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Truck Manufacturer Hino Celebrates its 30 Years

There are various truck manufacturers in the world but Hino is probably ranked as one of the best or the best truck manufacturer in the Automobile industry. The high stature of Hino in the world is due to a host of reasons and factors which they have been able to hold onto since the time

Commercial Trucks

Transportation is the one of the essentials that every enterprise mandatorily required for the efficient transition of heavy loads from one place to another. Commercial vehicles have been playing a very significant role to accelerate the business activities for long time that has made possible to provide services and delivering of various goods conveniently as

Japanese Commercial Vehicles

We often travel on buses, hire taxis, see huge trailers, heavy trucks on the highways traveling miles across the cities or even countries; helping transporting people and other goods to different destinations. Commercial vehicles are mainly used on the corporate level to conduct business activities (often related to commutation) and if this transition is efficient

Tokyo Motor Show to be held as planned

The Japan Automobile Manufacturer Association, Inc. will hold the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show in December this year at Tokyo Big Sight as planned. A total of 175 exhibitors from 11 countries and 1 region will participate, covering 34,919 square meters of exhibit space. All 14 manufacturers and 15 brands of Japan as well as 19 companies