Mitsubishi is another well-known Japanese manufacturer which is aiming to succeed in the car industry market as one of the potential leaders. It has made its mark in the industry after producing some of the best vehicles present today. Cars produced by Mitsubishi are regarded as reliable and suitable for drivers because of their focus on strong build quality.

It has occurred in the news that Mitsubishi is planning to make its next move to increase its presence in the market. Details are coming that Mitsubishi and Renault are strategizing to cooperate in the future in order to share a common footing and develop better cars.

It happened last year in November that both companies made decisions to join together in a move to improve their capabilities. Back then, they had made plans to share technology and products but it seems now that they are making their next manoeuvre.

Mitsubishi and Renault are joining hands to come up with a new compact sedan model based car that will possibly prove to be a substitute for the Lancer that is being sold currently at a snail’s pace. The agreement seems so far limited to ideas only as there is no surety as to whether the car will be based on a Mitsubishi or Renault and the location for the production of cars has also yet not been disclosed or rather decided.

Mitsubishi has so far told that the car will be made for the global market and shall enter the European market as well. It is also heard that a mid-sized sedan base on Renault latitude shall also be put on sale in the next two to three years. All this information has got buzzing in the air as it sends definite signals to competitors that Mitsubishi will hit the market with some force.