transforms a sleeping dream into waking up reality by bringing out modern and urban uniquely designed trendy cars for customers. Honda Cars provide stunning mid-sized youthful appeal vehicles for customers to cater to the younger audience. As to foresee the future, it is stepping ahead with an enlightened vision of presenting alternative fuel, hybrid electric, and plug-in electric cars for customers. The Accord, Odyssey, Fit, CRV, Vezel and CR-Z are world-renowned brand cars famous for their irresistible noticeable appeal and dynamic speedy performance.


Mitsubishi is a top-ranked Japanese car brand that holds global recognition for its long-running Pajero and Outlander Sports Utility Vehicles. It has given the true definition of crossover SUV by producing the fiercely designed solid built rugged vehicles proving their acclaimed credibility and durability since decades. It has also embraced the latest technological era and embarked on its success for the plug-in hybrid EV System and Mitsubishi innovative electric small Kei technology vehicle. The Lancer Evolution, RVR, and the Colt are the recently popular brand cars.


Mazda is an internationally recognized vehicle manufacturing brand that defines its true meaning of wisdom. It uses the same wisdom and intelligence in designing superb and terrific cars for customers and produces 1.3 million cars on a global scale. This trendy and innovative brand provides a bit of bolder and seductively sensational creative attraction for instantly grabbing keen noticeable customer attention. The Zoom Zoom and Sky Activ Technology are the most vital elements which induce customers for a quick purchase decision for the Demio, CX-3, CX-5, Premacy, Roadster, and the Mazda MPV.


Subaru is the world-leading Japanese automaker brand that defines its slogan of confidence in motion. This creative tagline provides sheer reliability and durability of an inside deep powerful performance with a Subaru EE Boxer flat engine design layout structure and a well-balanced full-time four-wheel-drive technology. It is also combined with active torque split all-wheel drive and the Multi-Mode Driver Control Centre Differential AWD System for the fast and speedy driving journey experience.


Suzuki is the best-selling Japanese automobile brand famous for producing mid-sized light-weight, affordable, and family-friendly convenient cars for customers. Suzuki Cars are much demanded their appealing urban youthful design with space and comfort for passengers as it offers a wide range of vehicles for all categories of small and large-sized families. The Swift, Alto, Ignis, Lapin, Wagon R, and Baleno are the most popular vehicles with increased sales worldwide.


Daihatsu is a well-known Japanese domestic brand with wide global recognition that produces small compact trendy Kei hatchbacks cars and mini wagons with having a powerful appeal and demand among customers all over the world. It provides all different varieties of light passenger, passenger, commercial, hybrid electric, and alternative fuel vehicles. The Daihatsu Mira, Move, Tanto, Mebius, and Copen are top-selling brand vehicles that offer a playful and super exciting urban pleasurable driving journey experience for everyone.


Lexus is an elite class premium Japanese brand much popular among customers spread all over the world due to its sheer elegance, dynamic performance, and captivating design. It comes with all different varieties of sedan, coupe, convertible, and SUV, and the LX 570, IS 250, and CT200H are the top-selling brand models.


Acura is a luxurious Japanese car brand introduced by Honda and it produces all kinds of super speed sedans and crossover sports utility vehicles for customers with some of the finest brand models such as ILX, TLX, RLX, RDX, MDX, and the NSX.

Top 10 Japanese car brands with having the versatile and distinctive appealing design features as well as highly efficient brilliant performance for catching the keen eye attention of customers and making them compelled to have an enjoyable fun driving journey experience.

These Japanese Car Brands have had a long-lasting trustworthy relationship with customers for years and are strongly committed to delivering the best quality performance and sheer efficiency for more years to come ahead. The customers of today now prefer Japanese brand cars over American and German brands due to their affordable prices and state of the art features. Japanese automotive industry captures the largest market share of consumers from all over the world with ever-increasing sales value as they better understand the customer choice and produce cars according to the exact demand specification.

Toyota C-HR Defeats Honda VEZEL

automatic transmission cars

Un-compeered Honda Vezel has been doing great on sales charts since 2013. This sub-compact SUV was floated in the international market by the name of Honda H-RV. Honda H-RV / Vezel performed really great and earned lots of clientele to the Honda Company. But according to hypothesis now it is hi-time for Honda, as a monopoly of Vezel / H-RV seems in danger. According to analysts Toyota’s up-coming C-HR would be the competitor of Vezel and would be giving a tough time to H-RV on sales charts.

Toyota C-HR is expected to hit the market in January 2017. Toyota is also taking online advance orders through its website.

People’s expectation regarding this family car is great and considering those expectations and for sustaining good word of mouth Toyota has given its best in this sub-compact car to grab its market share. Toyota claims that their car is better than all rival i.e. not only Honda Vezel but Skoda, Kadjar and Qashqai.

Toyota C-HR is a perfect blend of beauty, class, economy and luxury. This beautifully carved hybrid vehicle’s technological aspects are designed according to the need of modern time. Combination of a 1.8-litre petrol engine with electric engine is efficient enough to give the desired fuel economy.

JBL audio system is introduced in Toyota C-HR to convert your vehicle to a mini concert hall. C-HR’s safety system is also designed flawlessly to provide safety at all grades. Pedestrian detection, cruise control and many such safety gadgets are introduced to provide safety at all grades.

Dimensions of C-HR are as follow, length 4360, height 1565 and width 1795. Exterior and interior of the car are beautifully designed. Every angel of Toyota’s C-HR depicts a sense of delicateness and sophistication.

Pricing of any car is a very crucial matter especially when you have to compete with a strong competitor in the market. Toyota has settled very realistic pricing considering its competition with Honda Vezel. The price of C-HR ranges between £20,995 to £25,495 depending on the level. It varies in entry-level-icon to top spec.

The original scenario would be observed after the full fledged launch of Toyota C-HR but up till now
Toyota’s gossips win march on Honda’s gossips.

Manual Or Automatic Transmission Vehicles – Which One Is Best

automatic transmission cars

When you are buying a car you could be asked to pay around 1000$ extra for giving you automatic transmission in it, but the question is does it really worth to buy a car 1000 bucks expensive with an automatic transmission? Does it really provide advantages over manual transmission?  Or manual transmission is better?

Different analysts and research writers have a different opinion in this regard. It is facts that “Automatic transmission” is more convenient if you are fond of a comfy drive than automatic transmission is the best choice for you.

But on the other hand, its fuel consumption in automatic transmission vehicles is higher than the manual transmission. Cars with manual transmission consume 15% less fuel in ideal road conditions. It turns automatic vehicles expensive to afford in all regards but standards are more efficient.

In metropolitan cities, automatically wins March on manual cars, as stop-and-go becomes very easy with automatic on full of traffic roads. But if you are on the racing track or motor-ways so MT is perfect for you.

automatic transmission cars Manual Transmission Cars in Japan

Apparently manual transmission brings greater control over vehicle than an automatic transmission, but vehicles with automatic transmission are easier to control. Manual transmission rarely comes with cruise control but on the other hand, cruise control is part and partial of automation transmission.

If it comes about car maintenance; manual require less frequent maintenance and mechanics usually charge a greater amount for maintaining automatic vehicle’s gearbox. They say more technique is involved in repairing automatic gears than in manual.

Keeping all technical aspects on the side, the manual transmission gives you a better feeling than automatic control.


Import Japanese Cars in Singapore

Importing a car in any new country is as much exciting for everyone, but on the other hand, it also requires many complications and hurdles to face for importers. As in every country, there are certain imposed taxes and policy regulations on imports. Singapore is also not free from all these importing hassles and imposes strict restrictive rules to follow for everyone bringing in a new or used car from outside country. Singapore mostly prefers importing Japanese branded vehicles as they are luxurious, comfortable and long-lasting in terms of design, performance, safety and speed Transmission.

Following are the step by step guidelines for importing a Japanese vehicle in Singapore:

  • It is always necessary to make sure about your capability to abide by the entire Singaporean vehicle importing regulations and standards.
  • Another step for importing a car in Singapore is to gather required documents as valid proof that the car is a brand new vehicle and never been registered before. Similarly, For a Second-hand vehicle, there are also essential legal documentation required.
  • As for a new vehicle in Singapore requires following safety and emission standards. This is the necessary requirement to follow in order to keep prevention from hazardous air pollution.
  • All the registration and exporting documents must be submitted for verification.
  • Making Arrangements for the vehicle shipment to Singapore with a Port Cargo agent.
  • Cars can only be imported that are less than three years of age.
  • The car must be a right-hand drive (RHD).
  • The car must clear a thorough examination and detailed inspection procedure by the Singaporean Transportation Authority.
  • All Japanese manufactured cars must need to acquire the Inspection Completion Certificate by the Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Company (JEVIC).
  • The depreciation value and age of a used vehicle must be well calculated from the date of its initial registration in Singapore.
  • There must be an extra charged amount of ten thousand dollars for each and every imported used car.
  • The best selling Japanese cars in Singapore are Honda Vezel, Toyota Vellfire, Corolla Axio, Harrier and Sienta.

The following documents must be required to get submitted to Singapore Customs for verification:

Honda Vezel Hybrid – Mini SUV Car

A top-notch conventional car manufacturer introduced a comfy in late 2013. Honda Vezela comfort-luxury car was firstly presented in the Japanese automobile market, but in April 2014 the Company decided to unveil this mini SUV at “New York auto-show” with the nameplate of “Honda H-RV”. Later this HR-V nameplate has been carried over to other automotive markets, including Australia, Canada and Singapore.

Honda Vezel Hybrid – Mini SUV Car

“Honda Vezel” is a mini SUV, subcompact crossover with front engine and both front/four-wheel drive. The Urban SUV Concept is based on Honda’s Global Compact Series, which includes the Honda Fit subcompact and the Honda City subcompact sedan. Honda launched its new series of hybrid engines in 2013 after, Honda’s previous hybrid technology failed to compete with the existing breed of Toyota.

Exterior Design of Honda Vezel:

“Honda Vezel’s” name is extracted from the word Bezel having the literal meaning of “Tilting lines on the face of Gem” which indicates towards its sleek cut body structure. It has perfection written all over it when a car enthusiast analyzes its exterior. The front is eye-catching. Grill, bonnet, bumper, headlights, fenders, every inch of designing detail is a beauty to behold; it could be stated as a real gem. The back is equally good if not better with LED lights. Most of all, as a package, the road presence is spectacular and surely a head turner. In its class, maybe only Mazda CX-3 is able to compete with “Honda Vezel” in designing.

Interior Design of Honda Vezel:

Honda Vezel’s interior is also a state of art. Entering into a Vezel adds a luxurious experience to your life. It is really worth enjoying a comfortable ride in it. It serves it right to be categorized as a premier luxury vehicle in Japan. High-class leather is used to design the interior of this car. There’s an all-touch climate control panel. The meter, I-MID and gear lever all beautifully designed. Nice chrome finish around speakers and AC vents. LED cabin roof lights come standard. When you look at the seat fabric and floor mats, you realize how much detail went in the selection of materials and overall aesthetics of Vezel’s interior. Leg space and overall cabin space is great and it’s a proper 5 seater. Honda’s magic seat system comes in real handy when one wants even more space for cargo and stuff. All in all, Vezel’s interior design fuses together the personal feel of a coupe and the comfort of a minivan at a high level.


Best Selling Japanese Cars in Singapore

Japanese car suppliers are ruling world of automobiles since decades. Japanese cars suppliers are well known for satisfying their continuously increasing clientele all around the globe; as these suppliers are providing a blend of luxury, innovative technology and comfort in economical prices. Japanese cars suppliers like Toyota and Honda are leading the sale’s charts of many countries.

Along with dozens of Japanese car importers, Singapore is also one of the largest importers of Brand new cars from Japan. Best-selling brand new cars in Singapore include Honda Vezel, Toyota Corolla Axio, Toyota Vellfire and Toyota Harrier. Toyota was recorded as a top sale in Singaporean market for last six years but according to the current reports Honda is dramatically challenging Toyota’s years-long domination of the Singaporean market this year with 4.012 sales and it turns out this new found strength has everything to do with the parallel imports of Japan-made Honda Vezel. Singapore is the only country where Honda stole a march on Toyota in the sales of brand new cars.

The Honda Vezel is a subcompact crossover manufactured by Honda. The vehicle was first introduced to the Japanese market by the end of 2013. It could be identified as the long-overdue successor of the well-admired Honda HR-V, which went out of production in 2006. Since then, the compact crossover segment has seen many contenders subsequently but currently, in its Singaporean market it knocked out all of its contenders smoothly. Its shape also adds worth to it, as the creases on its body give a refreshing appearance to the car. Its fascia is very different and attractive. Honda has done excellent effort with designing the Vezel.

Honda Vezel Hybrid cars

Toyota Corolla Axio is also selling good in Singapore. It is also a major Japanese Car supplier which facilitates the Singaporean market by providing brand new cars. It is a tenth generation Corolla, released in Japan on October 10, 2016. It is a sedan and is currently known as Corolla Axio, Word Axio was extracted from the word “AXIA” which is a Greek for a valuable thing.

Toyota Corolla Axio

Before the advent of Honda Vezel in the Singaporean market, Vellfire and Harrier by Toyota were in the leading position. According to publications “Honda overtakes mighty Toyota to become the most popular car maker in the country thanks to sales up 4-fold on March 2015 to 1.583 and 22.3% share vs. 1.527 and 21.5% (+58%) for Toyota. Honda’s victory is even more impressive when taking into account the fact that Toyota sales also include Lexus.”

Toyota Vellfire in Singapore

Now it is debatable that for how long Honda will sustain its top position in the Singaporean market but either its Honda or Toyota it is the Japanese car supplier who leads the sale’s chart.

Toyota Harrier