Manual Or Automatic Transmission Vehicles – Which One Is Best

automatic transmission cars

When you are buying a car you could be asked to pay around 1000$ extra for giving you automatic transmission in it, but the question is does it really worth to buy a car 1000 bucks  expensive with automatic transmission? Does it really provide advantages over manual transmission?  Or manual transmission is better?

Different analysts and research writers have different opinion in this regard. Few praise manual and few go behind automatic transmission depending on different circumstances. It is facts that “Automatic transmission” is more convenient, if you are fond of comfy drive, than automatic transmission is best choice for you.

But on other hand its fuel consumption in automatic transmission vehicles is higher than manual transmission. Cars with manual transmission consume 15% less fuel in ideal road conditions. It turns automatic vehicles expensive to afford in all regards but standards are more efficient.

In metropolitan cities automatic wins March on manual cars, as stop-and-go becomes very easy with automatic on full of traffic roads. But if you are on racing track or motor-ways so MT is perfect for you.

automatic transmission cars Manual Transmission Cars in Japan

Apparently manual transmission brings greater control over vehicle than automatic transmission, but vehicles with automatic transmission are easier to control. Manual transmission rarely comes with cruise control but on other hand cruise control is part and partial of automation transmission.

If it comes about car maintenance; manual require less frequent maintenance and mechanics usually charge greater amount for maintaining automatic vehicle’s gear box. They say more technique is involved in repairing automatic gears than in manual.

Keeping all technical aspects on side, manual transmission gives you better feeling than automatic control.


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