Four Wheel Drive 4WD

Four Wheel Drive or 4WD is an equal and well-balanced torque power transfer drive train system to all 4-Wheels of a 2-axle vehicle for creating an extreme level of dynamism and momentous action. As the technology is progressing at a rapid pace, there has also been a new shift of transformation in the automotive industry from the front and rear wheel to 4×4 drive. This brings kinetic energy in all wheels to provide a constant motion creates a driving force for a vehicle to have a swift and faster move.

The core reason for preferring over 4WD on FWD and RWD as it provides an incredible off-road and all-terrain capability by offering a sturdy and speedy drive flow on all kinds of rocky, sandy, and uneven bumpy harsh road surfaces. It possesses a strong traction control to have a solid grip on both inner and outer wheels for forcefully dragging and pulling the car in the forward position by the help of constant friction on the road.

In this powerful drive train system, engine power is equally divided down between both of the front and rear axles for the maximum evenly delivery of torque to all wheels. It provides an efficient forward motion for the vehicle driveability control to gain more speed and velocity by using a choice of the manual or automatic mode of transmission.

Types of Four Wheel Drive (4WD)

Part-Time 4WD

Part-Time 4-Wheel Drive is an essential feature mostly found in sports utility vehicles and trucks specifically been designed to control harsh and rugged all-terrain off-road driving conditions. This system is normally operated with 2-Wheel Drive for more fuel-efficiency and can also partly be switched to either a 4WD high or a 4WD low gear via a selector switch in case of seriously bad traction scenarios.

The Transmission shift from a 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive can be easily done by the choice of three different modes such as electronically, mechanically, or by means of hydraulic switch option.  All part-time 4WD systems are well equipped with the same low gearing ratio and locking differentials like in 4WD drive train systems.

Full-Time 4WD

Full-Time 4WD System is becoming highly popular in sports utility vehicles and also known as permanent 4WD. It is a powerful and dynamic drive train system which shares an equal power to all four wheels simultaneously and can be used for all road surfaces. This system is perfect for both on-road and off-road all-terrain driving journey.

Advanced 4WD systems of today are equipped with a special secondary low gearing ratio for extremely slow driving in rugged terrain. They possess extreme off-road capability during snowy and rainy weather and work the best for all kinds of difficult and challenging driving situations.

Four Wheel Drive System also keeps many benefits like it provides an excellent traction capability in off-road conditions, possesses the proven rugged technology, and saves fuel economy for the vehicle.

Besides many benefits, it has also some drawbacks such as it cannot be used in all weather conditions, creates complications for the car, and it is pretty expensive as compared to 2-wheel drive system models.

Top 4WD Vehicles for 2017

Toyota 4-Runner, CH-R, Land Cruiser, Nissan Dualis, X-Terra, Land Rover Range Rover, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Expedition, Subaru Forester, Outback etc.