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Fuel Efficient Japanese Cars in Jamaica

Fuel Efficient Cars is the new prevailing trend becoming popular all over the world as they are specifically designed to consume less fuel and to give more mileage. Japan is the pioneer in producing fuel economy cars which are eco-friendly and provide a better fuel mileage in both urban city and highway drive. Japanese Fuel Efficient Cars are also much affordable with stylish design appeal and dynamic engine performance.

Japanese Fuel Efficient Cars are receiving huge demand response with immense appreciation from customers and getting global recognition from every nook and corner of the world. In Jamaica, there is also a switching trend towards buying Japanese used fuel efficient cars which are really cost effective with environment-friendly features. The young generation of Jamaica is keenly interested in importing family-friendly right-hand fuel-efficient vehicles directly from Japan.

Below is a list of top 5 fuel-efficient Japanese used cars in Jamaica.

Toyota Corolla Axio

Toyota Corolla Axio is the top-selling Japanese fuel-efficient sedan car in Jamaica. It offers excellent fuel efficiency drive of 33.0 KM/L and uses a better combination of 4 cylinders DOHC 1.5 litre gasoline with Atkinson cycle 60 hp nickel hydride electric motor hybrid battery which help reduces co2 emissions up to 64 percent.

Honda Fit Hybrid

Honda Fit Hybrid is an urban trendy small hatchback car ideal among Jamaican customers for its fuel efficiency of 3.3 litres per 100 kilometres. It is a smart and sporty drive hatchback car well equipped with 1.5 litres of gasoline-powered by 7-speed dual clutch transmission and hybrid electric technology.

Nissan Tiida

Nissan Tiida is a small family hatchback car having an increased demand and value in Jamaica Caribbean. It offers good fuel efficiency drive with 8.9 liters/100 Kilometers on urban and 6.8 L/100 KM combined. It is based on 1.6 litres 4 cylinders gasoline with X-Tronic CVT Automatic Transmission System.

Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift is a youthful trendy hatchback car popular among young men and women in Jamaica to enjoy the true pleasure of urban city drive. It offers a dynamic fuel economy drive of 7.5 L/100 KM urban and 6.0 liters/100 KM Combined.

Mazda Demio

Mazda Demio is a well demanded and admired supermini hatchback car in Jamaica Caribbean with marvellous fuel efficiency drive of 7.8 l/100 KM in an urban city and 6.5 L/100 km on the combined. It is an ultra modern stylish hatchback car provides the ultimate joy and fun drive experience to the entire family with kids.

The best fuel efficient Japanese used cars hold a massive demand and valuable appeal among all ages of customers in Jamaica. These are superb fuel economy hybrid cars creating a keen interest in young age Jamaican customers to make a better urban lifestyle and to enjoy outdoor fun and leisure drive.

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Toyota Vitz – Yaris is Now Available in 1.5L Hybrid

Toyota Vitz is a subcompact small hatchback car which has ultimately gained exceptional popularity demand among customers. Over the years, it has emerged as a comfortable family-friendly small vehicle popularly known as Toyota Yaris in many different countries of the world. It is a pleasurable drive 5-door hatchback which provides a true sense of ease and luxury to customers to have an on-road urban journey experience. Japanese small hatchbacks are becoming the essential household possession for every little family and the new Vitz is on the top of the line ideally designed for all ages of customer especially for younger teen men and women.

Toyota Vitz - Yaris in 1.5L Hybrid

This stunning new version of Toyota Vitz has just been launched with a smart dashing appeal sleek shine robust exterior aerodynamic design body structure. It is a trendy small hatchback car built with a solid chassis frame and attached with all stylish glittering accessories like as front rectangular shaped LED headlights, lower black emblem grille, front bumper, power side view door mirror, and the 16-inches alloy wheels.  The backside shows a bold n catchy noticeable look for customers in combination with a rear radio antenna, high mount stop light, LED Combination taillights, rear bumper, and the black transparent rear windscreen with an intermittent single wiper. The captivating choices of colours have been introduced to easily grab the attention of customers such as Avant-Garde Bronze Metallic, Black Mica, Blue Metallic, clear blue crystal shine, grey metallic, Luminous yellow, orange metallic, silver metallic, super red V, super white, and the white pearl crystal shine.

It offers an exquisitely decorated interior seating design cabin for passengers which give a feel of the quiet atmosphere with true peace of mind. The 2-row front and rear seats are finely adjustable with reclining down features. The seating provides extreme ease of legroom and designed with the finest choices of black and beige colour to give a superb appeal. The rear side trunk compartment has a widely spacious cargo storage bulk loading accommodation with an attached swinging open backdoor. The front dashboard cockpit panel provides a contemporary modern style display equipped with advanced safety features like smart keyless entry and push-starts engine, 4.2 inches TFT LCD multi-information display, 9-inches T-connect Navigation, auto air-conditioner, tilt steering, Anti-theft system, and multi-view back guide monitor.

The key driving safety features are included as Toyota Safety Sense C, automatic brake pre-crash safety system, lane departure alert, auto high beam, advanced car alarm system, drive start control, SRS Side and Curtain Shield Airbags, vehicle stability control, anti-lock braking system with electronic brake-force distribution, emergency brake signal, and pedestrian injury mitigation body. It is an ultra fuel-efficient eco-friendly right-hand hatchback car fitted with 1.5 litres of gasoline fuel engine upgraded with an alternate choice of hybrid power motor system for an exhilarating seamless speedy long drive vehicle mileage for customers. The transmission system is powered by a 6-speed manual as well as 4-speed CVT Automatic. The grade price packages are available with Hybrid F2, Jewela2, U2, and sports system.


Top 10 Japanese Car Brands

Japanese car brands

Japan is the leading Car Manufacturing Country in the world and produces the most reliable and durable long-lasting cars with unique luxury style, modern urban cutting edge design, and dynamic sporty performance. Japanese cars are always better known for their versatility, affordability, and rising demand popularity among customers all over the globe.

Following are the Top 10 Listed Japanese Car Brands:

Japanese car brands


Toyota is the most renowned and recognized Japanese brand holding a stable and sustainable first position in the top-ranked Japanese vehicle brands. This leading brand possesses an increased demand and value among all ages of customers with a global reach at every nook and corner of the world. It has the oldest long history of producing and delivering the finest quality cars to the public by tremendously keeping up pace with the latest technological transformations for providing unique innovation and perfection. It offers all different varieties of eco- friendly and family-friendly vehicles for customers such as executive sedans, off-road SUV’s, small Kei hatchbacks, and spacious family wagons.

Apart from introducing traditional car models, Toyota also holds a smart thinking vision of bringing a true revolution in the Japanese automotive industry by presenting unconventional and distinctive smart concept futuristic design cars. Toyota Corolla Axio, Camry, Land Cruiser, Vitz Yaris, Prius, Premio, and Auris are the bestselling newly Toyota Hybrid Car models that have proven their sheer recognition among customers worldwide.


Nissan comes with a slogan of “innovation that excites” which means it keeps its core dedicated focus on designing modern innovative cars for the exciting fun driving customer journey experience. This well-known Japanese car brand is absolutely famous for introducing sophisticated and super high-performance cars for the public and has yet produced all kinds of passenger vehicles by carefully keeping in mind the essential factors of comforts, stylishness, and luxuriousness.

It proudly presented the first high-tech battery electric vehicle known as Nissan Altra EV for keeping up with modern technological automotive advancements at the Los Angeles International Auto Show on the 29th December 1997. The introduction of the Nissan Leaf an all-electric vehicle is the biggest success for the company to be the pioneer of producing the fully electric vehicle for the first time in Japanese automotive history.

Some other record sales hybrid electric vehicles are Nissan e-NV 200, Hyper Mini, and the Nissan March e-power. Nissan has also some surprising and interesting plans to launch completely driver-less autonomous futuristic cars on the roads by the year 2020.

Nissan Cima, Bluebird Sylphy, GTR, Juke, Teana, and X-Trail Hybrid are the popularly branded Nissan Cars.


Honda is a Japanese car brand synonymous with style and innovation, as it always transforms a sleeping dream into waking up reality by bringing out modern and urban uniquely designed trendy cars for customers. Honda Cars provide stunning mid-sized youthful appeal vehicles for customers to cater to the younger audience. As to foresee the future, it is stepping ahead with an enlightened vision of presenting alternative fuel, hybrid electric, and plug-in electric cars for customers. The Accord, Odyssey, Fit, CRV, Vezel and CR-Z are world-renowned brand cars famous for their irresistible noticeable appeal and dynamic speedy performance.


Mitsubishi is a top-ranked Japanese car brand that holds global recognition for its long-running Pajero and Outlander Sports Utility Vehicles. It has given the true definition of crossover SUV by producing the fiercely designed solid built rugged vehicles proving their acclaimed credibility and durability since decades. It has also embraced the latest technological era and embarked on its success for the plug-in hybrid EV System and Mitsubishi innovative electric small Kei technology vehicle. The Lancer Evolution, RVR, and the Colt are the recently popular brand cars.


Mazda is an internationally recognized vehicle manufacturing brand that defines its true meaning of wisdom. It uses the same wisdom and intelligence in designing superb and terrific cars for customers and produces 1.3 million cars on a global scale. This trendy and innovative brand provides a bit of bolder and seductively sensational creative attraction for instantly grabbing keen noticeable customer attention. The Zoom Zoom and Sky Activ Technology are the most vital elements which induce customers for a quick purchase decision for the Demio, CX-3, CX-5, Premacy, Roadster, and the Mazda MPV.


Subaru is the world-leading Japanese automaker brand that defines its slogan of confidence in motion. This creative tagline provides sheer reliability and durability of an inside deep powerful performance with a Subaru EE Boxer flat engine design layout structure and a well-balanced full-time four-wheel-drive technology. It is also combined with active torque split all-wheel drive and the Multi-Mode Driver Control Centre Differential AWD System for the fast and speedy driving journey experience.


Suzuki is the best-selling Japanese automobile brand famous for producing mid-sized light-weight, affordable, and family-friendly convenient cars for customers. Suzuki Cars are much demanded their appealing urban youthful design with space and comfort for passengers as it offers a wide range of vehicles for all categories of small and large-sized families. The Swift, Alto, Ignis, Lapin, Wagon R, and Baleno are the most popular vehicles with increased sales worldwide.


Daihatsu is a well-known Japanese domestic brand with wide global recognition that produces small compact trendy Kei hatchbacks cars and mini wagons with having a powerful appeal and demand among customers all over the world. It provides all different varieties of light passenger, passenger, commercial, hybrid electric, and alternative fuel vehicles. The Daihatsu Mira, Move, Tanto, Mebius, and Copen are top-selling brand vehicles that offer a playful and super exciting urban pleasurable driving journey experience for everyone.


Lexus is an elite class premium Japanese brand much popular among customers spread all over the world due to its sheer elegance, dynamic performance, and captivating design. It comes with all different varieties of sedan, coupe, convertible, and SUV, and the LX 570, IS 250, and CT200H are the top-selling brand models.


Acura is a luxurious Japanese car brand introduced by Honda and it produces all kinds of super speed sedans and crossover sports utility vehicles for customers with some of the finest brand models such as ILX, TLX, RLX, RDX, MDX, and the NSX.

Top 10 Japanese car brands with having the versatile and distinctive appealing design features as well as highly efficient brilliant performance for catching the keen eye attention of customers and making them compelled to have an enjoyable fun driving journey experience.

These Japanese Car Brands have had a long-lasting trustworthy relationship with customers for years and are strongly committed to delivering the best quality performance and sheer efficiency for more years to come ahead. The customers of today now prefer Japanese brand cars over American and German brands due to their affordable prices and state of the art features. Japanese automotive industry captures the largest market share of consumers from all over the world with ever-increasing sales value as they better understand the customer choice and produce cars according to the exact demand specification.

Top 5 Fuel-Efficient Cars from Japan

Japan is a highly flourishing country which is pacing ahead in automobile technology by producing fuel-efficient and eco-friendly low carbon emission hybrid cars for customers. The fuel efficiency has now become a core element in every Japanese designed brand new hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) to provide customers with a maximum fuel economy and higher mileage speedy dynamic driving journey performance.

This term fuel efficiency can better be defined as the energy efficiency of any vehicle by determining the ratio of a distance travelled per unit of fuel consumed. It is based on many different factors like internal combustion fuel thermal efficiency, transmission design, and tire design.  The proper measurement of vehicle fuel efficiency is determined by Miles per Gallon (MPG) and Liters per 100 Kilometer.

Following are the Top 5 Fuel-Efficient Cars from Japan:

Toyota Prius Eco

prius toyota hybrid Fuel Economic Car

Toyota Prius Eco has surprisingly been titled as the most fuel-efficient car for the year 2017. It offers 58 miles per gallon on the urban city drive and 53 mpg on the speedy highway pleasurable drive.

It is an ultra-modern and innovative futuristic design hybrid car built with a cutting edge aerodynamic appearance and offers 1.8 litres of a gasoline-powered hybrid fuel engine with an automatic electronic continuously variable transmission speed for a customer ride.

Honda Accord

Honda Accord hybrid Fuel Economic Car

Honda Accord is a trendy and sporty stylish sedan car comes with an excellent fuel efficiency feature of 49 miles per gallon city drive and 47 mpg for the highway drive. It has been designed with a 2 litres V4 gasoline fuel engine with an auto AV transmission speed for a constant acceleration drive journey.

Toyota Camry Hybrid LE

Camry toyota hybrid Fuel Economic Car

Toyota Camry is a luxuriously and innovatively yet impressively noticeable 4-door premium sedan car comes with 2.5 litres powerful hybrid fuel engine specification and powered by automatic CVT Transmission for passengers. It has a fuel-economy city mileage of 42 and highway mileage of 38 MPG.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf Fuel Economic Car

Nissan Leaf is better known as the Leading Environment-Friendly Affordable Family Electric Car. It is a complete electric compact 5-door hatchback vehicle built with a 30 Kilowatt-hour battery provides 107 horsepower range for a dynamic and smart driving journey experience. This small-sized car is a futuristic masterpiece for providing an extreme sense of ease and comfort for the little family to have a pleasurable outdoor leisure drive.

Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5 Fuel Economic Car

Mazda CX-5 is the best-selling small 4WD SUV extremely popular for its bolder and sleeker stylish appearance. It provides a terrific drive city mileage of 23 miles per gallon with a 29 mpg for the exciting highway driving journey experience for the entire family.

Consuming less fuel with more saving money!  It is a true mantra of Japanese brand cars to be the preferred choice and valuable demand for customers all over the world. They are highly fueled efficient, eco-friendly, affordable, reliable, and fun to drive hybrid vehicles to give a comfortable and enjoyable family-friendly driving journey experience for customers.

Toyota Prius – The Most Fuel Economic Car

prius toyota hybrid

prius toyota hybrid Fuel Economic Car

Fuel Economy has always been an essential point of consideration by customers whenever intending to purchase a brand new car as it is a powerful driving force for a vehicle which pushes it ahead with a constant speed and velocity for a fun riding experience. Spending less fuel with more mileage is a wise tactic of every driver to have a less burden on his pocket. Fuel Efficiency is a prime feature in every good car to consume less fuel and drive more to make it distinctive and prominent from others with best-selling value and demand among customers.

There are plenty of automobile companies in the world competing with each other in producing excellent fuel-efficient cars. Toyota is the leading Japanese automobile manufacturer which has produced the finest fuel economy cars for the public by making their lives easier and saving a lot of cost on fuel consumption.

Toyota Prius is the topmost fuel economic car ever manufactured by Toyota has recently been awarded for its superb fuel efficiency for the consecutive years of 2016-2017. It has been rated as the number one fuel economy vehicle among the best top ten fuel-efficient cars of the world for its longest driving mileage of 58 miles per gallon for the urban city drive and 53 mpg for the speedy highway driving journey experience for customers.

It is a perfectly fabulous electric hybrid car gives a fresh, clean and green atmosphere for customers by its low carbon emission attributes. It is completely equipped with a true combination of 1.8 litres of a gasoline-powered fuel engine with an electric hybrid battery and EV Mode Power button for easily switching back to hybrid drive for a challenging and exciting sporty driving journey experience.

This modern and trendy futuristic car comes in two broad body style variations of 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback with a front engine, front-wheel drive layout and with a compact and mid-sized vehicle class for customers. It consists of four consecutive generations of different kinds of trim grades levels such as S-Safety Plus, A-Premium, A-Premium (Touring Selection), A Touring Selection, and S Touring Selection. The Prius Alpha and Prius PHV Plug-in Hybrid are also the two highly essential categories with exemplary fuel economy and added features for customers.

These wonderful grade choices are equipped with all sorts of advanced safety and entertainment features for passengers such as Toyota Safety Sense P, preventive safety, and crash safety for customers. As for the driving mode, it offers three different kinds of power mode, Eco drive mode, and EV drive mode for a dynamic smart acceleration drive.

Toyota Prius, by all means, is a superior class luxury fuel-efficient Japanese vehicle brand with global recognition and wide extensive reach for customers from every nook and corner of the world. It turns out to be a highly beneficial gasoline-hybrid electric car with extraordinary innovative and high tech features for customers. It shows a superbly vibrant appearance with a true blend of comfort and ease of mind for passengers.


Honda CRV – Compact Crossover SUV

Honda, one of the best Japanese car manufacturers launched its SUV in the year 1995 by the name of Honda CRV. According to the Japanese press, CRV stands for “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle” but according to sales material distributed in the UK it referred to “Compact Recreational Vehicle”.

CRVs assembly line exists in many countries like England, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia but it was initially started in Sayama, Japan, and Swindon, UK, for international markets.

Honda CRV – Compact Crossover SUV

This five-door CRV could be stated as Honda’s mid-range comfortable utility vehicle which stands between HR-V and larger pilot. It was Honda’s first in-house design of SUV and was considered a luxury vehicle in Japan due to its eye-catching exterior and width dimensions.

This luxury SUV was taken by the tide of criticism due to mismatch of engine power and size. So after huge debate and time of 4 years in 1999 in response to this criticism company finally decided to upgrade the engine to 2.0 L B20Z with the ability to produce 147 hp, and also altered  interior and exterior of the car but company decided to keep the price same although it was a great change in engine capacity.

In that first wipe of change, this Luxury SUV also modified its external and internal features drastically, particularly for European, Australian and Asian region. In the exterior, both front and rear bumpers were modified. Very unique colours were added to the list of paint choices like “Nighthawk Black”, “Pearl Blue” etc. European models were also added with large Honda emblem on the front grill.

The Australian version of the car with high specifications was called “Sport”. It was added with thick grills, coloured bumpers and unique components. Hard spare wheel cover an added a sense of class to it. In 2000 it was marked best at the sales charts. In same year special model was also introduced in North America.

In 2005, the Honda decided to give its trendsetting SUV a mid-cycle refresh. It was then equipped with 16-inch wheels which was an inch larger than the earlier model. Apparent changes included modified taillights and headlights with more clear indicators. The new headlights were provided with two separate sets of bulbs for adjusting the low and high beam of light which was different slightly than the previous setup of single bulb used for both.

The grill was also modified by using two horizontal bars instead of one and round fog lights were introduced at the bumper. On the other hand, the rear bumper turned narrower this time.

Off and on Honda CRV showed many changes in different generations consecutively and stayed at the chart of bestselling vehicles. If we speak about the latest one, the 2016 model, so according to general reviews it also brought lots of innovation in it. 17-inch alloy wheels, rear safety glass and many other features added worth to this car. It is fuel efficient and has exceptional fuel economy as compared to other available SUVs. It has greater room inside and it has adjustable seats. Cargo capacity has also been increased to make it more suitable for the family’s holiday travelling. Its safety features are also incomparable but this time no engine upgrade is available which could be counted as a shortcoming of the new model.

According to reviews, some interior material doesn’t match the class of this SUV.

But as a whole Honda CRV is one of the best SUVs available in the market.


Hybrid Cars from Japan

Hybrid vehicles are considered far different than conventional vehicles as these are blend of power and innovative technology. Now-a-day these cars are trending and are in vogue. Reason of this hype is that; hybrid Cars use two or more distinct types of power, such as internal combustion engine and electric motor etc. When these hybrid cars were firstly introduced in the market they created odd curiosity amongst people, in the early stages i.e.in its introductory period in the market it faced little difficulty to be accepted. But later owners loved their cars and it created good word-of-mouth and acceptance in the market.

Though traditional vehicles rider have their own opinion based on some erroneous assumptions but this advanced technology also got space to prevail in the market.

Many people conclude that the additional gas mileage offered by hybrids is not an added advantage as these are not worth than the cost of driving the slow cars on the road. But in fact, these are faster than you might think for an obvious reason hybrid cars have multiple engines. In addition to the conventional gasoline engine, these also contain 1-3 heavy electric motors that provide a little more thrust, horsepower and a lot more torque. Some models prefer to use a smaller gasoline engine than similarly sized cars, but others simply add an electric motor to the standard engine which results in a faster combination than the non-hybrid version.

Japan is also one of the largest Hybrid car producing country. Many Japanese automotive companies launched their new cars. Toyota gave “Prius hybrid” to the market. It is a full hybrid electric mid-size hatchback, formerly a compact sedan, developed and manufactured by Toyota. Agencies like the United States Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board (CARB) rate the Prius one amongst the cleanest vehicles sold in the United States based on the rate of carbon emission. The 2016 model year Prius Eco ranks as the all-time most fuel efficient gasoline-powered car available in the US without plug-in capability.

Toyota Prius Hybrid cars

The other one from Japan is Honda Civic, it is a variation of the Honda Civic with a hybrid electric power train. Honda launched the Civic Hybrid in Japan by the end of 2001. In the United States, it was the first automobile to be certified as an Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV) from the California Air Resources Board.

Many Car manufacturers from Japan gave their Hybrids in the market due to the increasing fame of this technology, as it is possible to drive this car just like any other car. To assist drivers to get the most miles per gallon, most hybrids include some sort of feedback system that lets drivers know how the car is operating. For example, drivers learn when their car is in electric-only mode, when the gas engine is running, and when they are generating energy from braking.

Mitsubishi also introduced outlander, its third generation includes a plug-in hybrid variant, called P-HEV, and its production version was unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

Mitsubishi Outlander - hybrid cars

Hybrids have the torque that enables a car to climb a steep hill efficiently, and the electric motors in these cars specialize in producing it. Additionally, hybrids often feature continuously variable transmissions that allow the engine to operate at the optimal number of revolutions per minute (RPMs) when climbing under full power. This is impossible with conventional transmissions that typically operate with four, five, or six speeds.

So Japanese hybrids cars are very successful in the market and it seems that these new technology vehicles will take over the entire market soon.

Toyota Aqua - Toyota hybrid cars

Used Cars Import Policy in Jamaica

According to the import policy, up to 5 years old (2011 and onward) right-hand drive passenger cars are permitted to import in Jamaica.

Kingston is the shipping destination port which is commonly used to import used cars from Japan to Jamaica.

The roadworthiness inspection certificate is not required from Japan for the clearance process.

Regularly Imported Vehicles in Jamaica

Toyota Corolla Axio, Fielder, Vitz, Nissan Tiida Latio, March and Honda Fit are most fuel efficient and demanded used cars in Jamaica.

Japanese Used Cars for Jamaica

Reasons to Buy Your Dream Car from Japan

Buying a used car directly from Japan is a cost-effective method of changing your current vehicle. Even though it seems that shipping your car around the world might be something quite risky and pricy, it is actually a very good way to get worth for your hard earned money. Some really intriguing reasons have been discussed in the following paragraphs and might just be good enough to persuade you to get your used cars from Japan.

Used Cars from Japan are Cost-effective

Firstly, cars in Japan are cheaper as compared to other world markets. The reason is market competition since every manufacturer wants to retain or get to the top spot, prices of new cars generally tend to remain low. It is simple math; since new cars are already cheap, used cars are definitely going to be cheaper.

Another prominent reason is the culture of the Japanese society, which has programmed people to prefer new products and thus used items lose a lot of their value in terms of money. Thirdly, the shaken law in Japan is strict, it requires people to get their cars checked for roadworthiness every three years or so. To avoid this test, people in Japan usually sell their cars before the arrival of the check-up. These relatively new cars with low mileage are sold for second-hand use.

Large companies sell their cars at the end of the financial year because it is the time when car taxes expire. This is the reason why many cars hit the auctions in spring each year.

Japanese Used Cars have comparatively Low Mileage and Excellent Condition

Majority of the Japanese people live in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka etc. This is the reason they do not go very far, it can be said that an average Japanese car spends more time in front of red lights. Used cars in Japan have lower mileage as compared to others and in better condition because cars are considered as a representative of status. So to uphold their status, they keep their cars in new and excellent condition for as long as possible, only to pass it onto another owner.

Used cars from Japan have better fuel economy

Japan is a country with very little natural resources of its own and most of its resources are imported from different countries. Japan and its major manufacturers realize that one day oil will be no more and they would have to come up with an alternative. So they started to produce Hybrid cars and explore hybrid technologies. The generally manufactured cars are also more fuel-efficient than others.

The Japanese started to make cars called ‘Kei’ cars which are lighter than most cars and have an engine capacity of 660cc. These small cars deliver excellent driving experience along with magnificent fuel efficiency. When it comes to fuel-efficiency Japan is far ahead in the games.

After taking into consideration the reasons mentioned above, a person is sorely tempted to rethink his/her decisions regarding buying a car. The advantages mentioned above might just be good enough to force you into getting your used car from Japan directly. Best of luck in purchasing your car.

used toyota vitz cars
used nissan march cars

Fuel efficient cars can save your valuable cash

Whenever a person plans to buy a car, the first thing that should be a concern is Fuel Efficiency. It is a commonly known fact that ‘the smaller the car, the lesser gas it consumes’ and ‘the larger the car, the more gas it consumes’.

In simple words, if you are aiming for fuel efficiency whilst buying your car, it will be better if you select a smaller car. Apart from the advantage of being economical in both price and fuel consumption, smaller cars are also better in terms of insurance and taxation. If all these benefits of smaller cars do not entice you and you are adamant on buying a larger car then there are options available which are more fuel efficient than other big cars.

The best you can do is to compare the different cars and their fuel consumptions (mil/gallon or km/litre). The one with the least fuel consumption and most favourable features is the car to be bought. There are certain car features and types which are better to be left if you are looking for fuel efficiency. Sports cars and cars with automatic transmission are known to burn off a lot of fuel. So be wise when purchasing your car.

Checking fuel efficiency before buying a car is a good idea and a rather obvious one but the all-important question among drivers is how to get your car to go further on every spent litre of fuel. It is a general fact, that fuel efficiency has a lot to do with driving styles and a change in driving style may improve your car’s fuel consumption average. It is a rough estimate that the improvement can be around a 25% increase but for this, the car needs to have a manual transmission.

The trick is to change gears at low RPMs (not over 2.5k RPM). Usually, people tend to gain speed in the first, second and sometimes even third gears thus they extend these gears which is actually not a great idea. The extension of gears may let you gain speed quickly but it ends up spending more fuel. So try to change gears early, this will help you increase your fuel efficiency.

Finally, there is one more tip you should know, try to stay away from traffic. The continual braking and accelerating consume lots of fuel. Hope this has been of assistance and help to you, Car Junction will continue to bring more car care tips for you.