Car Care Tips

Car Junction has made it easy for you to maintain and care you car. The more you care you car the better you will get in the end.

Old wipers can become a real headache when they are used. They make all sorts of sounds like screeching, chattering and scratching; these ineffective and noisy wiper blades are of no use in the rainy season thus putting the commuters at risk of an accident.  It is better if such wiper blades are replaced by Safety Tip: Replace Wiper Blades

A/C Refrigerant Facts

Everyone cherishes the air conditioner especially the one in the car which keeps you cool and comfy in high temperatures but just because you cherish it does not mean it will go on forever. Air conditioners demand maintenance to function properly otherwise you will just end up with hot air flowing from the vents. Air A/C Refrigerant Facts

With automotive engines as with many aspects of daily life, timing is critical. One vehicle component often overlooked during routine maintenance is the engine timing belt. If it fails, the engine will stop and the car will coast to a stop. The lucky motorist will only have the inconvenience of being stranded on the side Timing Belt : Timing is Critical

If your car battery is dead or even weak, you`re not going anywhere. It is the leading cause of starting trouble, whether because of lights left on, a charging system problem or other cause.

Car Interior Cleaning

Keeping a neat and tidy car reflects the personality of an individual. Interior cleaning of the car when done at proper intervals gives it an impressive look. This article discusses some helpful tips regarding interior car cleaning. Vacuuming Vacuum the seats and carpets after removing the floor mats. Then, start vacuuming under the seats, near Car Interior Cleaning

Majority of the people feel that it is a cold season that damages and shortens battery life while actually, it is the heat which causes major battery problems. Heat makes battery fluid vaporize, causing damage to the structure of the battery. Overcharging also badly affects battery life; this is usually because of a flaw in Car Battery Trouble and the Hot Weather

Before reading the contents of this article, you must be notified that this article is written for learning purposes only. Please do not perform the task mentioned below if you have no idea about the following procedures. Take your car to a professional mechanic or repair shop for proper check up and maintenance. Everything in Engine Maintenance Tips

When it comes to your car`s safety, brakes top the list of systems that need monitoring. However, many people are unaware of the signs that indicate a car`s brakes may need maintenance or repair. For routine maintenance, it`s important to check the vehicle`s breaking system at least once a year. A thorough inspection should include Consumers Can Avoid Problems by Watching for Warning Signs

Emergencies and accidents do not occur with a prior warning but there several ways to be prepared for such situations if they ever occur. Carrying a few extra tools in your car can help you cope with any unforeseen circumstances. You do not need to carry a whole toolbox in your car but it is Essential Tools to have in your Car

Emergency and difficult situations do not always take place with a prior warning. Everything and all procedures should be performed by taking all safety measures into account. Same must be done when changing a tire or connecting jumper cables, these are the most common known emergency protocols. This particular article deals with the attachment of How to Connect Jumper Cables