Even after 40 years of success, Toyota is continuing with 70 series Landcruiser and they have no plans to discontinue it.
Toyota LandCruiser 70 series has abnormal demand from Africa to middle east till Australia and New Zealand. Having a v8 engine of 4.5 liters is considered one of the toughest SUV available.

Toyota is facing serious backlog of orders from Australia market for 70 series and they are currently working to reduce the booking time. The interesting factor is that this 70 series model is not available for sale in Japan, although almost all of the units in 70 series are made in Japanese Toyota factories for middle east, Africa and Australia market.

The fuel tank capacity of these 70 Series Landcruiser either SUV or pickup is around 130 Liters.

In Austarlian market 70 Series comes as Single-Cab Cab-Chassis. Double-Cab Cab-Chassis, Wagon & Troop Carrier, previously they were making troop carrier as more than 9-seater as well but now the troop carrier is available in 2 seats or 5 seats

The demand for Wagon GXL package Landcruiser 70 series is quite high and due to manual transmission and v8 engine it considers as one of the toughest suv for outdoors in Australia and middle east.

In Africa region all of these packages of Landcruiser are mostly used for Safari purpose.

This series of vehicles was first introduced in 1984 as a replacement for the previous 60 series and has undergone several updates and modifications over the years.

The Land Cruiser 70 series was originally designed for tough, off-road use and is widely used in Australia and other markets for work, military and expedition purposes. The vehicle is known for its durability, versatility and reliability, and has been used in some of the harshest terrains in the world, including deserts, mountains, and jungles.

One of the key features of the Land Cruiser 70 series is its body-on-frame construction, which gives it added strength and durability compared to other vehicles in its class. This construction, combined with a solid axel suspension system and heavy-duty shock absorbers, makes the Land Cruiser 70 series a capable off-roader.

Single-Cab Cab-Chassis

Packages :
 GX (2 door , 2 seats)
 GXL (2 door , 2 seats)
WorkMate (2 door , 2 seats)

Landcruiser Single Cab GX
Landcruiser Single Cab GXL
Landcruiser Single Cab Workmate

Double-Cab Cab-Chassis

WorkMate (4 Door , 5 Seats)
 GXL(4 Door , 5 Seats)

Landcruiser Double Cab Workmate
Landcruiser Double Cab GXL


WorkMate (4 Door , 5 Seats)
 GXL ( 4 Door , 5 Seats)

Landcruiser Wagon Workmate
Landcruiser Wagon GXL

Troop Carrier

WorkMate (2 Door , 2 Seats)
GXL ( 2 Door – 5 seates)

Landcruiser Troop Workmate
Landcruiser Troop GXL