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Mitsubishi Canter Truck for Guyana

Mitsubishi Canter Trucks for GuyanaThe Mitsubishi Canter, named after the English noun describing the gait of a horse while emphasizing the ‘thoroughbred’ nature of the Mitsubishi brand, is one of the most well-received light-duty truck models in the world. It is still in production, and even the used canter models are considered one of the most successful trucks for sale in the global business and supply-chain markets.

The Mitsubishi Canter is a light commercial truck offered on the Japanese market since the year 1962. The truck belongs to the Stuttgart Daimler Group, and the truck has its reputation of being light-weight, agile, powerful, and compact dimensions that enables it to be commuted around urban cities. The compact dimensions and seamless drive-train makes the Mitsubishi Canter Truck ensure exceptional handling on narrow streets and corners. The Canter Truck can also be easily equipped with a diverse range of truck trailers, super-structures, extensions, and towing items. Reefers, flatbeds, and refrigerator outlets, as well as carriers, can be attached with ease.

The current model of the Canter Truck chassis is majorly represented by three diverse variants offering exceptional engine powers. The engine for the used truck or the brand-new canter truck is the industry-standard time-tested four-cylinder diesel engine with 3.0 liters in all three versions. 130 HP combined with more than 300 Newton Meters of torque are the core power-specs of the Mitsubishi Canter. The middle-tier model delivers 150hp and 370Nm of torque, and the top-of-the-line version delivers a staggering 175hp and 430Nm of torque at speeds. All three versions of the Mitsubishi Canter Truck come with a factory-installed 5-course manual transmission with the capacity to be exchanged as an option to a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission known as the DUONIC.

Being one of the most popular Japanese Trucks for sale on the market due to its payload capacity, maneuverability, and versatility, the Mitsubishi Canter is also exceptionally fuel-sustainable when it comes to overall consumption as it delivers an average of 29 miles per gallon effectively.

Robust design structure, durable components, high-payload and maneuverability, low-fuel consumption, and amazing procurement costs make the Mitsubishi Canter one of the most popular Japanese trucks for sale in Guyana. Available in different variants, Mitsubishi Canter 3 ton and Mitsubishi Canter 3.5 tonne for sale, namely, the truck delivers seamless switching speeds and fast start-up performance with a load capacity of 1400kg, making it picture-perfect for the Guyana market. Due to the Mitsubishi Canter’s durability, performance, and agility, the truck is popular around many parts of the world, inclusive of Guyana, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria, South-Africa, and the middle-east.


Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Truck

Japanese made Mitsubishi Fuso Buses

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter is a specific kind of light-duty commercial vehicle manufactured for easy and comfortable intercity cargo hauling. It was introduced by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) in March 1963.

Mitsubishi Canter is a highly recognized brand well known for its long lasting and reliable reputation. It is available in the market with an exclusive and versatile range of commercial body truck designs such as box cart, pickup, tow style truck, and dump truck.

This distinctive and stylish truck has a far and wide demand all over the world especially in Japan, Australia, Europe, New, United States, Asia, and Indonesia. 

The literal meaning of Canter is a fast-paced horse riding style. As it applies to this vehicle, it describes it as a powerful, speedy, and dynamic truck with firm solid suspension and a strongly built exterior design. It has multiple cab dimensions with excellent and well-balanced cargo luggage loading capacity.

It has been purposefully designed for capturing the commercial vehicle market and defeating the industry rivals like Toyota Dyna, Hino Dutro, UD Atlas, and Isuzu Elf.

Fuso Canter has also come up in the new hybrid version with more safety, superior design, and perfect cargo delivery.

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Top 5 Commercial Trucks from Japan

Japanese made commercial trucks

Commercial Trucks are robust delivery transport trucks to help deliver passengers and cargo from a single place to another. These are exclusively categorized into light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty, and off-road trucks which provide extreme strength for easy towing and lifting maximum cargo load.

Off-road Trucks are exceptional design trucks to easily carry extra heavy loads and used for special kinds of purposes. They have a rigid solid exterior design with dynamic driving engine fuel performance.

Following are the 5 topmost commercial Japanese trucks which have high popularity and demand all over the world:

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter is a kind of light-duty truck that holds a dominant position in the commercial vehicle industry. It was initially introduced in March 1963 and has tremendously grown with a steep rise in its demand and value among customers all over the globe. It is a multi-purpose tractor that efficiently and securely carries cargo goods to its point of destination.

It possesses varied capabilities of 4×4 off-road driving on all kinds of rough terrains and available in a variety of standard as well as crew cabin dimension design structure.  This muscular robust truck is perfectly-known for its long-lasting durability and reliability for customers as it offers a smooth road handling experience.

Hino Ranger

Hino Ranger is a widely popular cab over-designed innovative commercial truck introduced in 1969 with medium and heavy-duty specifications. It provides a versatile range of functionalities with high-end dynamic performance. It is built with a rugged aerodynamics exterior body structure and provides true peace of comfort in a spacious inside cabin for a pleasurable long-haul journey. It has the ultimate potential to lift sufficient payload cargo capacity.

The increased fuel capacity and ease of maintenance are two essential factors that make it a significant class vehicle with more drivability on a higher mileage journey. Driving safety features play a key role in adding more value and demand such as pre-crash safety with pedestrian detection function, driving alert system, vehicle wandering alarm, and lane departure warning.

Isuzu Elf

Isuzu Elf is an outstanding commercial cargo truck launched in August 1959 designed for different body style specifications of light, medium, and heavy-duty transportation. It offers a superior edge in sophisticated styling design, rugged maneuverability, with an extreme sense of comfort and safety performance.

It has a complete range of variations in standard and crew cabin body specifications such as CE Series, F Series, and N Series. The diesel-powered engine and manual speed gear transmission increase its efficiency to a maximum level.

Toyota Dyna

Toyota Dyna shows a true sense of dynamism and strength to carry forward the high amount of cargo goods for customers. It signifies itself as a premium class medium-duty cab-over commercial category truck to exhibit extreme efficiency and exceptional driving journey performance. It is built with both choices of standard as well as a crew cabin design structure.

Nissan Ud Condor

Nissan UD Condor is a robust shaped fuel-efficient commercial truck that provides ease of cargo handling operations. It is built with a solid muscular body design structure that shows an aggressive style impression and a sound reputation for customers.

All of these above Commercial Trucks provide efficient and prominent yet powerful means of cargo goods deliver transportation. They are high caliber vehicles which are designed with sheer perfection and precision for performing strenuous tasks in a simplified manner.


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Used Commercial Trucks

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Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks and Buses

Japanese made Mitsubishi Fuso Buses
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation launched light-duty commercial vehicles by the name of Mitsubishi Fuso Canter in the year 1963. It is known by multiple names in the international market as Mitsubishi Fuso Colt Diesel, Mitsubishi Fuso FE, and Sterling 360. It was supplied to the Japanese market and almost all other international markets like Europe, Other parts of Asia, Australia, and United States. Till the early 70s, it only gained popularity in the Asia-Pacific region but later it also prevailed in the international market.

Its name Cantor refers to a gallop of a horse, it indicates about its power and pace. This light-duty commercial vehicle was admired all across the world. It was marketed in North America in 1985 by the name of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America. It has a power train engine and has a manual transmission.

Its principal competitor in the United States was Bering MS, GMC W-series and creeds like Chevrolet and in Japan, this truck competed with Elf, Toyota Dyna, and Hino Dutro.

Mitsubishi Tramagal plant is specialized for supplying Mitsubishi commercial vehicles to entire Europe it is situated in Portugal.

Buying a new Mitsubishi truck could be an expensive option for anyone but if you are interested in buying Mitsubishi Fuso Canter so you can also consider used commercial vehicles.

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Mitsubishi Rosa Bus 25 to 33 Seaters

“Mitsubishi Rosa bus” which has now evolved through four generations; was officially marketed by Mitsubishi in 1960. It is a minibus, meant to carry 25 to 33 passengers from one destination to another. Due to its flawless, remarkable design and comfortable accommodation for passengers, it could be distinguished from similar vehicles available in the market. It is competing with Isuzu Journey, Nissan Civilian, and Toyota Coaster but since a decade it’s on the top of the sales chart of minibuses.

Japanese Used Mitsubishi Rosa buses for Sale

The main reason for its success is that it is a reliable and good value for money. It is one of the best for its “cost per seat bus”. There are many features which are unique about “Mitsubishi Rosa bus” but despite all the outstanding features and excellent performance the vehicle is offered at a reasonable price for current and potential customers, it adds worth.

Mitsubishi Rosa is available with standardized and optional equipment customized and personalized to the need of its valued customers. The standard features are present in all the vehicle models to satisfy buyers whereas the optional features are meant for customization preferred by certain customers around the globe.

According to a review report:

“The major specifications include three points seat belt, power steering, clutch booster, heat absorbing glass, warning alert buzzer, brake system, independent front suspension, spare tires, glove box, and windshield shade band, fuel tank lock, under view mirror, front disc brakes and complete entertainment package. The optional equipment list includes the 2 by 2 seating arrangement, rear seat fold down option, passenger seat belts, luggage accommodating rack, ashtray, ceiling grab rail, protection bars, engine protection from dust and digital clock.”

According to Mitsubishi:

“A stylish, aerodynamic exterior contributes to vehicle stability and a reduction in fuel consumption.

The low, wide passenger door is positioned forward for ease of entry and exit.

A bright, spacious passenger cabin provides a sense of luxury. “

“Used Mitsubishi Rosa Busses for sale” are also considered by few buyers when it comes about saving cost. Used “Mitsubishi Rosa Busses for sale” are available all around the globe and are preferred by many people.

Not only Rosa but other “Japanese Used Buses” are also purchased.

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Left Hand Drive Used Cars

Left Hand Used Vehicles

Car Junction is now offering a huge selection of left-hand drive used vehicles including passenger cars, public transport vehicles, commercial trucks and buses and all other vehicles at affordable price. All of the top American and European brands are available like AUDI, BMW, FORD, Mercedes Benz, Dodge, Hummer and many more.

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Japanese Commercial Vehicles

Japanese Used Commercial Vehicles and Trucks

We often travel on buses, hire taxis, see huge trailers, heavy trucks on the highways travelling miles across the cities or even countries; helping to transport people and other goods to different destinations. Commercial vehicles are mainly used on the corporate level to conduct business activities (often related to commutation) and if this transition is efficient then your business can be stood upon in the leading position. Small and big players of different markets are considering the options to expand their enterprises by purchasing light or heavy vehicles as per to their requirements.

Moreover, if you are looking forward and planning to make your purchase a suitable unit for your business usage, then you need to scrutinize some of the vital aspects to proceed in a safer and sounder way. Purchasing truck or even a van is not like purchasing a sedan or hatchback at all and you need to adopt a slightly different attitude; for finding out more on that you need to read up and follow as per your convenience.

  1. Know your REQUIREMENT:

You need to understand beforehand that what actually you are looking for? This might applicable as per your business type and scale, for instance; a small farmer would go for the purchase of mini truck, whereas a company that provides the transportation services for people will go for wagons, vans, buses etc. and car rental dealers often look to acquire sedans, hatchback or 4WD/SUVs. So whatever suits your business plan, you must know the INS n OUTS of it to reap the optimum benefit from the purchase.

  1. Think ECONOMICAL:

A paramount phase that to be allocated before and even after purchase which is to find out the feasible consumption level of the vehicle. In this regards, Diesel vehicles are widely preferred by most of the savvy buyers as it gives more mileage in fewer stops at the fuel stations. On the other hand, large diesel engine vehicles are expensive at the same time, so now it has to be considered by a businessman to meet the profit momentum with the potential purchase.

  1. Never overlook USED VEHICLES:

General perception prevails that used and high mileage commercial automobiles are worn out and can give you straight a bumpy ride on the purchase, whereas the matter is not as dreadful as it crops up. Followed by the heading, you do not need to underestimate the second-hand commercial units because at some extent higher mileage shows the higher level of efficiency of the vehicles as well. Japanese made used trucks, vans and other heavy equipment are very much in demand and trusted all over the world, because of the durability and its cost-effectiveness.

  1. Seek a perfect TRANSACTION:

Always, prefer to deal with experienced and qualified vehicle suppliers/dealers as they can suggest you in a professionally competent manner as per your potential purchasing interest. Never trust and hand over your money to infamous companies who pledge to provide such products but fail to deliver up to the mark quality.

In the end, I would like to mention some of the exclusively famous Japanese brands that deal in commercial and heavy equipment in which ISUZU, MAZDA, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HINO, MITSUBISHI, CATERPILLAR, HITACHI, KATO etc. are extensively bought and used all around the world.

Commercial Vehicles in Japan Stock