Nissan Note – a special specification car of safety fully functional in all grades

While buying any car one of the most important factors is its safety. People prefer buying safe to drive cars. Safe cars increase confidence of driver to drive even if driver is expert and old. Nissan note’s new model is one of those who wish you “safe drive” on road it gives an angel like protection from unexpected and expected troubles while driving. Nissan has equipped this car with almost 8 new safety gadgets to make it safe and worthy to drive.

Nissan Note, 1500 cc Petrol Engine

Nissan has developed a new technology to provide shield to vehicle from every un-pleasant thing which could come across while driving. The smart safety shield have been introduced which comprise of three parts like monitoring, responding and acting accordingly.

This range of safety equipments is fully available and functional in all grades of Nissan note. These safety gadgets include “Moving Object Detection” (MOD) technology with involves several cameras. It can sense and monitor movement of any object in surroundings.

Around view monitor is also provided in Nissan note. Around view monitor gives Nissan note a bird eye view or 360 degree coverage.

Most important technological safety equipment is “Collision prevention technology”. It prevents collisions by sensing walls or hurdles while reversing the car. It plays vital role in saving accidents.

Similar Stepping mistake prevention system is also installed in front part of car to avoid parking accidents.

Door mirror with heater is also part of full of safety gadgets car. These all safety features together make this car a perfect safety machine.


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