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Driving a 4WD for an Incredible Off-Road Performance!!

Four Wheel Drive 4WD

Four Wheel Drive or 4WD is an equal and well-balanced torque power transfer drive train system to all 4-Wheels of a 2-axle vehicle for creating an extreme level of dynamism and momentous action. As the technology is progressing at a rapid pace, there has also been a new shift of transformation in the automotive industry from the front and rear wheel to 4×4 drive. This brings kinetic energy in all wheels to provide a constant motion creates a driving force for a vehicle to have a swift and faster move.

The core reason for preferring over 4WD on FWD and RWD as it provides an incredible off-road and all-terrain capability by offering a sturdy and speedy drive flow on all kinds of rocky, sandy, and uneven bumpy harsh road surfaces. It possesses a strong traction control to have a solid grip on both inner and outer wheels for forcefully dragging and pulling the car in the forward position by the help of constant friction on the road.

In this powerful drive train system, engine power is equally divided down between both of the front and rear axles for the maximum evenly delivery of torque to all wheels. It provides an efficient forward motion for the vehicle driveability control to gain more speed and velocity by using a choice of the manual or automatic mode of transmission.

Types of Four Wheel Drive (4WD)

Part-Time 4WD

Part-Time 4-Wheel Drive is an essential feature mostly found in sports utility vehicles and trucks specifically been designed to control harsh and rugged all-terrain off-road driving conditions. This system is normally operated with 2-Wheel Drive for more fuel-efficiency and can also partly be switched to either a 4WD high or a 4WD low gear via a selector switch in case of seriously bad traction scenarios.

The Transmission shift from a 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive can be easily done by the choice of three different modes such as electronically, mechanically, or by means of hydraulic switch option.  All part-time 4WD systems are well equipped with the same low gearing ratio and locking differentials like in 4WD drive train systems.

Full-Time 4WD

Full-Time 4WD System is becoming highly popular in sports utility vehicles and also known as permanent 4WD. It is a powerful and dynamic drive train system which shares an equal power to all four wheels simultaneously and can be used for all road surfaces. This system is perfect for both on-road and off-road all-terrain driving journey.

Advanced 4WD systems of today are equipped with a special secondary low gearing ratio for extremely slow driving in rugged terrain. They possess extreme off-road capability during snowy and rainy weather and work the best for all kinds of difficult and challenging driving situations.

Four Wheel Drive System also keeps many benefits like it provides an excellent traction capability in off-road conditions, possesses the proven rugged technology, and saves fuel economy for the vehicle.

Besides many benefits, it has also some drawbacks such as it cannot be used in all weather conditions, creates complications for the car, and it is pretty expensive as compared to 2-wheel drive system models.

Top 4WD Vehicles for 2017

Toyota 4-Runner, CH-R, Land Cruiser, Nissan Dualis, X-Terra, Land Rover Range Rover, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Expedition, Subaru Forester, Outback etc.


How Difficult is Maintaining a Used Car?

Used Cars Maintenance

It is a concept that brand new cars are comparatively easier to maintain than that of used cars. But it is not true. Even a used car could be easy to maintain if you consider a few factors while buying it. Like small and technologically simple cars are cheap and easy to maintain.

Buying a Japanese used car could also bring lots of ease and comfort. Particularly Japanese used cars have fewer maintenance issues as these are as-new and have really good quality. These go through several quality assurance tests and inspections before these are exported out of Japan.  Few countries also have age policy, these countries only allow importing vehicles of recent years, and this also reduces chances of maintenance issues.

Make this thing your habit to take your car for periodic check-ups even it’s new or used. It will save you from a major malfunctioning and lots of expense to shoot that trouble.

Try to buy a corrosion free vehicle. New Year models of Japanese used vehicles are usually corrosion free. Corrosion free vehicles need less frequent maintenance.

Buying a manual transmission car can also save you lots of maintenance expense as Manual cars are cheaper to maintain and according to mechanics less technique is involved in it.

There are few tips for easy maintenance of used cars as follow.

1-Check air pressure in tires frequently and rotate tires to maintain their performance.

2-Use best engine oil and try to find out which viscosity suits your car best.

3-Use good quality fuel to increase the life of the vehicle.

4- Check battery and other parts frequently.

Hiring a good and loyal mechanic to take care of your vehicle when required is also essential, it is very like a doctor. Good doctor are good for health so the good mechanics are good for your car’s health.

Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks and Buses

Japanese made Mitsubishi Fuso Buses
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation launched light-duty commercial vehicles by the name of Mitsubishi Fuso Canter in the year 1963. It is known by multiple names in the international market as Mitsubishi Fuso Colt Diesel, Mitsubishi Fuso FE, and Sterling 360. It was supplied to the Japanese market and almost all other international markets like Europe, Other parts of Asia, Australia, and United States. Till the early 70s, it only gained popularity in the Asia-Pacific region but later it also prevailed in the international market.

Its name Cantor refers to a gallop of a horse, it indicates about its power and pace. This light-duty commercial vehicle was admired all across the world. It was marketed in North America in 1985 by the name of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America. It has a power train engine and has a manual transmission.

Its principal competitor in the United States was Bering MS, GMC W-series and creeds like Chevrolet and in Japan, this truck competed with Elf, Toyota Dyna, and Hino Dutro.

Mitsubishi Tramagal plant is specialized for supplying Mitsubishi commercial vehicles to entire Europe it is situated in Portugal.

Buying a new Mitsubishi truck could be an expensive option for anyone but if you are interested in buying Mitsubishi Fuso Canter so you can also consider used commercial vehicles.

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Toyota Hiace – Commercial Vehicle

Toyota Hiace Commercial Vehicle

Toyota HiAce a light commercial vehicle was firstly presented in the market in the year 1967. Since then Toyota HiAce has adopted many faces in terms of specification, interior and exterior. This Van is still available in the market in its many variants. HiAces are available as normal family Vans, Ambulances, Pick-ups, double cabs and many others.

It was designed to commute long distances and was able to carry 8 people along with achieving the goal of complying with Japanese design standards.

The second generation of HiAce was launched in 1977 after the successful sale of its first generation.  In the second generation along with 2.2 Liters of the petrol engine, Diesel engine was also offered to meet the requirement of few markets. It had single headlights and was more streamed. The second generation was a range of four starting from H11, H20, H30 and finally H40.

Its third generation was launched in 1982 and remained in the market till 1989. Its design was common as Toyota light truck and was really appreciated by the market. It was also known by the name of Toyota commuter and was known by the name of Toyota shell in Sri Lanka.

Its fourth-generation H100 was launched in 1989 and sustained in the market till 2004. In 1999 it also came in its luxury version by the name of RegiusAce.

Toyota HiAce is a perfect ride for long routes and large families or even it could be used commercially for towing passengers. If you looking forward to starting ant transport business and are looking for inexpensive and cheap options to buy HiAce, so you can contact online customer service representatives of Car Junction. Car Junction is one of the oldest and most reliable sources of buying used cars as we have been serving market since more than two decades and have great word of mouth with clients regarding price and condition of the vehicle.


Import Japanese Used Cars to Dominica Island in Caribbean

Dominica is a beautiful island in the Caribbean region and is an importer of used Japanese vehicles. Importing Japanese used car to Dominica involves a simple procedure. There are different regulations to be followed in different circumstances for importing cars.

Japanese Used Cars in Dominica


New immigrants or returning residents can import their own used car if they are returning back permanently. They can avail special advantage of paying really low duty charges i.e. 28% along with 3% custom service charges. But the car should be in there use for more than two years. They can even bring a new car or a newly purchased old car after paying duty charges.


Dominica prefers importing environment-friendly vehicles, so additional charges of 3000$ apply on vehicles of five years or older. In case of lesser age than five years, charges are as low as 1% only.
40% import duty charges apply on conventional vehicles, 3% custom charges apply. Value added tax of 15% is also applicable.


Certificate on entitlement should be acquired from the country from where the vehicle is being imported. Driving license is essential for the importer. There some other legal and financial documentation involved in this process like Bill of Lading, Export license and invoice etc.


Import Japanese Used Vehicles in the Bahamas

The Bahamas! A prosperous Caribbean state which comprises of more than 700 islands is one of those states which import bulk quantity of used vehicles majorly from Japan. It is economically suitable for people of Bahamas to import used vehicles from Japan. Good per capital income makes the Bahamas a very suitable market for importing used cars.

Continuously the popularity of Japanese used vehicles is increasing not only in the Bahamas but almost everywhere in the world. Japanese used vehicles are well known for their reliability; comfort and durability along with their affordable prices, which is the reason which makes you, see Japanese used vehicles on every road of the Bahamas.

Japanese Used Cars for The Bahamas

If you are also one of those who are looking forward to being a next importer of used cars so you should know that all individuals or businesses interested in importing one or more used vehicles from Japan or anywhere else in the world have to fulfil a number of requirement before claiming their vehicle.

List of policy requirements is as follow:

At the top of everything, all cars should be insured if you wish to import to them Bahamas.


Every country and region has different import policies in terms of the age of the car. Age restriction for a used car is 10 years; car older than 10 years is not permitted to be imported in the Bahamas.


Unlike conventional road-rides i.e. SUVs, Sedans and other cars, when it comes about importing heavy vehicles and caravans you need to seek special permission for that.


If the vehicle imported from a right-hand drive country the headlights will need to be adjusted to dip left. Importation of Left Hand Drive vehicles is preferred in the Bahamas.


Upon arrival, the vehicle must be taken directly to the Road Traffic Department for inspection and licensing.


The major ports in the Bahamas which are used to park imported used vehicles from Japan are Freeport and Nassau. Both Ro-Ro method and containers shipments are equally preferred in the Bahamas.


Customs duties on imported vehicles vary based on a few different factors:

  1. The intended use of the imported vehicle.
  2. Engine capacity.
  3. The age of the vehicle.

Typically it is 35% or higher.

Required Documents:

Import permit should be acquired from the relevant body, secondly, certificate of entitlement from the country of import, bill of lading and invoice are also important documents required during and after the process of import.

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How to Import Used Cars in Jamaica

Buying a brand new car is a dream of every eye but when it comes about, many people can’t afford new cars. In this case, people avail the option of buying used cars to save cost. Japanese used car industry is one of the largest used car industries of the world and it has its continuously growing clientele all around.

Japanese used car are being imported almost everywhere in the world because these are well known for their reliability, durability and economical prices. Jamaica along with other Caribbean countries prefers importing used Japanese cars as it is really simple and easy to import these over there. According to statistic, almost 90 percent of cars imported in Jamaica are from Japan.

Japanese Toyota Corolla Axio


Jamaica has a government authority named “Trade Board Limited” which mainly deals with the import of cars. According to the regulations of any vehicle imported to Jamaica should be registered, insured and worthy enough to drive on roads. There are certain other document restrictions and tax policy which is provided below.


Conventional cars like sedans, SUVs etc of more than five years old could not be imported in Jamaica and for larger vehicles like pickups, trucks etc age limit vary from six to ten years.

Modified or special purpose vehicles like ambulance, fire trucks or city cars also have a policy of 10 years.


1- Import license should be acquired from the relevant body before importing any vehicle.

2- Evidence of purchase that is a certificate of title issued by the government of the country from where the car is being imported.

3-Identity proofs like a national identity card or driving license etc are required.

4- Other essential documents include BOL, Invoice, Bill of Sight, NTN etc.

5- Tax compliance certificate is also necessary.


Import duties and taxes are the most important part of any import while importing Japanese used vehicles to Jamaica some taxes and import duty apply.

Import duty varies based on the type, size and fuel consumption of the vehicle. It ranges from 10% to 40%.

GCT of 17.5 percent applies on each imported vehicle. Zero-rated vehicles are exceptions.

CET (Common external tariff of 10-20% apply on different vehicles.


After clearing vehicle from the port it is certified by a government authority to ensure that imported vehicle meets Jamaican standards.


LHDs could be imported in Jamaica. Every Jamaican is entitled to import 2 vehicles in 3 years. Immigrants can import after having proper immigration documentation.


Kingston is the most recommended port for shipments from Japan to Jamaica. Roro (Roll-on Roll-off) is the most preferred method.


Mitsubishi Rosa Bus 25 to 33 Seaters

“Mitsubishi Rosa bus” which has now evolved through four generations; was officially marketed by Mitsubishi in 1960. It is a minibus, meant to carry 25 to 33 passengers from one destination to another. Due to its flawless, remarkable design and comfortable accommodation for passengers, it could be distinguished from similar vehicles available in the market. It is competing with Isuzu Journey, Nissan Civilian, and Toyota Coaster but since a decade it’s on the top of the sales chart of minibuses.

Japanese Used Mitsubishi Rosa buses for Sale

The main reason for its success is that it is a reliable and good value for money. It is one of the best for its “cost per seat bus”. There are many features which are unique about “Mitsubishi Rosa bus” but despite all the outstanding features and excellent performance the vehicle is offered at a reasonable price for current and potential customers, it adds worth.

Mitsubishi Rosa is available with standardized and optional equipment customized and personalized to the need of its valued customers. The standard features are present in all the vehicle models to satisfy buyers whereas the optional features are meant for customization preferred by certain customers around the globe.

According to a review report:

“The major specifications include three points seat belt, power steering, clutch booster, heat absorbing glass, warning alert buzzer, brake system, independent front suspension, spare tires, glove box, and windshield shade band, fuel tank lock, under view mirror, front disc brakes and complete entertainment package. The optional equipment list includes the 2 by 2 seating arrangement, rear seat fold down option, passenger seat belts, luggage accommodating rack, ashtray, ceiling grab rail, protection bars, engine protection from dust and digital clock.”

According to Mitsubishi:

“A stylish, aerodynamic exterior contributes to vehicle stability and a reduction in fuel consumption.

The low, wide passenger door is positioned forward for ease of entry and exit.

A bright, spacious passenger cabin provides a sense of luxury. “

“Used Mitsubishi Rosa Busses for sale” are also considered by few buyers when it comes about saving cost. Used “Mitsubishi Rosa Busses for sale” are available all around the globe and are preferred by many people.

Not only Rosa but other “Japanese Used Buses” are also purchased.

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Garbage Trucks

Garbage Truck is a commonly used term for waste and garbage lifting truck to dump the domestic household waste to some other place for the proper solid waste management treatment to recycle the dumped waste into some reusable form. It is a proper system prevails in every country of the world in which there is a responsibility of local municipal government to clean and sanitize the city and accumulate all garbage in some other place outside the city area to compile all garbage with tools and machines into some reusable thing.

Garbage Truck has a purpose for lifting all garbage bags which local sweepers collect from each and every house in the city and dump all the waste bags in a single place which the garbage truck lifts and puts it in a place outside the vicinity of the city.

It all started centuries ago with local district union council of Chiswick in western London. The district council realized the need for designing a dust cart to clean the waste of the city. The first dust cart was designed in 1897 by Thorny croft Company which was named as “Thorny croft Steam Dust Cart”. This was a first vehicle cart used for the purpose of lifting and collecting domestic garbage waste and hauling all waste away from the city.

After getting this idea much popular in all Europe and the United States of America another dumpster container trucks were introduced to dump all the household garbage outside the city.

Garbage Truck has mainly three basic types which are as Follows:

  • Front Loading Garbage Collector
  • Rear Loading Garbage Collector
  • Side Loading Garbage Collector

Front Loading Garbage Collector

The main core purpose of the front-loading garbage collector is to collect large domestic, commercial and especially industrial waste which is considered the most harmful for humans. It collects all waste by its powerful levers to forcefully lift all the heavy garbage and dump it inside the waster container to throw it outside the city.

Rear Loading Garbage Collector

The function of the rear loading garbage collector is to collect all the household and commercial waste by opening its rear part of the container to throw all the garbage bags manually by local sweepers to make it dumped outside the city area.

Side Loading Garbage Collector

The purpose of sideloading garbage container truck is to collect all the solid waste by its both left and right side of the container and dump all the waste bags inside the container to help recycle the garbage waste into some reusable form.

Garbage Truck is commonly associated with our daily lives to help us in keeping our city sanitize and clean. As we put our dust bins outside our houses for sweepers to collect them and dump it in the garbage container for the purpose of solid waste recycling.

Isuzu Forward Garbage Trucks from Japan

Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Garbage Trucks from Japan

Left Hand Drive Used Cars

Left Hand Used Vehicles

Car Junction is now offering a huge selection of left-hand drive used vehicles including passenger cars, public transport vehicles, commercial trucks and buses and all other vehicles at affordable price. All of the top American and European brands are available like AUDI, BMW, FORD, Mercedes Benz, Dodge, Hummer and many more.

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