Old wipers can become a real headache when they are used. They make all sorts of sounds like screeching, chattering and scratching; these ineffective and noisy wiper blades are of no use in the rainy season thus putting the commuters at risk of an accident.  It is better if such wiper blades are replaced by new ones as it takes only a few minutes and the instructions are listed on the box.

Stop the wiper to the most convenient position by the help of the ignition key. Using the on-off wiper switch is not recommended as it stops the wiper in their parked location. Search for a rubber replacement to avoid purchasing the complete blade and holder. If the rest of the parts are fine then they can easily be installed and trouble-free wiping can be restored.

The average life expectancy of wiper blades is not more than 6 to 12 months. So replacing them within this time duration is for the better and good enough reason to do it yourself.