Toyota Crown Z Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCEV) is a new flagship vehicle for Toyota’s hydrogen ambitions. It is a high-performance, luxury vehicle that showcases the best of Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The Crown Z FCEV uses the same high-performance fuel-cell system as the Mirai, but with three high-pressure hydrogen tanks instead of two. This gives the Crown Z FCEV an estimated driving range of over 820 kilometers (510 miles) on a single tank of hydrogen.

In addition to its long range, the Crown Z FCEV is also very fuel efficient. It is estimated to get around 1.3 kilograms of hydrogen per 100 kilometers (82 miles). This means that the Crown Z FCEV is significantly more fuel efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles and even battery electric vehicles.

Crown Z FCEV is also very fast. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just over 6 seconds. This makes it one of the fastest hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the market.

The Crown Z FCEV is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in early 2024. It is expected to be a relatively expensive vehicle, but it will offer a number of advantages over other hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, including a long range, quick refueling time, low operating costs, and zero emissions.

The Crown Z FCEV is a significant development for Toyota’s hydrogen ambitions. It shows that Toyota is committed to developing and commercializing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The Crown Z FCEV could also help to raise awareness of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and encourage other automakers to develop their own hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.