Car Interior Cleaning

Keeping a neat and tidy car reflects the personality of an individual. Interior cleaning of the car when done at proper intervals gives it an impressive look. This article discusses some helpful tips regarding interior car cleaning.


Vacuum the seats and carpets after removing the floor mats. Then, start vacuuming under the seats, near the pedals, front seats and central console. The floor mats are to be vacuumed separately.

Use a brush implement to do the dashboard and doors. Do not damage the knob vents or sticking parts. Leather seats are quite easily damaged. So be careful when vacuuming.

Cleaning fabric seats and door upholstery

Use a good cleaning agent while cleaning seats and door upholstery. The operation is simple just spray on the targeted area and rub robustly. Then, wipe it properly with a dry cloth.

Laundry detergent may also work fine if the cleaning agent is not available. Mix detergent with some warm water and submerge a clean cloth into it, then wipe the seat after getting rid of the extraneous water. Rub harder on dirty areas and then use a soft and dry cloth to dry it. Never saturate the seat with water as it causes stains and mould smells.

Cleaning the carpet

Clean the carpet the same way you cleaned the seats and upholstery. Spray the carpet cleaner and rub forcefully; wipe it with dry cloth when done. Again, if the carpet cleaner is unavailable the laundry detergent will work fine. Don’t soak the carpet in water.

Cleaning and polishing the dashboard

Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the dashboard, central console and other parts. Remove stains by the help of a little laundry detergent. You should spray plastic polish to make the interior shiny. Polish protects the plastic from wear while also making it glisten beautifully. Simply rub with a dry cloth periodically to keep it that way.

How to get rid of the musty smell from the air conditioner

If you experience strange musty smells from the air conditioner then buy an odour treatment from any local shops. It kills the bacteria and removes the mildew smell. Clogged air conditioner drain tube and accumulation of leaves and other debris under the cowl cover also may cause damp mildew smell. Ask the mechanic to check it when you do your next oil change.