Simply take care of your car and remember to take the following steps to prevent your car from being stolen.

  1. Always remember to take your keys when you leave the car.
  2. Lock your car and recheck if it is.
  3. Spare keys do not need to be in the car, they can easily be found if a thief finds the time.
  4. Car theft occurs usually in darkness, try to park your vehicle in well-lit areas.
  5. Try to leave your car in attended and secure parking lots.
  6. Just to be extra cautious, have different keys for door/ignition, trunk and the glove box. Give the parking lot attendant only the door/ignition key and check your car for any missing stuff upon return.
  7. Even if you are going for a very short time, do not leave your car running. Cars are generally stolen from gas stations, ATMs and other locations where we are gone only for a few moments.
  8. Make sure that all your windows are properly closed and that no gaps remain.
  9. Do not leave valuable items in your car when parked. This will make your car a likely target.
  10. Whenever you park your vehicle turn your wheels to the side. It will make it difficult to tow your car away.
  11. Front-wheel drive vehicles should be parked front end in first, while rear-wheel drives should be backed in.
  12. For more security, use the emergency brake when parked. Towing your car would become very difficult.
  13. If there is a garage available, use it. Do not leave your car outside.
  14. Even when parking in a garage, do not forget to lock your car.
  15. Never leave the registration in the car. These can be used by the thief to sell your car. Keep registration in your wallet or purse.
  16. If you are going somewhere for a long time (such as on a vacation), remove the electronic fuse, coil wire and rotor distributor to disable your vehicle.
  17. There are vehicles which have lock assemblies at window level, these form T-shape locks which should be replaced with straight locks. A thief can use tools to unlock T-shape locks which are like knobs. Straight locks disallow this.
  18. Engrave a personal name or ID numbers on expensive car accessories.
  19. Invest in vehicle protection.
  20. Install an inexpensive toggle switch or ignition kill switch into the ignition wire. Expensive immobilizers and passkeys can also be used.
  21. Have a fuel kill switch that halts the fuel supply.
  22. Have a visible steering wheel lock to stop the steering wheel from turning.
  23. If you need, you can install floorboard, gear shift, wheel and hood locks.
  24. Protect the column and ignition by an armoured collar around the steering column.
  25. Install electronic security systems for further protection.  Audio alarms that go off if someone tries to tamper with your car are helpful. Automatic engine disables features are also recommended.
  26. Get your car tracked. Have a transmitter hidden in the car so that the police can track your vehicle at all times.

We hope that you never face such a situation and that these precautions are never tested by any thief or burglar. Happy driving.