Safe sender list is a secured and reliable option of adding the desired email contacts in your personal address box for preventing an email to fall into the spam box. It is also known as white list as it provides a protected way of delivering your email directly to the inbox without any kind of filter.

The following is the step by step guide for the six leading email providers as to how to add safe sender list contacts in each one of them for better and faster deliverability.


For adding your email to safe sender list, you first require to open your Gmail account. Click on more options in the upper right corner of the message box. In the drop down menu, click on Add Sender to Contacts List in the header of the email. A confirmation message will be displayed above the email.


Adding your safe email contact list in Yahoo requires an easy procedure to follow. As it firstly requires to open your yahoo account, then Select the add to address book link, and type in the email address of the contact and click on save contact.


The Microsoft Network (MSN Hotmail) provides a hassle free and easy method of adding your safe sender email list. At first, it requires you to login to your hotmail account. Click
Save address in the menu bar, verify the contact information. Then click ok on the next screen.


For adding your safe email contacts in MSN Windows Live, You simply need to sign in to your windows live account. Click on the mark as safe link option.


To include all safe email lists in the MSN Outlook, first of all you need to sign it to your outlook email account. Click options on the tools menu. On the preference tab, click on the junk email option. Select safe senders tab and click add. Now enter the contact email address and click ok.


For adding a secured email sender contact list in an America Online (AOL), you need to login to the AOL account. Click on the addresses tab in the upper right corner of the mail box window. Now click on the new drop-down menu and select New Contact. Type in the email address of the new contact in the screen name field and click the save button.

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