Last quarter of every year is an important season for the automobile industry. In this quarter every automobile company manages to arrange a series of events for revealing their upcoming automobile for next year. These events start with spreading rumours and publishing official sketches to test drives or presenting vehicles at auto shows.

BMW and Toyota Fantasy

Mercedes-Benz E-Class’ rival has been unveiled through a teaser video on 12th October 2016. BMW-5-series with the code name of G30 has been in debate since long finally showed its stunning face to people who have been waiting for it for too long. BMW (the ultimate driving machine) has decided to launch BMW-5-series in the market in spring 2017. It is a 7th generation sedan.

Its exterior and interior are designed to fulfil a need for class and luxury.  Somehow its design resembles 7-series but it is comparatively bigger in size than its earlier generation i.e. 6th generation 5-series’ sedan. Its length is 44936mm; its width and height are 1868mm and 1470mm respectively. Its measurements are slightly bigger than its competitor Mercedes-Benz E- Class. Its fuel capacity is also greater than its predecessor and competitor both.

BMW seems proud of bigger wheelbase and larger dimensions, which on real grounding have added a lot of worth to this super luxury car.

BMW has also worked on a penetration pricing strategy to grab a larger share of the market. This time instead of using expensive carbon fibre structure they have replaced it with economical material to reduce cost. Its weight has also been reduced by 100Kg. BMW achieved reduced weight by using aluminium body structure, lighter alloy wheels, and other lighter components.

Optional Hybrid Plug-In technology will bring it an edge over its rivals. Engine and fuel consumption are also established considering economies of scale.

Physical existence will show the reality of BMW-5-series but up till now, it seems winning march over its competitors.