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Luxury Cars for Diplomats & Expats in Tanzania

The Foreign Diplomat is a person representing his native country in any outside country of the world. He is a well-honored and respected state deputed ambassador of his own country and leaves a true impression of pride and reputation on others. The Expatriates or Expats are short-termed living immigrants in foreign countries as regular citizens.

Japanese Auto Auction

Japanese auto auction

Japanese automobile auctions (the world largest auctions) are the main source of supplying used Japanese vehicles to entire world. Almost all Japanese brands like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Daihatsu and others have their used vehicles traded in these auctions on daily basis. Dealers and used car export companies of Japan and other countries are registered with

Benefits of having Sunroof in your Car

Sunroof is an optional opening available in the roof of cars. Some Cars have factory fitted Sunroofs i.e. these cars are manufactured with it but others go for alteration to have this sunroof but all vehicles couldn’t adopt it due to design. It adds a sense of class and luxury to the car. Having Sunroof

Toyota C-HR Defeats Honda VEZEL

Un-compeered Honda Vezel has been doing great on sales charts since 2013. This sub-compact SUV was floated in international market by the name of Honda H-RV. Honda H-RV / Vezel performed really great and earned lots of clientele to Honda Company. But according to hypothesis now it is hi-time for Honda, as monopoly of Vezel

Manual Or Automatic Transmission Vehicles – Which One Is Best

When you are buying a car you could be asked to pay around 1000$ extra for giving you automatic transmission in it, but the question is does it really worth to buy a car 1000 bucks  expensive with automatic transmission? Does it really provide advantages over manual transmission?  Or manual transmission is better? Different analysts

Sketch of Honda WR-V Revealed

It is a great season for passionate car lovers. Every new morning whispers new gossips into the air regarding 2017 up-coming vehicles, as a very important event of automobile industry would be observed soon. The most awaited Sao Paulo motor show is expected to be observed from Nov 10th to Nov 20th, 2016. Preparations and

Rumors About Honda CRV Turned To Be False

Winter 2016-2017 is brining a new trim of CRV for Honda lovers. Honda CRV crossover the most liked and hot selling compact SUV has successfully entered its fifth generation with presenting its 2017 model. Expectedly CR-V is going to be launched in December 2016. This model is in debate for last six months. There were

Best Selling Japanese Cars in Guyana

Crashing economies of the world has lead people towards buying and selling used automobiles and machinery. It oriented new business filed which on one hand is lucrative for used car providers similarly on another hand it helps people to buy their favorite cars in their budget. A car has now turned to be a basic

Honda Accord – Luxury Sedan Car

Honda Accord the prestigious product of Honda is living its eighth generation successfully and have, been through four decades of drastic evolution and adopted every face and technology, which have been a need of time. Honda started manufacturing this 3-door sedan which has now been evolved to 4-door in 1976, this car has privilege that

Import Japanese Used Cars to Dominica Island in Caribbean

Dominica is a beautiful island in Caribbean region and is an importer of used Japanese vehicles. Importing Japanese used car to Dominica involves a simple procedure. There are different regulations to be followed in different circumstances for importing cars. POLICY FOR RETURNING RESIDENTS: New immigrants or returning residents can import their own used car if