Japan is the leading vehicle manufacturer in the world and produces uniquely stylish and affordable cars for customers. The demand and value of new and used Japanese cars are ever increasing among customers all over the world. According to the ‘Japan Automotive News’ following list of best selling Japanese cars is released to show their position and ranking status etc.

prius toyota hybrid

The Top Selling Japanese Car Models for the year 2016 are listed below:

Rank Brand (Make / Model) 2016 (Units) % Change on the Year 2016
1 Toyota Prius Hybrid 248,258 194.9
2 Honda N-Box 186,367 100.8
3 Toyota Aqua Hybrid 168,208 77.0
4 Daihatsu Tanto 155,998 99.9
5 Toyota Sienta 125,832 196.9
6 Nissan Dayz 105,731 70.2
7 Honda Fit 105,662 88.2
8 Nissan Note 102,402 104.5
9 Toyota Voxy 91,868 99.3
10 Toyota Corolla 84,770 77.8

Toyota Prius Hybrid
stands on the first ranking with the winning title of the topmost selling vehicle 2016 in Japan. It has achieved this position due to the increasing popularity and demand among customers in Japan and all over the world. It is a family-friendly car comes with amazing and surprising varieties of 4-door sedan and 5-door stylish hatchback. This is a trendy and sporty smart urban car ideal for a fun-loving, challenging, and super exciting driving journey experience. It is equipped with many advanced convenient features for customers.

Honda N-Box has ranked on the second position with its weird and odd style box-shaped wagon design. The demand for this trendy spacious family wagon is on the rise. It provides many distinctive and unique surprising features for customers. It offers a dazzling and appealing exterior with comfortable seating interior to cater to an increased passenger size. It is a perfectly built wagon for a joyous and pleasurable outdoor leisure drive experience.

Toyota Aqua Hybrid is an impressive and seductive bold catchy compact hatchback car designed to instantly grab the noticeable attention of the younger audience. It is a futuristic design small hatchback car provides all kinds of fun and leisure entertainment drive experience for everyone. It provides a dashing and irresistible impression on customers inducing them for the instant purchase decision.

Daihatsu Tanto also holds a stable ranking position in the top-selling Japanese cars for customers. It offers a unique attraction and visual impression for customers due to its small compact luxury appearance. This is a youthful and remarkable urban city Kei Wagon built with a perfect blend of comfort and space.

Toyota Sienta is a luxury and innovative Compact MPV Wagon designed for the elegance and sophistication. It offers a fabulous looking exterior design with a relaxing and soothing interior passenger accommodation.

Nissan Dayz is a highly glamorous and glorious Mini SUV Car built with exceptional design and precision performance. It offers a super best fun riding journey experience for the small-sized family. It is a modern and urban class sport utility vehicle ideal for its sleek and robust exterior structure.

Honda Fit Hybrid is a smart and vibrant multipurpose vehicle urban hatchback car designed for a swift and speedy terrific drive. It offers all kinds of comfort and ease for customers to have an enjoyable and pleasurable journey experience.

Nissan Note is an extremely popular and exceptionally adorable hatchback car built with a sheer touch of urban class elegance. It is a family-friendly small hatchback ideal for a trendy and sporty driving journey experience. It offers a true combination of stylishly appealing exterior and comfortably soothing cosy design spacious interior for both passenger and cargo accommodation.

Toyota Voxy is a glittering and dazzling full-sized attractive urban passenger van ideal for an exciting driving journey experience. It provides a luxurious and adventurous fun ride for a large family. The tremendously captivating and compelling exterior offers a perfect blend with a gigantically spacious well-decorated interior.

Toyota Corolla is an extremely reputed and highly recognized executive sedan car built with a brilliant design appearance for customers. It is the longest running and best selling car with an enjoyable and comfortable fun drive experience.