Importing a car in any new country is as much exciting for everyone, but on the other hand, it also requires many complications and hurdles to face for importers. As in every country, there are certain imposed taxes and policy regulations on imports. Singapore is also not free from all these importing hassles and imposes strict restrictive rules to follow for everyone bringing in a new or used car from outside country. Singapore mostly prefers importing Japanese branded vehicles as they are luxurious, comfortable and long-lasting in terms of design, performance, safety and speed Transmission.

Following are the step by step guidelines for importing a Japanese vehicle in Singapore:

  • It is always necessary to make sure about your capability to abide by the entire Singaporean vehicle importing regulations and standards.
  • Another step for importing a car in Singapore is to gather required documents as valid proof that the car is a brand new vehicle and never been registered before. Similarly, For a Second-hand vehicle, there are also essential legal documentation required.
  • As for a new vehicle in Singapore requires following safety and emission standards. This is the necessary requirement to follow in order to keep prevention from hazardous air pollution.
  • All the registration and exporting documents must be submitted for verification.
  • Making Arrangements for the vehicle shipment to Singapore with a Port Cargo agent.
  • Cars can only be imported that are less than three years of age.
  • The car must be a right-hand drive (RHD).
  • The car must clear a thorough examination and detailed inspection procedure by the Singaporean Transportation Authority.
  • All Japanese manufactured cars must need to acquire the Inspection Completion Certificate by the Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Company (JEVIC).
  • The depreciation value and age of a used vehicle must be well calculated from the date of its initial registration in Singapore.
  • There must be an extra charged amount of ten thousand dollars for each and every imported used car.
  • The best selling Japanese cars in Singapore are Honda Vezel, Toyota Vellfire, Corolla Axio, Harrier and Sienta.

The following documents must be required to get submitted to Singapore Customs for verification: