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Toyota Supra Sports Racing Car

Toyota Supra is a super sensational iconic coupe sports racing car now back in the market with an awesomely striking appearance. It is an urban class smart trendy coupe sedan car with a modern racing concept to display a fabulous masterpiece creation for customers. This tremendously redesigned sports car offers a dashing style attitude and based on FT1 Future Toyota1 Concept for having an energetic ride experience for keen enthusiasts who love fast speed drive.

The All New Toyota Supra 2019 will soon be coming up with a terrific futuristic design to show a distinctive bold appeal to everyone. It will be a turbo sports coupe car built with a sleek robust aerodynamic dynamic structure composed of weird stylish front LED Headlights, curvy shape long bonnet, under spoiler fog lights, front bumper, power side view door mirror, and 17-inches alloy wheels. On the rear side, it will provide an attractive catchy funky display glance for customers combined with a rear spoiler rear black bumper, dual exhaust tailpipe, LED taillights, rear transparent windscreen, retractable rear wing, and roof top design.

Interior Cabin Design will be offered with a highly stylish contemporary ambiance by having 2 to 4 seating capacity. The leather trimmed colorful sports seats will give an extreme sense of legroom and headroom space for passengers. The front side dashboard will give a truly fancy and high tech innovative appeal equipped with advanced key safety driving features for customers.

2019 Toyota Supra Turbo will be ideal choice for young generation customers by having exceptional dynamic performance. This 2-door right-hand sporty coupe racing sedan will be absolutely fitted with choices of 2.0 L 4 Cylinders turbo and 3.0 L inline V6-engine. The 2.5 liters hybrid will also be added in the new lineup. The power train will consist of manual speed transmission.

BMW and Toyota are jointly collaborating in producing twin dashing fastback coupe sedans named as BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra. These cars will create a new revolution in racing sports with powerful smooth driving.

How To Properly Adjust Front And Rear View Mirror

Many accidents occur during changing lanes on road due to blind spots; that is only due to the wrong adjustment of mirrors. It is very important to set your rear and front view mirrors properly to avoid accidents and to save lives. Usually setting your car’s front and rear view mirrors incorrectly create blind spots and you can hit the car in the very next lane while shifting your lane or while parking your car.

There is a technique involved in positioning these mirrors correctly. It could totally eliminate blind spots behind your car and can give you wider eye angel to avoid accidents.

While adjusting your side-mirrors you need to see beyond your car, don’t try to see your car in the mirror. Most of the people do this mistake that they adjust car’s side-mirrors at eye-level where they could see rear part of their own car. They think that like this they could avoid a bumper collision. But usually, car hits cars at the side rather than at back or front. For covering your Car’s bumper use rear view mirror instead off side-view mirrors.

You have to set these mirrors at an angle where your own car should be out of focus when you are in the driver position. Try to cover the sight of the road in a mirror rather than your own car. Like this, you would be able to at the wider angle or you could say that you would be covering 3-quarter view from both sides of the car. It will provide optimum comfort and support while driving.

For adjusting rear view mirror make sure that you don’t have to move your head for peeping at the rear part of your car. Set it at eye level where you could glance by just moving your eyes. It will make your drive more comfortable.

All adjustments are dependent on your reflexes also. You have to be fully awake and aware of the road while driving to avoid any unpleasant situation.

BMW 5 Series Unveiled

Last quarter of every year is an important season for the automobile industry. In this quarter every automobile company manages to arrange a series of events for revealing their upcoming automobile for next year. These events start with spreading rumours and publishing official sketches to test drives or presenting vehicles at auto shows.

BMW and Toyota Fantasy

Mercedes-Benz E-Class’ rival has been unveiled through a teaser video on 12th October 2016. BMW-5-series with the code name of G30 has been in debate since long finally showed its stunning face to people who have been waiting for it for too long. BMW (the ultimate driving machine) has decided to launch BMW-5-series in the market in spring 2017. It is a 7th generation sedan.

Its exterior and interior are designed to fulfil a need for class and luxury.  Somehow its design resembles 7-series but it is comparatively bigger in size than its earlier generation i.e. 6th generation 5-series’ sedan. Its length is 44936mm; its width and height are 1868mm and 1470mm respectively. Its measurements are slightly bigger than its competitor Mercedes-Benz E- Class. Its fuel capacity is also greater than its predecessor and competitor both.

BMW seems proud of bigger wheelbase and larger dimensions, which on real grounding have added a lot of worth to this super luxury car.

BMW has also worked on a penetration pricing strategy to grab a larger share of the market. This time instead of using expensive carbon fibre structure they have replaced it with economical material to reduce cost. Its weight has also been reduced by 100Kg. BMW achieved reduced weight by using aluminium body structure, lighter alloy wheels, and other lighter components.

Optional Hybrid Plug-In technology will bring it an edge over its rivals. Engine and fuel consumption are also established considering economies of scale.

Physical existence will show the reality of BMW-5-series but up till now, it seems winning march over its competitors.

BMW Ties Knot with TOYOTA

Wisdom says that every test vehicle in camouflage should not be considered a mule. But this time it is an official mule (progeny of Toyota and BMW) which is under discussion.

Cold weather testing revealed a miraculous “automobile fantasy” which amazed the entire world. For the very first-time automobile, the world is expecting collaboration of BMW and Toyota. It sounds really astonishing and unbelievable but this unique car has been sighted during its first cold weather test drive in Camouflage leaving many question marks on the heads.

BMW and Toyota Fantasy

This cross-bread baby is expected to be named as “TOYOTA SUPRA”

According to rumours BMW has only borrowed hybrid technology from Toyota which BMW itself could had developed, but BMW is looking towards economies of scale and is focusing on spreading its development cost especially in low segment.

Toyota and BMW both has been serving the automobile market since decades in their own domains. BMW is famous for producing Luxury cars and Toyota is one of the most reliable Japanese car brands which has been supplying vehicles to the entire world and has earned a great word of mouth. But their collaboration which was never expected has added a new twist. Both successful brands are also on their toe to know how this joint project will register in people.

Market’s expectation regarding this vehicle is very high, as the fame of Toyota’s hybrid technology could not be ignored and the luxury factor of BMW is also very evident. So people are looking forward to availing a blend of the world’s best engine technology with all aspects of luxury.

Pricing is also a debate. That BMW will set price to its standard or Toyota will win this march, but its size of production is showing that price would be quite economical. It is expected that the Austrian factory will produce a line of 60000 vehicles in the year 2016.

Many question marks will remain unsolved unless this vehicle is officially launched in the market. Whatever would be the outcome of this collaboration but it would be a great event of the automobile industry.

Luxury Cars for Diplomats & Expats in Tanzania

Luxury Cars for Diplomats & Expats in Tanzania
Foreign Diplomat is a person representing his native country in any outside country of the world. He is a well-honoured and respected state deputed ambassador of his own country and leaves a true impression of pride and reputation on others. The Expatriates or Expats are short-termed living immigrants in foreign countries as regular citizens. They also possess a permanent living status but keep their stay for a shorter period of time to return back to their homeland.

The foreign diplomat provides a clear reflection of his own country. The core purpose of international consulates is to build and maintain strong friendly long-lasting relationships with other countries. They also help promote mutual trade and commerce activities between the two countries. The foreign consulates have a minimum living stay of three years in any diplomatic country of the world.

As for the lifestyle, mostly the foreign convoys and ambassadors are offered with an exclusive luxurious official protocol. Tanzania is also a friendly country in promoting foreign diplomacy and offers all sorts of excellent facilitation to all of its diplomats. The Diplomats in Tanzania are provided with all comforts and privileged luxuries.

The Foreign Diplomats are also provided with a specialized fleet of luxury cars such as Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Premio, Nissan X-Trail, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota Allion, Toyota Hilux Revo, and the Nissan Patrol. Some other convoy cars are BMW7, Mercedes Benz E-Class, Toyota Camry, and the Toyota Fortuner. All of the lavish diplomats’ cars in Tanzania are completely duty-free with no additional taxes and can be easily accessed by foreign diplomats anywhere in the world.

All of these popular luxury cars offer a sheer symbol of elegance and rich extravagance. These cars provide an elite-class comfortable and pleasurable driving journey for the foreign national diplomats in Tanzania.

Every Foreign Ambassador keeps his own preference and choice of luxurious cars in Tanzania with the national flag attached to them. The Foreign Diplomats enjoy a lavishing code of conduct style in any other delegated country of the world.

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Japanese Giant’s Toyota Look Forward to Work Together With BMW

BMW AG (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) is a well-known motor car, motorbikes and engine manufacturer. It is headquartered in Munich, Bavaria and is a German automobile company and manufacturer. The company was founded in 1916 and since then it has been producing high-quality cars, BMW is also the parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and it also produces and owns mini cars. In 2012 BMW group was able to produce 1,645,186 automobiles and 117,109 bikes across all of its brands and it is part of the big 3 luxury automobile makers in Germany. Luckily now BMW and Toyota have started a joint venture in which they will produce a sports car like never before.

Toyota and BMW had planned to work together to manufacture a sports car back in 2012 but back then it seemed like a rumour but today the two companies confirmed that they will be working together and that the project is in the concept phase, the project is moving at a slow pace but it is still in progress.

It is for sure that BMW and Toyota will have a long partnership and that this sports car is one aspect of a broader BMW-Toyota partnership. This partnership includes engine sharing, joint work on lithium-ion batteries and much more, but at the end of the day, this vehicle will be a classic design sports car.

This vehicle has been adding more auto enthusiast flair to the company’s line up which has been long awaited by Akio Toyoda. It is said that the partnership between Toyota and BMW will have a long run and will continue to at least until 2020. By this time hopefully, the regular car lovers will also have a driver-oriented Toyota-BMW car running on the streets.

Left Hand Drive Used Cars

Left Hand Used Vehicles

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