There is a surprising update for all customers that Mitsubishi Motors has recently announced in its latest news to introduce its charging spot search smartphone app named as “EV Support” with extended features and support for Android Auto App via Google Play. Mitsubishi Motors is the first automaker to distribute a genuine android auto compatible app.

Android Auto App is a successful Google Play App which easily connects android smartphones to in-car dashboard display via a micro USB Cable and allows drivers to have access of smartphone functions like finding directions, making and receiving calls, text messages, and enjoying listening music all in a way by staying their focus on the road.

Let us explore more of these functions in a bit detail:


Android Auto helps drivers get access to right directions on the road with Google Maps which shows an easy direction mapping pointing to the right way until reaching the destination. It is integrated with a car dashboard with a widescreen design interface and guides car drivers to navigate the accurate road direction. This smart auto compatible app provides an in-car navigation system with real-time traffic update which helps drivers to get informed of the heavy traffic all over the city. It also provides information about current weather conditions in the city.


Music plays an essential role in providing electrifying entertainment in a car drive. Android Auto App offers dynamic music control in your car with all superb music apps like Google play music, Pandora, Spotify, pocket casts, beyond pod, open radio, and tune in radio. It also consists of AM/ FM Radio, Bluetooth Audio, digital audio broadcasting, podcasts, and Google Play iPod Music.


Making and Receiving Calls have become easier to do for drivers while driving as Android Auto App offers dashboard interface with large and clear dialling keypad, speakers, and volume adjustments to easily communicate with other people without interrupting your drive as it has been specifically designed for drivers to keep their right focus on driving.


Texting Messages is no more of an issue for car drivers now as they can do this by using Android Auto Infotainment App which provides an easy way of reading out received texts to drivers and they can easily reply back with their own voice. It offers some of the best messaging apps to name a few are Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, We Chat, Telegram, Textme, Kik Messenger, and Text Plus.


Voice Search is a tremendous android auto search app which uses Ok Google voice detection app from the Google Play to make it easier for drivers to find everything with search by voice. It uses all kinds of general and particular app-specific Google commands to ask for anything like setting alarm, notes, meeting schedules, and entertainment.

It all requires an Android phone with 5.0 lollipop version, android auto compatible vehicle, and an android auto app.

In conclusion, Mitsubishi is making a drive extremely easier and interesting for drivers by having equipped with advanced android auto app feature added with multiple functions.