Why So Many TOYOTA Used Cars are Exported From Japan

Toyota Cars from Japan

Toyota Land Cruiser, 4.6L Petrol Engine

Japan is famous for earning huge foreign exchange by selling used cars to entire world. According to Japanese regulations every vehicle has to undergo quality assurance and road worthiness test annually, where vehicle has to be proven corrosion free and as-new to qualify that test. This process is too lethargic and cost taking that people prefers selling their used cars and buying new for them instead of going though these quality tests.

In Japan it is really expensive to fix even smallest issues of car. If there is little bit of rust on components and rubber fittings are de-shaping due to wear and tear effect, so it may take a lot of money to fix these problems for qualifying quality assurance.

Along with other Japanese cars, Japan is exporting large number of Toyota used cars to the world. Toyota is a largest and oldest car manufacturing company of Japan. Japanese people prefer buying Toyota cars as these are reliable and comfortable. So after driving these cars for certain time on roads, when they feel like replacing their cars they sell these cars to “Used cars stock holding companies” or to renowned auctions of Japan.

Used Japanese Toyota cars have large clientele all around the globe. Since more than two decades many companies are involved in business of exporting used Toyota and other Japanese cars to different regions of the world. Entire Africa, South Asia, Caribbean, Europe and many other countries are staunch buyers of Toyota used cars.

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