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Used Cars Import Policy in Guyana

Used Cars Import Policy in Guyana

Japanese used cars have certainly attracted a vast number of citizens and residents of Guyana. The direct importation of Japanese used cars is quite popular in Guyana, and the government has also placed a dedicated used car import policy to provide the facility to the people. With lower taxes, sufficient leverages, and lesser restrictions on the import, used cars from all over the world and japan can be imported in Guyana.

However, specific duties are to be followed by the importer or the importing company to drive the car in Guyana. The country permits only importing right-hand drive vehicles that should not be more than five-years-old from their production date. With Nissan, Toyota, and other Japanese brands and models popular in Guyana, the S.U.V.s are the preferential choices.

Used Car Import Duty, Policy, and Regulations.

The destination and recommended port for all vehicles and shipment coming to Guyana are Port Georgetown. The Japanese used vehicles imported in Guyana should not be more than 5-years old, and small-trucks and light haulage vehicles up to 3 tons must be at least less than 4-years old. When it comes to Japanese second-hand or used vehicles imported from Japan, no mandatory inspections are required.

“Effective October 1, 2020 and resulting from the 2020 Budgetary measures, import of vehicles over 8 years old, half-cut vehicles and used tyres will be allowed to enter Guyana.”

Regularly Imported Used Vehicles & Trucks in Guyana

Toyota Corolla Fielder, Ractis, Premio, Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Leaf (Electric Vehicle), Honda Vezel and Mitsubishi Canter Trucks are most demanded used Vehicles & Trucks in Guyana.

Documents Necessary.

  • Original B.O.L/MASHO
  • Identification Proof
  • Form C 72
  • Commercial/Purchase Invoice
  • Standard Administration Document (S.A.D)
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Non-sale certificate
  • Original registration and title
  • De-registration certificate

Importing A Vehicle.

  • All motor vehicle ‘entries’ are entered into the Total Revenue Integrated Processing System (TRIPS) at the Entry Processing Unit (E.P.U.).
  • If importing a reconditioned motor vehicle, the canceled registration from the company or individual from whom the vehicle was purchased is required. It should be noted that new vehicles do not require a cancellation of registration.
  • The respective Assessing Officer verifies the ‘entry’ at the E.P.U, who then checks to ascertain that the correct Customs Duty and other relevant taxes have been applied to the vehicle.
  • When the importer, consignee, broker, or agent uplifts the ‘entry’ from the Lodgment Counter, he/she must proceed to the G.R.A. Cashier and pay all relevant duties and taxes.

After the payment is made, the importer, consignee, broker, or agent then returns to the wharf to uplift his/her import. Import Taxes are calculated based on the car’s engine size, manufacturing year, and base-model year.

Toyota Vitz Vs Mazda Demio Comparison

Japanese Toyota Vitz Vs Mazda Demio

When buying for a car customer always look for increased fuel efficiency to save fuel expenses on a high mileage journey.  Some of the other factors to consider are better powertrain engine performance, transmission system, captivating design, and luxury comfort seating with a spacious cargo storage capacity. Nowadays people prefer small sized cars which are much easier to drive in the hectic congested flow of traffic and captures less parking space. Car Manufacturers are striving hard to produce compact small cars which fulfil all these essential attributes and somehow are becoming successful in introducing these mini cars in the market.

Toyota and Mazda are two distinct names in the automobile industry which have so far succeeded in launching stylish compact cars that easily fit into customers’ requirements. Vitz is the most successful creation of Toyota which proves it as a perfect car in each and every manner. It is a subcompact hatchback car which holds a valuable demand and appreciation among all ages customers and popularly known by Yaris in different regions of the world. On the other hand, Demio is a fantastically designed supermini car manufactured by Mazda which has a tremendous capability to appeal to customers at a first glance.

Although both of these small Japanese hatchback cars are superbly popular among customers still it seems much difficult to tell which one is better than the other. We have jotted down some basic points to make a comparison between Toyota Vitz and Mazda Demio for giving a thorough analysis in detail:

Exterior Design

On the Exterior Design, Toyota Vitz exhibits a sleek urban exterior robust design structure added with dazzling accessories for giving it a distinctive appeal look. It has a longer wheelbase which makes it easier to have a smooth off-road and on-road drive. Mazda Demio shares a compact sporty futuristic design sharp-edged exterior built with an extreme sense of sleekness and stylishness. It simply looks like as a supermini class sports hatchback car ideally designed for a faster passionate youthful fanatic on-road urbanized style driving journey experience.

Interior Design

In terms of interior, Toyota Vitz offers a good combination of space and comfort for passengers with flexible folding down seating design. It has an open extensive rear boot cargo compartment for easily accommodating all different kinds of goods stuff. Conversely, Mazda Demio provides fancy and bold interior design with well-decorated seating structure. It offers 6:4 split folding rear seat for a wide cargo loading storage accommodation and swinging open backdoor to add more significance.

Safety Features

Driving Safety features are the essential peculiarities in today’s modern cars which provide secured driving pleasure for customers. Toyota Vitz is specifically equipped with latest technological features including an automatic brake pre-crash safety system, lane departure alert, automatic high beam, drive start control, emergency brake signal, vehicle stability control, traction control, electronic brake force distribution, anti-lock braking system, SRS Airbags system, and Toyota Safety Sense C.

Mazda Demio offers state of the art advanced safety features such as i-Activ Sense, advanced smart city brake system, automatic erroneous departure suppression control, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, and rear parking sensor.

Driving Performance

By means of driving performance, Toyota Vitz offers varied choices of 1.0 litres to 1.3 litres gasoline fuel engine powered by automatic speed transmission. It is a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly hatchback car which helps saves a good amount of fuel to give a high mileage ride.

Mazda Demio is a smart drive family-friendly car which is perfectly fitted with 1.3 litres and 1.5 litres of powertrain fuel engine and operated by CVT automatic speed transmission system.

On Comparing these two vehicles we still find it difficult to rate them better than each other by all means. Each one has a unique set of characteristics which make it a perfect vehicle for the small family. Toyota Vitz has a nice design with wide space, while Mazda Demio shows an aesthetic sense of beauty to customers with a magnetic catchy appeal to leave a lasting impactful impression on customers.

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Toyota Corolla Hatchback Car 2018

The leading automobile giant Toyota Motor Corporation has intended to introduce new exotic model Toyota Corolla in an awesome hatchback style. This newly brand urban class Toyota hatchback model will soon be launched this summer in July 2018 to give customers something new with having a refreshing touch. This trendy and sporty light-duty 5-door hatchback will soon capture the market with its stunning noticeable display appeal.

Exterior Design

The upcoming Toyota Corolla Hatchback will feature a sleek and shine robust aerodynamic structure comprising of glittering shine accessories such as distinctive style front LED headlights, front metallic grille, lower black grille, under spoiler front fog lights, front bumper, power side mirror with LED turn signal indicator, and alloy wheels. On the rear side, it will provide a bold stylish catchy display combined with a shark fin rear radio antenna, rear spoiler high mount stop light, LED taillights, rear fog lights, rear side bumper, dual chrome exhaust tailpipe emission, and a black transparent wide rear windscreen with a single intermittent wiper.

Interior Design

Interior Design will offer a highly spacious and comfortable 5 passenger leather seating accommodation with having much ease of legroom and headrest capacity for passengers. Moreover, the well-decorated front side dashboard cockpit panel will provide a contemporary look and will be equipped with advanced features included as Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, Pre-Collision System with pedestrian detection and cyclist detection as well as improved low light capabilities, lane tracing assist, lane departure alert with steering alert and road edge detection. It will also be added with standard Etune 3.0 audio with 8-inches touchscreen and apple car play compatibility included with Qi-Compatible Wireless Smartphone charging and apple watch compatibility.

Driving Performance

This superb compact hatchback will be coming with New TNGA 2.0 litres 4 cylinders gasoline fuel engine absolutely powered by 6-speed IMT Manual Transmission and dynamic shift Continuously variable transmission for a smooth and seamless on-road driving journey experience. The 1.8 litres of hybrid will also be kept intact.

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2018 Honda Civic Type R Hatchback

Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R is a high-performance dynamic sports car coming up in small compact hatchback prototype version ideal for keen racing enthusiasts. It has been recently introduced at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show with a stunningly bold catchy display for young generation customers.

All-New Civic Type R 2018 will be an urban class sporty hatchback which will give a striking appeal to everyone and create a true sense of enthusiasm to get ready for a fast-paced speedy on-road track racing.

Let’s move on to share some of the interesting features:

Exterior Design

Exterior Design will feature a super trendy and smart look for everyone with having a sleek refined robust aerodynamic structure. The stylish set of accessories will be composed of front LED headlights, front metallic grille, indicator lights, lower grille, under spoiler front fog lights, front bumper, LED daytime running lights, 20-inches aluminium alloy wheels, and power side view door mirror with LED turn signal indicator. The backside will show a nice attractive display look combining with a rear spoiler high mount stop light, shark fin rear radio antenna, C-Shaped LED Taillights, rear wing large spoiler, rear bumper, triple exhaust tailpipes, and a dark tinted black rear windscreen with an attached wiper. The Exterior Body Colors will add more value and demand such as Championship White, Rallye Red, Polished Metal Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, frame red, brilliant sporty blue metallic, Sonic Grey Pearl, and Aegean Blue Metallic.

Interior Design

Interior Design will give a glamorous appeal to every one decorated with colourful red and black stitched highly bolstered suede effect leather fabric sports seating design for a truly passionate feel of racing excitement for all passengers. The rear side compartment will provide sufficient cargo loading storage capacity with an attached swinging open backdoor. The front side dashboard cockpit panel will exhibit a true fancy bold stylish appeal to passengers to have an ultra modern contemporary ambience.

The essential features will be included as a 3 mode driving system; 7-inches display audio, leather-wrapped steering wheel, steering-wheel-mounted control, aluminium pedals, adaptive damper system, interior illumination, floor mat, smart entry and push start button, brake pressure gauge, boost pressure gauge, Rev Indicator, dual-zone automatic climate control system, 540 watt premium audio system with 12 speakers including subwoofers. Moreover, it will be also added with 7-inches high-resolution display audio touch screen, Honda link, apple car play, android auto, Sirius XM HD Radio, Bluetooth hands-free link, USB Smartphone, Inter Navi, Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with voice recognition and Honda HD Digital Traffic.

Safety Driving Features will also be included as Vehicle Stability Assist, 4-wheel Anti-lock braking system, electronic brake-force distribution, traction control system, hill start assist function, Collision Safety Design Body, popup food system, I-Side airbag system, general purpose ISO-FIX Child Seat lower anchorage, electronically controlled parking brake, agile handling assist, Type R Dedicated Meter and 8 Sound Speakers System.

Driving Performance

It will be a high-speed dynamic 5-door right-hand front engine front-wheel 2WD sports hatchback fitted with 2.0 litres of VTEC TURBO gasoline engine powered by 6-speed manual gear transmission for a powerful drive journey.

Honda Civic Type R will be a truly iconic masterpiece creation perfect for young drivers who keep a flare of daring and challenging high accelerated risky drive. It will be coming up in the market to beat the competition of Ford Focus RS, Volkswagen Golf R, and Subaru WRX STI with having an aggressive fierce attitude display.

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Toyota Vitz – Yaris is Now Available in 1.5L Hybrid

Toyota Vitz is a subcompact small hatchback car which has ultimately gained exceptional popularity demand among customers. Over the years, it has emerged as a comfortable family-friendly small vehicle popularly known as Toyota Yaris in many different countries of the world. It is a pleasurable drive 5-door hatchback which provides a true sense of ease and luxury to customers to have an on-road urban journey experience. Japanese small hatchbacks are becoming the essential household possession for every little family and the new Vitz is on the top of the line ideally designed for all ages of customer especially for younger teen men and women.

Toyota Vitz - Yaris in 1.5L Hybrid

This stunning new version of Toyota Vitz has just been launched with a smart dashing appeal sleek shine robust exterior aerodynamic design body structure. It is a trendy small hatchback car built with a solid chassis frame and attached with all stylish glittering accessories like as front rectangular shaped LED headlights, lower black emblem grille, front bumper, power side view door mirror, and the 16-inches alloy wheels.  The backside shows a bold n catchy noticeable look for customers in combination with a rear radio antenna, high mount stop light, LED Combination taillights, rear bumper, and the black transparent rear windscreen with an intermittent single wiper. The captivating choices of colours have been introduced to easily grab the attention of customers such as Avant-Garde Bronze Metallic, Black Mica, Blue Metallic, clear blue crystal shine, grey metallic, Luminous yellow, orange metallic, silver metallic, super red V, super white, and the white pearl crystal shine.

It offers an exquisitely decorated interior seating design cabin for passengers which give a feel of the quiet atmosphere with true peace of mind. The 2-row front and rear seats are finely adjustable with reclining down features. The seating provides extreme ease of legroom and designed with the finest choices of black and beige colour to give a superb appeal. The rear side trunk compartment has a widely spacious cargo storage bulk loading accommodation with an attached swinging open backdoor. The front dashboard cockpit panel provides a contemporary modern style display equipped with advanced safety features like smart keyless entry and push-starts engine, 4.2 inches TFT LCD multi-information display, 9-inches T-connect Navigation, auto air-conditioner, tilt steering, Anti-theft system, and multi-view back guide monitor.

The key driving safety features are included as Toyota Safety Sense C, automatic brake pre-crash safety system, lane departure alert, auto high beam, advanced car alarm system, drive start control, SRS Side and Curtain Shield Airbags, vehicle stability control, anti-lock braking system with electronic brake-force distribution, emergency brake signal, and pedestrian injury mitigation body. It is an ultra fuel-efficient eco-friendly right-hand hatchback car fitted with 1.5 litres of gasoline fuel engine upgraded with an alternate choice of hybrid power motor system for an exhilarating seamless speedy long drive vehicle mileage for customers. The transmission system is powered by a 6-speed manual as well as 4-speed CVT Automatic. The grade price packages are available with Hybrid F2, Jewela2, U2, and sports system.


Comparison Between Old And New Toyota Vitz

BRAND NEW Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz is a smart n bold urban subcompact hatchback car provides a wonderful appeal for customers to make an instant decision to buy. It is a family-friendly 5-door hatchback car provides an exciting and leisure some driving journey experience. This Japanese hatchback car has been the most popular vehicle among customers all over the world and still holds a wide market demand with a newly redesigned look.

We are going to compare the older third generation version with the latest facelift redesigned version recently unveiled in January 2017.

Exterior Design

The third generation version was introduced with a sporty and trendy sleek robust exterior design structure consisted of rectangular shaped front LED headlights, curvy shaped bonnet, front grille, lower emblem grille, front bumper, 14-inches aluminium wheels, indicator lights, and power side-view door mirrors.

The latest redesigned iconic version recently comes up with a dashing aggressive style spider-shaped exterior design built with a solid and rigid aerodynamics structure combining with bigger front illuminating Bi-Beam LED headlights, black stylish trapezoidal shaped lower emblem grille, under spoiler fog lights, front bumper, automatic electric retractable remote control colour door mirrors, and aluminium wheels.

On the rear side, it shows an attractive catchy display view with rear spoiler brake light, LED taillights, rear radio antenna, rear bumper, and a transparent rear windscreen with a single intermittent wiper. The body colour choices have also been immensely enhanced with an avant-garde bronze metallic, black mica, blue metallic, clear blue crystal shine, grey metallic, Luminous yellow, orange metallic, silver metallic, super red, white, and a pearl crystal shine white.

Interior Design

The interior design is a capacious 5 passenger seating accommodation with super luxury premium leather fabric front and rear seats. All the flexible and folding down seats offer true ease of legroom and headroom space for passengers. The rear side compartment offers a wider storage capacity with a swinging open backdoor. The front side dashboard cockpit panel provides a modern exquisite touch with a noticeable appeal.

Essential Features

The essential features are included as smart entry and start system, 4.2 inches TFT LCD Multi-information display, 9-inches T-Connect Navigation, super ultra-violet and Infra-Red front door glass, thermal seat, auto air-conditioner, tilt steering, illuminated entry system, sun visor with vanity mirror, Anti-theft system, multi-view back guide monitor, and blind corner monitor.

Safety Features are Toyota Safety Sense C, pre-crash safety system, lane departure alert, automatic high beam, drive start control, emergency brake signal, hill start assist control, vehicle stability control, traction control, electronic brake force distribution, and brake assist. The SRS airbags, pedestrian injury mitigation body, and electronic controlled hybrid brake system are also essential driving safety features.

Driving Performance

Aside from the older version which was fitted with 1.3 litres of gasoline the present version is available with 1.5 litres of petrol fuel and powered by super CVT-I Automatic Speed Transmission with a nickel metal hydride battery for a powerful hybrid drive.

A brand new version is much better than the older one in terms of design, comfort, capacity, and performance. The dynamic hybrid feature amazing value with an extremely increasing market demand for keen buyers all around the world.


Nissan Note – Semi-Luxury Mini MPV

Nissan; Japanese third largest automobile manufacturer launched semi-luxury mini MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) in 2004. This front-engine, the 4-wheel hatchback was named as “Nissan Note”. It had the option of an intelligent key and proximity sensor. Its exterior was designed to inspire the elite class. Colour selection for the interior was also very unique for this MPV. Nissan painted its interior with grey to give it an inspirational look.

Nissan Note, 1500 cc Petrol Engine

The first generation of Nissan note remained in the market from 2004-2013; it was a fusion concept car as it borrowed boomerang rear LED lights from “Nissan Qashqai” and unique 4-slot grill from “Nissan Murano”. The European model was unveiled in 2005 at Frankfurt motor show and prevailed in the European market for a long time.

The second generation of Nissan Note was presented in the market, 3 years back in 2012 after the marvellous success of its first generation. This was built on V-platform. It was designed to sell along-side “Nissan Micra” and “Nissan Juke”.

Its predecessors are Nissan Tiida (Japan), Nissan Versa (US), Nissan Livian (Asia) and Nissan Almira(EU). It has 5-speed manual transmission. Its engine is 1.2L for Japan and 1.5-1.6L for US and EU models.

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Nissan Tiida Cars – Compacy Luxury Hatchback

Nissan Tiida” is a small/ comfortable family purpose hatchback introduced by Japanese third largest car manufacturing company. It was launched in the year 2004 and its predecessor is Nissan Sunny. Its name “Tiida” was driven from the word of Okinawan language which means Sun; this name was proposed in relation to Nissan Sunny. Later it completely replaced Sunny the smallest Japanese hatchback from the market and successfully built its clientele in Japan as well as other countries of the world.

Nissan Tiida, 1500 cc Petrol Engine

The first generation of “Nissan Tiida” was titled as C11 and was sold between years 2004-2012. In North America and South America, it was sold by the name of “Nissan Versa” and “Dodge Trazo” respectively. In South-east Asia, it was sold under the title of “Nissan Latio”.

According to reviews people and experts referred to this car as an intermediate car between smaller Mircha/March and larger Bluebird Sylphy by Nissan.

The second generation of “Nissan Tiida” i.e. C12 started selling in the Chinese market in the year 2011 and was unveiled in Thailand in the year 2013.

In 2008 Nissan brought little innovation and introduced the facelifted model of this hatchback which was welcomed by the market.

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Nissan March – Super Mini Car

Nissan march, 1200 cc Petrol Engine

Japan is considered heaven for production of conventional cars, as there are three large Car manufacturers along with many smalls are residing in Japan. One of a Japanese renowned manufacturers Nissan produced a super-mini car in October 1982. this car is famous in Asia by the name of “Nissan March but is known by the name of “Nissan Micra” in Latin America. It is a hatchback with almost all modern gadgets. This car was not presented for sale in China, Korea and Southern Asia. It was introduced in the European market in June 1983 and in Canada in 1984.

Nisan March is front-wheel drive and has a front engine. It has four doors and a comfortable seating capacity of 4 people. It is a competitor of Suzuki Cultus, Toyota Starlet and Daihatsu Charade. It replaced Nissan Cherry in the Japanese market.

Nissan March is equipped with specially designed low weight engine to reduce fuel consumption’s and it gives really good fuel economy.

March gained a good reputation for its reliability and durability in Japanese as well as other markets of the world. Its second generation was launched in 1992-2003 with the minor exterior, interior and technological changes.

Nissan unveiled is the 3rd generation of March in the year 2002 at Paris Motor Showa and 4th generation K13 was introduced to the market in 2010.

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Toyota Vitz Yaris – Hatchback Car

“Toyota Motor Corporation” launched its subcompact hatchback car in 1998 which gained public interest and popularity because of its elegant design and reasonably large seating capacity.

“Toyota Vitz” which is also known as “Toyota Yaris” or was formerly known as “Toyota Echo” in the international market has now presented its third generation in Japanese as well as international market successfully. “Net store line” dealership is dealing in “Vitz” in the Japanese market.

Japanese Toyota Vitz Yaris

Sotiris Kovos was a pioneer designer of XP10 series’ “Toyota Vitz, he for the first time designed this car at E2D studio of Toyota in Europe. This car was provided to people for use on 13 January 1999.

Toyota Vitz’s anatomy could be described as, front engine, front wheel drive with the option of 3 and 5 doors.

The second generation of this hatchback was released in early 2005. It was assembled in many countries like China, France, Taiwan, and Thailand alongside Japan. In a generation, its 4 cylinder engine was replaced by 3 cylinder engine. Its engine power was also slightly increased. In 2009 for European market Vitz introduced 1.33 litres engine with the technology of start and stop.

The third generation of Vitz acquired little sporty look it was introduced in mid of 2010 Single wide whisper was added to design instead of a set of small whispers. In this generation, Yaris/Vitz also offered 1.33 litres 6- speed manual engine.

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