Emergencies and accidents do not occur with a prior warning but there several ways to be prepared for such situations if they ever occur. Carrying a few extra tools in your car can help you cope with any unforeseen circumstances.

You do not need to carry a whole toolbox in your car but it is just a few essential tools that need to be with you while travelling. A few simple tools can help your car get out of sticky situations. Following is a small list of tools that are recommended by Car Junction.

Engine Oil

Keep a litre of oil. It will be helpful if your oil gets dangerously low. Lack of oil in the engine can cause it to cease. You can also utilize the oil to lubricate nuts and screws which can possibly keep your car going longer distances.


Choose a high-quality screwdriver, you don’t want the screwdriver to possibly break or scuff up the screws. Keep a Phillips crosshead and flat screwdriver; they fit most screws in a car.

Swiss Army knife

These are very effective and handy multi-tool kits; they have a variety of blades and tools compiled in one mega tool.

Socket Set

Cars only have 2 or 3 main bolt sizes, make sure you carry the specific sizes. There is no need to carry small and large socket sizes which will just waste space.

Metallic tape

It is useful in sealing leaks in hoses, applying a double wrap around the leakage will stop it. It is also helpful in fixing exhaust fumes and disallows dangerous fumes to fill up in the car. Elephant tape might also do the trick, but it is not that reliable.