Recently the world came to know about the innovation which could change the driver’s experience entirely. If you are a person who is crazy about cars but are waiting for the right set of wheels that will reflect your personality, this innovation is going to make car customization as easy as a few keystrokes. The Phoenix company is the one who is leading this innovation and said this week that it was looking forward to producing what it has been calling the world’s first 3-D printed car.

Local Motors have been saying that the company plans to make it available for sale in about a year and that the prices will be ranging from $18,000 to$30,000. This is a fairly good price and if you are financially strong. The idea given by the company is very easy and simple, the buyer will have to select his favourite car on a computer screen and then press the print button. A giant machine would then start to make the car out of sturdy material like carbon fibre-reinforced plastic and the process will take about 40 hours.

Later on the cars, major components can be attached like the wheels, controls and powertrain. Instead of about 25,000 parts of the car, the Phoenix Company cuts down the major components to 50 which are really low and convenient.

The CEO John “Jay” Rogers said that “because the car is easily changed on the computer screen, it can be shaped however the buyer would like it and if I want this car to be 10% bigger, I just click a button”. Hang on to one model for some months and when you get tired of one model you can always select a new as these 3-D printed cars will be recyclable as long as they have not been painted.