A/C Refrigerant Facts

Everyone cherishes the air conditioner especially the one in the car which keeps you cool and comfy in high temperatures but just because you cherish it does not mean it will go on forever. Air conditioners demand maintenance to function properly otherwise you will just end up with hot air flowing from the vents.

Air conditioners have seen quite a change in the past years. The R-12 refrigerant has now been replaced with the R-134A which is considered more environment-friendly. The R-134A has been the standard since 1994.

If you have an old vehicle with a completely inoperative air conditioning system, the repair may cost around a few hundred dollars. The repair usually requires a refrigerant fill up accompanied with addition of oil in the compressor and other older parts. Do not try to mix the refrigerants as they are not interchangeable, adding R-134a to old AC without flushing the system would prove useless. Make sure there are no leaks in the system; the refrigerants can easily damage the ozone.

Check the air conditioning system annually to help avert breakdowns. There are many workshops that offer AC inspections during summers but you always have the option of asking a service centre to check your air conditioning system before the arrival of hot weather.