The new Toyota Hilux 2400cc is so far the best double cab SUV vehicle sold in Tokyo, Japan. It is a 4×4 wheel vehicle with a mammoth 2400cc engine capable of roughly and toughly hitting the roads. The new Toyota Hilux that is made in Japan has both interior and exterior of aerodynamic nature giving a stylish ad luxe look to the SUV. Moreover, it gives its customers a choice of newly formulated four-cam or twin-cam engines which are gasoline in nature, depicting excellent performance with maximum fuel capacity. At, CarJunction Japan we have a lot to offer particularly we are offering brand new Toyota Hilux 2400cc for sale.


Descriptive detail of Double Cab 2022 from Japan

Japanese Toyota Hilux Double Cab features a sporty exterior along with a tinge of off-road freedom. It has a strong and sturdy flowing line along with a higher hip line which is further highlighted by the headlight-grille assembly. The rear design of the 4WD Toyota Hilux Japan is kept simple yet chic and modern in order to contribute to enhanced aerodynamic features.

The floor height of this Double Cab 2022 from Japan is lowered in order to give more access to the cabin area. Furthermore, the safety level of the SUV is top-class as it comprises ventilated disc brakes with ABS.

Attractive features of made in Japan Hilux

This made-in-Japan Hilux is not only efficient in terms of the fact that it possesses a robust 2400cc engine but also is dynamically auspicious in terms of class and luxury. The maker of this SUV automobile is Toyota of course. The engine type of the new Toyota Hilux is 2GD-FTV comprising of 4 cylinders and 16 valves. The sitting capacity within the SUV vehicle is 5 as per the Japanese law with 4 doors in total.

It is a 4WD whilst being a right-hand drive i.e. steering wheel is present on the right side of the vehicle. The made-in-Japan Hilux possesses super intelligent 6-speed automatic transmission i.e. SUPER ECT.


Fuel Economy

The fuel consumption of the vehicle has been significantly improved by 10% by reducing friction exponentially thus giving more mileage in minimum fuel.

Safety Standards

Japanese Toyota Hilux Double Cab comprised of standard dual airbags along with a significant anti-intrusion side door beam. In the Toyota Hilux 2022 Japan, Toyota has been able to incorporate numerous frontal, rear, side-on, and roll-over impact and absorption technology, this measure was necessary in order to raise the occupant safety standard thereby meeting the Japanese crash test standards.

The over-fenders, side body panels along instrumental panels of Toyota Hilux 2022 are employed with Super Olefin Polymer resin which is recyclable in nature, this employment is yet another auspicious and remarkable feature by Toyota. The monthly target sale of the Japanese Toyota Hilux Double Cab within Japan is set to 5000 units.

Toyota Hilux grades or package

The new Toyota Hilux comes in three variants or grades or packages. These variants or grades differ in one another by means of prominent features thereby deviating them in terms of price as well. The three grades of the new Toyota Hilux Japan are mentioned below:

  • Toyota Hilux X

Beginning with the entry model, Toyota Hilux X is the basic entry model.

  • Toyota Hilux Z

The next package is Toyota Hilux Z, it is sportier than the basic entry package i.e. X.


  • Toyota Hilux GR sports

This is the most advanced model of the Toyota Hilux, being more robust and more sturdy than the former 2 packages.


Toyota Hilux at CarJunction Japan

CarJunction Japan is #1 exporter of double cabin Hilux. We offer a variety of 4×4 vehicles ready for dispatch and delivery to our clients. We have built a name of trust over years of struggle in delivering quality vehicles such as the brand new Toyota Hilux.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is Toyota Hilux 2022 available in Japan?

Yes, the Brand new Toyota Hilux 2022 is available at CarJunction Japan pretty easily. All you have to do is place your order and then we will take on from that.

  • What is the transmission type of Toyota Hilux 2022?

The transmission of Toyota Hilux is a super-intelligent 6-speed automatic transmission i.e. SUPER ECT.

  • What type of drive is Toyota Hilux 2022?

Toyota Hilux is right-hand drive i.e. the steering wheel is present on the right side of the car.

  • What engine does Japanese Hilux use?

The Japanese Hilux makes use of the sturdy 2400cc engine.