Whenever a person plans to buy a car, the first thing that should be a concern is Fuel Efficiency. It is a commonly known fact that ‘the smaller the car, the lesser gas it consumes’ and ‘the larger the car, the more gas it consumes’.

In simple words, if you are aiming for fuel efficiency whilst buying your car, it will be better if you select a smaller car. Apart from the advantage of being economical in both price and fuel consumption, smaller cars are also better in terms of insurance and taxation. If all these benefits of smaller cars do not entice you and you are adamant on buying a larger car then there are options available which are more fuel efficient than other big cars.

The best you can do is to compare the different cars and their fuel consumptions (mil/gallon or km/litre). The one with the least fuel consumption and most favourable features is the car to be bought. There are certain car features and types which are better to be left if you are looking for fuel efficiency. Sports cars and cars with automatic transmission are known to burn off a lot of fuel. So be wise when purchasing your car.

Checking fuel efficiency before buying a car is a good idea and a rather obvious one but the all-important question among drivers is how to get your car to go further on every spent litre of fuel. It is a general fact, that fuel efficiency has a lot to do with driving styles and a change in driving style may improve your car’s fuel consumption average. It is a rough estimate that the improvement can be around a 25% increase but for this, the car needs to have a manual transmission.

The trick is to change gears at low RPMs (not over 2.5k RPM). Usually, people tend to gain speed in the first, second and sometimes even third gears thus they extend these gears which is actually not a great idea. The extension of gears may let you gain speed quickly but it ends up spending more fuel. So try to change gears early, this will help you increase your fuel efficiency.

Finally, there is one more tip you should know, try to stay away from traffic. The continual braking and accelerating consume lots of fuel. Hope this has been of assistance and help to you, Car Junction will continue to bring more car care tips for you.