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Japanese SUV’S The Top-Selling & Demanding Sports Utility Vehicles

Toyota Rav4

Sports Utility Vehicles - SUV's from Japan

Sports Utility Vehicle is an automotive vehicle which provides a true combination of both ease utility and sporting adventure. It is a kind of rough and rugged design vehicle built on a light pickup truck structure and having a matching similarity with a station wagon. They are also popularly known as Suburban Utility Vehicle specifically produced for a harsh and adventurous off-road all-terrain exciting driving journey experience equipped with a 4×4 drive transmission.

The Japanese brand SUV, unlike many other famous brand sports utility vehicles, are keenly and increasingly becoming popular among customers all around the world due to their distinctive robust sporty luxury design, powerful engine performance, and the comfortable inside spacious accommodation for both passengers and cargo.

Following are the top listed classifications of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV’s):


Japanese Mini SUV is a small-sized and subcompact urban city stylish Kei vehicle designed for the little family fun and exciting journey experience. It is an ideal for off-road all-terrain pleasurable expedition driving on rocky, muddy, and on all kinds of bumpy road surfaces. The famous Japanese Mini SUV’S are the Suzuki Jimny, Toyota Cami, Daihatsu Terios, Toyota Rush, and Honda Vezel.


The Compact Japanese SUV shares a touch of compactness and rigidness in their design and structure. This kind of compact mini SUV is perfect for various sorts of adventure activities for customers and offers a good amount of internal wide and open space for both passenger and luggage storage accommodation. Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail, Daihatsu Terios Advantage, and Toyota Land Cruiser 4-door Wagon are the best-selling Japanese compact sports utility vehicles.


It provides a highly spacious three-row seating design SUV with a highly spacious and convenient driving journey experience. It has a middle body size with a robust and remarkable actionable appearance for customers. It comes with a versatile variety of Mazda CX-7, Toyota 4-Runner, Toyota Highlander, Nissan Murano, Mitsubishi Challenger, and Nissan X-Terra.


The Full-Size SUV is a larger sports utility vehicle as compared to mid-size and compact SUV’s. It provides an enormous cargo and passenger accommodation capacity with a true sense of luxury, innovation, and perfection for customers. It offers a gigantically appealing look for customers to enjoy a family riding experience with 5-doors and 8-seating space. The Infiniti QX56, Lexus LX, Mitsubishi Montero, Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Armada, Land Rover Discovery, and Toyota Sequoia all fall into the Full-Sized SUV Category.


Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) is a terrific one single body vehicle manufacturing design based on a car platform as it combines features of both a sports utility vehicle and a passenger car and mostly built with a trendy hatchback and wagon structure. It is a sporty and speedy urban city vehicle structure designed with multiple options of front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drive capabilities.

Japanese CUV has a light-weight stylish 5-door exterior body with a swing back door on the rear side. The inside provides a lavishing and luxury spacious environment for customers with 3-row and 5-seating capacity. The Rear-side cargo compartment also offers extensively wide capacity for an easy luggage storage accommodation. The crossover utility can be further divided into more classifications such as Mini Crossover, Compact Crossover, Mid-sized Crossover, and the Full-Sized Ultra Modern Luxury Crossover. The Mazda CX-9, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Honda HR-V, Nissan Juke, Infinity FX, Lexus NX, Subaru Forrester, and the Toyota Kluger are all highly fabulous and renowned Japanese Crossover Utility Vehicles of the World.

Japanese SUV’S are widely demanded among customers from all over the world due to their unique and distinctive body appearance with an extreme touch of comfort, luxury, and fun outdoor leisure challenging driving journey activities.

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Most Popular Luxury Cars from Japan

Luxury Cars from Japan

The term Luxury Car defines its true meaning of an executive-class premium car which reflects a noticeable glance of sound prestige and solid reputation.

Luxury cars are produced to provide a sheer touch of innovation and sophistication. It is an ever-increasing trend in the world to purchase costly and expensive luxurious brands cars.

The riches are always amazingly and crazily fond of buying the finest brands luxury vehicles to boost up their social status and value.

There are plenty of luxury car brands in the world popular for their touch of elegance and magnificence, for instance, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hummer, and Volkswagen.

Japan is a country which is highly recognized for producing superbly stylish and high-end luxury innovative cars to catch instant attention for customers. The Japanese brand cars hold a distinctive far and wide demand among customers due to their unique versatile features, affordability, and the long-lasting reliability by means of performance.

Here we are listing below the top 5 most popular luxury cars to buy from Japan.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a significantly popular and best-selling Sports Utility Vehicle in the world. It is a perfectly built right-hand SUV for off-road leisure all-terrain drive. This superb class five-door SUV provides tremendous features with a touch of convenience for customers. It offers everyone with an extremely exciting and challenging driving journey experience.

It has purposefully been designed with a robust and rugged solid exterior design body. The sleekness and stylishness are essential features for this swift actionable SUV. It drives excellent fuel economy with it’s both eco-friendly and family-friendly attributes. It is a super versatile and reliable SUV available with multiple varieties of grade packages for customers.


Toyota Land Cruiser is a conqueror and triumphant SUV. It is ideal for wild rugged off-road adventure pleasurable driving activities. It is an elegantly built and vastly spacious sports utility vehicle designed to provide a magnificent and terrific multi-terrain ride experience. This trendy and youthful compact urban SUV is an excellent family carrier with an extensive luxury and comfort.


Toyota Alphard holds a valuable demand among customers all around the world. It is absolutely famous for its weird and odd style boxy-shaped robust design structure. It offers a dashingly stylish and striking exterior appearance. It is a long-wheelbase full-sized SUV built with a widely spacious and comfortable interior. The interior side offers a tremendously appealing and luxury furnished 7-Seating accommodation.

This finest urban class SUV is an ideal family-friendly wagon designed to provide all kinds of fun-loving and thrilling outdoor ride adventures. It provides a fabulous blend of charming attraction and sophistication.


Lexus LX 570 has an ultimate reputation and refined impression of a high-class Deluxe Sports Utility Vehicle. It provides a solidly built sleek elegant appearance for customers. It is an ultra-luxury modern and urban SUV ideally designed for an adventurous and luxurious driving journey experience.

It offers a finely decorated 8 people comfortable interior seating capacity. The high-strength and powerful V8 Diesel Engine provides a continuous flow of driving journey performance. It is a perfect vehicle for those who have a dare, passion, and desire to conquer.


Toyota Camry is a smart and stylish mid-sized sedan car. It is the top-selling and demanding car among customers in the world. It provides a superior executive class urban sedan drive with a sense of luxury and comfort. It offers a brilliant performance journey for customers by having a V6 Engine.

Top 10 Japanese Car Brands

Japanese car brands

Japan is the leading Car Manufacturing Country in the world and produces the most reliable and durable long-lasting cars with unique luxury style, modern urban cutting edge design, and dynamic sporty performance. Japanese cars are always better known for their versatility, affordability, and rising demand popularity among customers all over the globe.

Following are the Top 10 Listed Japanese Car Brands:

Japanese car brands


Toyota is the most renowned and recognized Japanese brand holding a stable and sustainable first position in the top-ranked Japanese vehicle brands. This leading brand possesses an increased demand and value among all ages of customers with a global reach at every nook and corner of the world. It has the oldest long history of producing and delivering the finest quality cars to the public by tremendously keeping up pace with the latest technological transformations for providing unique innovation and perfection. It offers all different varieties of eco- friendly and family-friendly vehicles for customers such as executive sedans, off-road SUV’s, small Kei hatchbacks, and spacious family wagons.

Apart from introducing traditional car models, Toyota also holds a smart thinking vision of bringing a true revolution in the Japanese automotive industry by presenting unconventional and distinctive smart concept futuristic design cars. Toyota Corolla Axio, Camry, Land Cruiser, Vitz Yaris, Prius, Premio, and Auris are the bestselling newly Toyota Hybrid Car models that have proven their sheer recognition among customers worldwide.


Nissan comes with a slogan of “innovation that excites” which means it keeps its core dedicated focus on designing modern innovative cars for the exciting fun driving customer journey experience. This well-known Japanese car brand is absolutely famous for introducing sophisticated and super high-performance cars for the public and has yet produced all kinds of passenger vehicles by carefully keeping in mind the essential factors of comforts, stylishness, and luxuriousness.

It proudly presented the first high-tech battery electric vehicle known as Nissan Altra EV for keeping up with modern technological automotive advancements at the Los Angeles International Auto Show on the 29th December 1997. The introduction of the Nissan Leaf an all-electric vehicle is the biggest success for the company to be the pioneer of producing the fully electric vehicle for the first time in Japanese automotive history.

Some other record sales hybrid electric vehicles are Nissan e-NV 200, Hyper Mini, and the Nissan March e-power. Nissan has also some surprising and interesting plans to launch completely driver-less autonomous futuristic cars on the roads by the year 2020.

Nissan Cima, Bluebird Sylphy, GTR, Juke, Teana, and X-Trail Hybrid are the popularly branded Nissan Cars.


Honda is a Japanese car brand synonymous with style and innovation, as it always transforms a sleeping dream into waking up reality by bringing out modern and urban uniquely designed trendy cars for customers. Honda Cars provide stunning mid-sized youthful appeal vehicles for customers to cater to the younger audience. As to foresee the future, it is stepping ahead with an enlightened vision of presenting alternative fuel, hybrid electric, and plug-in electric cars for customers. The Accord, Odyssey, Fit, CRV, Vezel and CR-Z are world-renowned brand cars famous for their irresistible noticeable appeal and dynamic speedy performance.


Mitsubishi is a top-ranked Japanese car brand that holds global recognition for its long-running Pajero and Outlander Sports Utility Vehicles. It has given the true definition of crossover SUV by producing the fiercely designed solid built rugged vehicles proving their acclaimed credibility and durability since decades. It has also embraced the latest technological era and embarked on its success for the plug-in hybrid EV System and Mitsubishi innovative electric small Kei technology vehicle. The Lancer Evolution, RVR, and the Colt are the recently popular brand cars.


Mazda is an internationally recognized vehicle manufacturing brand that defines its true meaning of wisdom. It uses the same wisdom and intelligence in designing superb and terrific cars for customers and produces 1.3 million cars on a global scale. This trendy and innovative brand provides a bit of bolder and seductively sensational creative attraction for instantly grabbing keen noticeable customer attention. The Zoom Zoom and Sky Activ Technology are the most vital elements which induce customers for a quick purchase decision for the Demio, CX-3, CX-5, Premacy, Roadster, and the Mazda MPV.


Subaru is the world-leading Japanese automaker brand that defines its slogan of confidence in motion. This creative tagline provides sheer reliability and durability of an inside deep powerful performance with a Subaru EE Boxer flat engine design layout structure and a well-balanced full-time four-wheel-drive technology. It is also combined with active torque split all-wheel drive and the Multi-Mode Driver Control Centre Differential AWD System for the fast and speedy driving journey experience.


Suzuki is the best-selling Japanese automobile brand famous for producing mid-sized light-weight, affordable, and family-friendly convenient cars for customers. Suzuki Cars are much demanded their appealing urban youthful design with space and comfort for passengers as it offers a wide range of vehicles for all categories of small and large-sized families. The Swift, Alto, Ignis, Lapin, Wagon R, and Baleno are the most popular vehicles with increased sales worldwide.


Daihatsu is a well-known Japanese domestic brand with wide global recognition that produces small compact trendy Kei hatchbacks cars and mini wagons with having a powerful appeal and demand among customers all over the world. It provides all different varieties of light passenger, passenger, commercial, hybrid electric, and alternative fuel vehicles. The Daihatsu Mira, Move, Tanto, Mebius, and Copen are top-selling brand vehicles that offer a playful and super exciting urban pleasurable driving journey experience for everyone.


Lexus is an elite class premium Japanese brand much popular among customers spread all over the world due to its sheer elegance, dynamic performance, and captivating design. It comes with all different varieties of sedan, coupe, convertible, and SUV, and the LX 570, IS 250, and CT200H are the top-selling brand models.


Acura is a luxurious Japanese car brand introduced by Honda and it produces all kinds of super speed sedans and crossover sports utility vehicles for customers with some of the finest brand models such as ILX, TLX, RLX, RDX, MDX, and the NSX.

Top 10 Japanese car brands with having the versatile and distinctive appealing design features as well as highly efficient brilliant performance for catching the keen eye attention of customers and making them compelled to have an enjoyable fun driving journey experience.

These Japanese Car Brands have had a long-lasting trustworthy relationship with customers for years and are strongly committed to delivering the best quality performance and sheer efficiency for more years to come ahead. The customers of today now prefer Japanese brand cars over American and German brands due to their affordable prices and state of the art features. Japanese automotive industry captures the largest market share of consumers from all over the world with ever-increasing sales value as they better understand the customer choice and produce cars according to the exact demand specification.

Driving a 4WD for an Incredible Off-Road Performance!!

Four Wheel Drive 4WD

Four Wheel Drive or 4WD is an equal and well-balanced torque power transfer drive train system to all 4-Wheels of a 2-axle vehicle for creating an extreme level of dynamism and momentous action. As the technology is progressing at a rapid pace, there has also been a new shift of transformation in the automotive industry from the front and rear wheel to 4×4 drive. This brings kinetic energy in all wheels to provide a constant motion creates a driving force for a vehicle to have a swift and faster move.

The core reason for preferring over 4WD on FWD and RWD as it provides an incredible off-road and all-terrain capability by offering a sturdy and speedy drive flow on all kinds of rocky, sandy, and uneven bumpy harsh road surfaces. It possesses a strong traction control to have a solid grip on both inner and outer wheels for forcefully dragging and pulling the car in the forward position by the help of constant friction on the road.

In this powerful drive train system, engine power is equally divided down between both of the front and rear axles for the maximum evenly delivery of torque to all wheels. It provides an efficient forward motion for the vehicle driveability control to gain more speed and velocity by using a choice of the manual or automatic mode of transmission.

Types of Four Wheel Drive (4WD)

Part-Time 4WD

Part-Time 4-Wheel Drive is an essential feature mostly found in sports utility vehicles and trucks specifically been designed to control harsh and rugged all-terrain off-road driving conditions. This system is normally operated with 2-Wheel Drive for more fuel-efficiency and can also partly be switched to either a 4WD high or a 4WD low gear via a selector switch in case of seriously bad traction scenarios.

The Transmission shift from a 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive can be easily done by the choice of three different modes such as electronically, mechanically, or by means of hydraulic switch option.  All part-time 4WD systems are well equipped with the same low gearing ratio and locking differentials like in 4WD drive train systems.

Full-Time 4WD

Full-Time 4WD System is becoming highly popular in sports utility vehicles and also known as permanent 4WD. It is a powerful and dynamic drive train system which shares an equal power to all four wheels simultaneously and can be used for all road surfaces. This system is perfect for both on-road and off-road all-terrain driving journey.

Advanced 4WD systems of today are equipped with a special secondary low gearing ratio for extremely slow driving in rugged terrain. They possess extreme off-road capability during snowy and rainy weather and work the best for all kinds of difficult and challenging driving situations.

Four Wheel Drive System also keeps many benefits like it provides an excellent traction capability in off-road conditions, possesses the proven rugged technology, and saves fuel economy for the vehicle.

Besides many benefits, it has also some drawbacks such as it cannot be used in all weather conditions, creates complications for the car, and it is pretty expensive as compared to 2-wheel drive system models.

Top 4WD Vehicles for 2017

Toyota 4-Runner, CH-R, Land Cruiser, Nissan Dualis, X-Terra, Land Rover Range Rover, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Expedition, Subaru Forester, Outback etc.


Toyota Hilux Surf/ 4Runner – Compact 4-Wheel Drive

Japanese vehicle “Toyota Hilux Surf” is known by the name of Toyota 4Runner in the entire world. It is front engine rear or 4-wheel drive with front engine. It is a mid-size SUV i.e. Sport Utility Vehicle. It was launched in the year 1984 as a compact SUV but after going through an evolution in 2002 it was presented in the market as mid-size SUV and is still prevailing in the market as mid-size.

Toyota Hilux Surf/ 4Runner

“Toyota Hilux Surf” is very much liked and preferred in the South Asian region. Many Importers from Pakistan, Afghanistan and India import new and used both, Surfs from Japan. As in the South Asian region, this car is considered a symbol of class and status so people has an aptitude towards buying it. But not only South Asia but other countries like UK, Ireland, Somalia and Australia are also large markets of Toyota Hilux Surf/ 4Runner.

In the top ten long-lasting Vehicles of US “Toyota Hilux Surf” stood third according to the research. It shows reliability and economic suitability of this SUV that people have trust in this vehicle and they are buying it with confidence.

Buying brand new Surf could be an expensive option for you but, Car Junction can help you enjoy your ride in your favourite car. Car Junction is an exporter of the used car directly from Japan and has good word of mouth in the market since more than a decade for exporting good condition and reliable vehicles to the entire world. So if you are interested in buying Toyota Hilux Surf for you at a reasonable and economical price so you can visit our website and can contact our online customer service representatives. They are available 24/7 to assist you in buying your favourite car.


Why So Many TOYOTA Used Cars are Exported From Japan

Toyota Cars from Japan

Toyota Land Cruiser, 4.6L Petrol Engine

Japan is famous for earning huge foreign exchange by selling used cars to the entire world. According to Japanese regulations, every vehicle has to undergo quality assurance and roadworthiness test annually, where the vehicle has to be proven corrosion free and as-new to qualify that test. This process is too lethargic and costs taking that people prefer selling their used cars and buying new for them instead of going through these quality tests.

In Japan, it is really expensive to fix even the smallest issues of the car. If there is a little bit of rust on components and rubber fittings are de-shaping due to wear and tear effect, so it may take a lot of money to fix these problems for qualifying quality assurance.

Along with other Japanese cars, Japan is exporting a large number of Toyota used cars to the world. Toyota is the largest and oldest car manufacturing company in Japan. Japanese people prefer buying Toyota cars as these are reliable and comfortable. So after driving these cars for certain time on roads, when they feel like replacing their cars they sell these cars to “Used cars stock holding companies” or to renowned auctions of Japan.

Used Japanese Toyota cars have large clientele all around the globe. Since more than two decades many companies are involved in the business of exporting used Toyota and other Japanese cars to different regions of the world. Entire Africa, South Asia, Caribbean, Europe and many other countries are staunch buyers of Toyota used cars.

Car Junction is one of oldest used car seller of the world; we have our name in the market for providing quality products to the world. So if you are interested in buying good-condition Toyota car for your use so you can check our stock on the website and can contact our online customer service representatives, they will assist you in buying the economical and suitable car for you.


Best Selling Japanese Cars in Guyana

Crashing economies of the world has lead people towards buying and selling used automobiles and machinery. It oriented new business filed which on one hand is lucrative for used car providers similarly on another hand it helps people to buy their favourite cars in their budget.

A car has now turned out to be a basic necessity, so the entire world has an aptitude towards buying used cars after surviving the recession as buying a brand new car could be an expensive option. Guyana is also one of those countries those who are considered as a giant buyer of used vehicles from Japan. Japanese used vehicles are considered reliable and economical not only in Guyana but almost in every part of the world.

Japanese Used Cars in Guyana

Guyana is a dense rainforest situated in the South American region by north Atlantic coast. Guyana imports all types of cars like sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs, but choices of models are particular due to climate and road condition. Rainy weather and muddy roads restrict Guyana from importing low structured cars. Mostly they buy SUVs and MPVs.

When it comes about sedans people in Guyana prefer buying Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio. These fall under the category of Compact Cars according to the Japanese regulations. These were presented in the market in the year 2001 for the first time but people of Guyana usually go for the 2010 year model of these sedans. Performance of these cars in rainy weather is also very marvellous.

Toyota Corolla Fielder (Station Wagon) is also one of the most popular models of Guyana. In SUVs Toyota Rush is a very popular model, it is a seven-seat SUV and has both auto and manual transmission. Toyota Hilux is one of the popular SUVs in Guyana.

Toyota Hiace Van is one of those light-duty commercial vehicles which are very common at the roads of Guyana.  Sambar and Probox Vans are also in use of people in Guyana and they import these from Japan.

So if you are residing in Guyana and looking forward to importing a Japanese used car for your personal or professional use or you are intending to by commercial vehicle you can also consider the option of used Japanese automobiles.

Car Junction is one of the oldest and most reliable Japanese used car sellers and has been supplying cars to the almost entire world. Car Junction has a great history of supplying vehicles, particularly to Guyana. It has a large clientele in Guyana as many car dealers have great trust on Car Junction.

So you can also import your favourite car in economical rates with transparency. Just contact Car Junction’s online customer service representative and get assistance in the process of buying a car in your budget.

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Import Japanese Used Vehicles in the Bahamas

The Bahamas! A prosperous Caribbean state which comprises of more than 700 islands is one of those states which import bulk quantity of used vehicles majorly from Japan. It is economically suitable for people of Bahamas to import used vehicles from Japan. Good per capital income makes the Bahamas a very suitable market for importing used cars.

Continuously the popularity of Japanese used vehicles is increasing not only in the Bahamas but almost everywhere in the world. Japanese used vehicles are well known for their reliability; comfort and durability along with their affordable prices, which is the reason which makes you, see Japanese used vehicles on every road of the Bahamas.

Japanese Used Cars for The Bahamas

If you are also one of those who are looking forward to being a next importer of used cars so you should know that all individuals or businesses interested in importing one or more used vehicles from Japan or anywhere else in the world have to fulfil a number of requirement before claiming their vehicle.

List of policy requirements is as follow:

At the top of everything, all cars should be insured if you wish to import to them Bahamas.


Every country and region has different import policies in terms of the age of the car. Age restriction for a used car is 10 years; car older than 10 years is not permitted to be imported in the Bahamas.


Unlike conventional road-rides i.e. SUVs, Sedans and other cars, when it comes about importing heavy vehicles and caravans you need to seek special permission for that.


If the vehicle imported from a right-hand drive country the headlights will need to be adjusted to dip left. Importation of Left Hand Drive vehicles is preferred in the Bahamas.


Upon arrival, the vehicle must be taken directly to the Road Traffic Department for inspection and licensing.


The major ports in the Bahamas which are used to park imported used vehicles from Japan are Freeport and Nassau. Both Ro-Ro method and containers shipments are equally preferred in the Bahamas.


Customs duties on imported vehicles vary based on a few different factors:

  1. The intended use of the imported vehicle.
  2. Engine capacity.
  3. The age of the vehicle.

Typically it is 35% or higher.

Required Documents:

Import permit should be acquired from the relevant body, secondly, certificate of entitlement from the country of import, bill of lading and invoice are also important documents required during and after the process of import.

Car Junction is one of the best and reliable used cars exporters. Car junction provides you with an economical stock of fully equipped Cars and heavy vehicles. If you need to inquire further about any vehicle or any other machinery so feel free to contact our online customer support representatives.


How to Import Used Cars in Jamaica

Buying a brand new car is a dream of every eye but when it comes about, many people can’t afford new cars. In this case, people avail the option of buying used cars to save cost. Japanese used car industry is one of the largest used car industries of the world and it has its continuously growing clientele all around.

Japanese used car are being imported almost everywhere in the world because these are well known for their reliability, durability and economical prices. Jamaica along with other Caribbean countries prefers importing used Japanese cars as it is really simple and easy to import these over there. According to statistic, almost 90 percent of cars imported in Jamaica are from Japan.

Japanese Toyota Corolla Axio


Jamaica has a government authority named “Trade Board Limited” which mainly deals with the import of cars. According to the regulations of any vehicle imported to Jamaica should be registered, insured and worthy enough to drive on roads. There are certain other document restrictions and tax policy which is provided below.


Conventional cars like sedans, SUVs etc of more than five years old could not be imported in Jamaica and for larger vehicles like pickups, trucks etc age limit vary from six to ten years.

Modified or special purpose vehicles like ambulance, fire trucks or city cars also have a policy of 10 years.


1- Import license should be acquired from the relevant body before importing any vehicle.

2- Evidence of purchase that is a certificate of title issued by the government of the country from where the car is being imported.

3-Identity proofs like a national identity card or driving license etc are required.

4- Other essential documents include BOL, Invoice, Bill of Sight, NTN etc.

5- Tax compliance certificate is also necessary.


Import duties and taxes are the most important part of any import while importing Japanese used vehicles to Jamaica some taxes and import duty apply.

Import duty varies based on the type, size and fuel consumption of the vehicle. It ranges from 10% to 40%.

GCT of 17.5 percent applies on each imported vehicle. Zero-rated vehicles are exceptions.

CET (Common external tariff of 10-20% apply on different vehicles.


After clearing vehicle from the port it is certified by a government authority to ensure that imported vehicle meets Jamaican standards.


LHDs could be imported in Jamaica. Every Jamaican is entitled to import 2 vehicles in 3 years. Immigrants can import after having proper immigration documentation.


Kingston is the most recommended port for shipments from Japan to Jamaica. Roro (Roll-on Roll-off) is the most preferred method.


Advantages of buying Brand New and Used Cars

Buying a Car is a very important event of one’s life, which brings a wipe of anxiousness along with a sense of pleasure. It takes lots of dough to purchase a car; which makes it critical. Human beings naturally become conscious when it comes to spending their hard earned money. So to overcome this anxiety people perform keen scrutiny of the market before they take any decision.

Brand New Cars Used Japanese cars

Different people have different preferences when it comes to buying a car. Few consider class and luxury, few go behind the durability and some look for capacity or comfort. Some people also prefer buying used cars to save money. Either of the car industries; used or new provide a long range of choices and variety to choose from.

Following are some of the advantages of buying “New” and “Used” cars.


  • Value for money.
  • Sense of satisfaction.
  • Warranty
  • Safety
  • Latest Gadgets.

Value for Money:
New purchases are ever worth paying for. Customers feel that they are getting good value for what they are paying for.

Sense of satisfaction:

Brand New Cars provide a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind with luxury and comfort for passengers. It keeps them away from all hassles and worries of handling maintenance issues of used cars which really costs them a lot. First-Hand Cars save huge money with reliability and durability to keep them and use them for years.


Warranty is one of the essential benefits one can have in buying firsthand new vehicles as they provide some years of guarantee in terms of car maintenance and resale. A person can keep them for a longer period of time with peace and satisfaction.


New Model Cars provide complete protection and safety for passengers by making them feel at ease and comfort to enjoy a safer and pleasurable drive.

Latest Gadgets:

Customers can enjoy the latest features and colourful designs of their own choices in purchasing a brand new vehicle as they are coming up with more advanced and entertaining features for passengers.


  • Economical Price
  • Depreciation Value
  • Choice of Variety
  • Lower Insurance Rates
  • Certified Used Cars

Economical Price

Used Cars are purchased less expensive as they have lesser value and demand than brand new and first-hand vehicles. Second-Hand Cars are much cheaper to buy as compared to new ones.

Depreciation Value

The major benefit of purchasing an older car is that they are completely exempted from any declining vehicle scrape and depreciation value as they are already much overused by the previous person.

Choice of Variety

Customers have an extensive variety of options available to purchase their own choice of the used vehicle through newspapers classifieds and the modern digital online medium like the internet to easily find many websites which provide cheaper cars at affordable prices.

Lower Insurance Rates

Second-Hand Cars saves a lot of money in terms of vehicle insurance as it provides fewer insurance rates for customers with no more worries to have a well-insured car as new cars have.

Certified Used Cars

It is really wise and beneficial to purchase certified used cars from authorized dealers as they do a detailed and thorough inspection of a car and you will get a better well-maintained car which will cost you less in vehicle tuning, repairing and maintenance.

Car Junction is a Japanese new and used cars exporter provides brand new and used vehicles at affordable prices for customers. We provide quality customer service and prompt vehicle delivery all around the world.