Japanese vehicle “Toyota Hilux Surf” is known by the name of Toyota 4Runner in the entire world. It is front engine rear or 4-wheel drive with front engine. It is a mid-size SUV i.e. Sport Utility Vehicle. It was launched in the year 1984 as a compact SUV but after going through an evolution in 2002 it was presented in the market as mid-size SUV and is still prevailing in the market as mid-size.

Toyota Hilux Surf/ 4Runner

“Toyota Hilux Surf” is very much liked and preferred in the South Asian region. Many Importers from Pakistan, Afghanistan and India import new and used both, Surfs from Japan. As in the South Asian region, this car is considered a symbol of class and status so people has an aptitude towards buying it. But not only South Asia but other countries like UK, Ireland, Somalia and Australia are also large markets of Toyota Hilux Surf/ 4Runner.

In the top ten long-lasting Vehicles of US “Toyota Hilux Surf” stood third according to the research. It shows reliability and economic suitability of this SUV that people have trust in this vehicle and they are buying it with confidence.

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