A top-notch conventional car manufacturer introduced a comfy in late 2013. Honda Vezela comfort-luxury car was firstly presented in the Japanese automobile market, but in April 2014 the Company decided to unveil this mini SUV at “New York auto-show” with the nameplate of “Honda H-RV”. Later this HR-V nameplate has been carried over to other automotive markets, including Australia, Canada and Singapore.

Honda Vezel Hybrid – Mini SUV Car

“Honda Vezel” is a mini SUV, subcompact crossover with front engine and both front/four-wheel drive. The Urban SUV Concept is based on Honda’s Global Compact Series, which includes the Honda Fit subcompact and the Honda City subcompact sedan. Honda launched its new series of hybrid engines in 2013 after, Honda’s previous hybrid technology failed to compete with the existing breed of Toyota.

Exterior Design of Honda Vezel:

“Honda Vezel’s” name is extracted from the word Bezel having the literal meaning of “Tilting lines on the face of Gem” which indicates towards its sleek cut body structure. It has perfection written all over it when a car enthusiast analyzes its exterior. The front is eye-catching. Grill, bonnet, bumper, headlights, fenders, every inch of designing detail is a beauty to behold; it could be stated as a real gem. The back is equally good if not better with LED lights. Most of all, as a package, the road presence is spectacular and surely a head turner. In its class, maybe only Mazda CX-3 is able to compete with “Honda Vezel” in designing.

Interior Design of Honda Vezel:

Honda Vezel’s interior is also a state of art. Entering into a Vezel adds a luxurious experience to your life. It is really worth enjoying a comfortable ride in it. It serves it right to be categorized as a premier luxury vehicle in Japan. High-class leather is used to design the interior of this car. There’s an all-touch climate control panel. The meter, I-MID and gear lever all beautifully designed. Nice chrome finish around speakers and AC vents. LED cabin roof lights come standard. When you look at the seat fabric and floor mats, you realize how much detail went in the selection of materials and overall aesthetics of Vezel’s interior. Leg space and overall cabin space is great and it’s a proper 5 seater. Honda’s magic seat system comes in real handy when one wants even more space for cargo and stuff. All in all, Vezel’s interior design fuses together the personal feel of a coupe and the comfort of a minivan at a high level.