Before reading the contents of this article, you must be notified that this article is written for learning purposes only. Please do not perform the task mentioned below if you have no idea about the following procedures. Take your car to a professional mechanic or repair shop for proper check up and maintenance.

Everything in this universe is meant for a short period of time and cars are no exception to this rule. There are cars which can go a hundred thousand miles without any trouble while there are others which start giving problems from the start.

There are several reasons why cars start producing trouble. It may be because of accidents, factory defects, design faults or because of driving styles. Rusting and corrosion can also cause a variety of problems. A car parked in a humid area for a few months compared with a car driven in the same weather will give more trouble. Still, lack of maintenance is the common cause of why cars breakdown.

Low engine oil level and bad quality oil can badly affect the running life of a car. Even if it has only been driven for relatively low distance, it may require serious repairs. Comparatively, if an engine is well maintained, it will go over 150,000 miles without any trouble and needing no repair at all.

The remedy for the problem

There is a simple solution to this problem and it is not something new.

Try to regularly change your car’s engine oil and if possible do it before the manufacturer’s schedule. It will prolong your engine life. Secondly, refrain from overheating the engine and make necessary changes like spark plugs, timing belt and other items before time. And finally, make ‘a stitch in time to save nine’, solve any minor problem before it converts into a disastrous, persistent and costly major problem.