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Luxury Cars for Diplomats & Expats in Tanzania

The Foreign Diplomat is a person representing his native country in any outside country of the world. He is a well-honored and respected state deputed ambassador of his own country and leaves a true impression of pride and reputation on others. The Expatriates or Expats are short-termed living immigrants in foreign countries as regular citizens.

Toyota Corolla Sedan Car

Toyota Corolla from Japan

Toyota the Japanese largest automobile manufacturer presented its sub-compact, semi-luxury car in 1966. Word Corolla was driven from Latin language which meant a small crown. So for sedans i.e. small cars Toyota crown was replaced by the name of Toyota corolla referring to its small size. Within one decade till 1974 it appeared on charts

Toyota Rav4 – Compact Crossover SUV

Toyota Rav4

Toyota a Japanese oldest and most reliable automobile manufacturer produced Toyota Rav4 in 1994 and launched it in Japan and Europe in the same year but was launched in America in 1995 and is still sustaining its fame and reputation in all markets. It was Toyota’s first Compact Crossover SUV i.e. Sports Utility Van. Buyers

Benefits of having Sunroof in your Car

Sunroof is an optional opening available in the roof of cars. Some Cars have factory fitted Sunroofs i.e. these cars are manufactured with it but others go for alteration to have this sunroof but all vehicles couldn’t adopt it due to design. It adds a sense of class and luxury to the car. Having Sunroof


If you are a rude(shrew) salesman; so you can even devalue your Rolls Royce as low as a Garbage hauler or instead it could also be said as if you are daring enough as Nawab of Bahawalpur  so you can even afford Rolls Royce as a garbage hauler. It’s a pre-partition story that once Nawab

Nissan Note – Semi-Luxury Mini MPV

Nissan; Japanese third largest automobile manufacturer launched semi-luxury mini MPV (multi purpose vehicle) in 2004. This front-engine, 4-wheel hatchback was named as “Nissan Note”. It had option of intelligent key and proximity sensor. Its exterior was designed to inspire elite class. Color selection for interior was also very unique for this MPV. Nissan painted its

Nissan Tiida Cars – Compacy Luxury Hatchback

“Nissan Tiida” is a small/ comfortable family purpose hatchback introduced by Japanese third largest car manufacturing company. It was launched in the year 2004 and its predecessor is Nissan Sunny. Its name “Tiida” was driven from the word of Okinawan language which means Sun; this name was proposed in relation to Nissan Sunny. Later it

Toyota Premio – Luxury Car

Toyota corporation, Japanese renowned and reliable car manufacturer started production of Toyota Premio in year in 2003 in continuity of Toyota Allion which was been manufactured since 2001 and Toyota is still manufacturing this mid size family car i.e. sedan. Toyota Premio is very similar to Toyota Allion, Toyota Corona and Toyota Celica. But as

Honda Accord – Luxury Sedan Car

Honda Accord the prestigious product of Honda is living its eighth generation successfully and have, been through four decades of drastic evolution and adopted every face and technology, which have been a need of time. Honda started manufacturing this 3-door sedan which has now been evolved to 4-door in 1976, this car has privilege that

Toyota Premio Luxury Sedan Car for Elegant Lifestyle

Toyota Premio is an incredible, extremely appealing and sleekly stylish car specifically been designed for giving a touch of class and luxury. It is the most costly Toyota sedan car after Camry and Corolla. These two vehicles have exceeded world record in their ever mounting sales till today. It is a dream car for everyone