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Brand New Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2018 Revealed

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado holds an unbeaten value among people all over the world since its inception. It always receives a tremendous response from customers who possess an extreme eagerness to have an off-road urban outdoor recreation fun trip with all family and friends. This robust solid 4-wheel drive sports utility vehicle gets a new

Use the Best Engine Oil for your Car

car engine oil

Engine oil or motor oil works as both coolant and lubricant. Moving parts of engine produce heat due to friction of two metal surfaces in contact and can cause damage to parts of engine. It may affect the efficiency of the vehicle and can also decrease life of the engine. Engine oil works as a

Benefits of having Sunroof in your Car

Sunroof is an optional opening available in the roof of cars. Some Cars have factory fitted Sunroofs i.e. these cars are manufactured with it but others go for alteration to have this sunroof but all vehicles couldn’t adopt it due to design. It adds a sense of class and luxury to the car. Having Sunroof

Stone Chip Removal From Precious Paint

One of the most irritating and common problems with cars is getting nasty chips on the bonnet caused by loose stones on the road. These stone chips mar the beauty of the car, the faster the speed of the car the deeper the chips. This article highlights ways to repair these annoying stone chips that

Repairing Paint Chips

The repair procedure of a scratch and chip are pretty much the same. A scratch is actually a chip that is moving in one direction. Although both can be repaired, the scratch takes more time than a chip to blend in with the new paint. Items you will need: • Touchup or color matched paint

Old ‘New’ Car

Everyone wants to hear a little appreciation about their cars but keeping that old vehicle in a new-like condition is difficult. Dents, scratches and cracks in the glass make a car look older in appearance with time. New techniques have appeared with time that helped car maintenance a lot, it has made repairing faster and

Car Wax versus Polish

People confuse wax and polish to be one and the same thing but actually they are quite different. Wax is a non-abrasive coating which shields the paint and fills in the small dents and dimples to make the car shine. While polish is a mildly abrasive product that tends to even the surface of paint

Safety Tip: Replace Wiper Blades

Old wipers can become a real headache when they are used. They make all sorts of sounds like screeching, chattering and scratching; these ineffective and noisy wiper blades are of no use in the rainy season thus putting the commuters at risk of accident.  It is better if such wiper blades are replaced by new

A/C Refrigerant Facts

Everyone cherishes the air conditioner especially the one in the car which keeps you cool and comfy in high temperatures but just because you cherish it does not mean it will go on forever. Air conditioners demand maintenance to function properly otherwise you will just end up with hot air flowing from the vents. Air

Timing Belt : Timing is Critical

With automotive engines as with many aspects of daily life, timing is critical. One vehicle component often overlooked during routine maintenance is the engine timing belt. If it fails, the engine will stop and the car will coast to a stop. The lucky motorist will only have the inconvenience of being stranded on the side