Handy Tips to Improve Fuel Economy

Nobody wants to spend uselessly in today’s times. The rising gas prices have lead people to think of and apply fuel saving techniques in order to cover more miles in the least amount of gas.

  • Drive slowly; there is no need to tear the roads apart. Driving fast around 55 mph is agreeable but anything over 60 mph greatly reduces the fuel average.
  • Turn the handle 180o when at the gas pump so that it is upside down. This will pour the residual, almost half a cup of fuel, into your car.
  • Gas evaporates so make sure that your gas cap fits properly and has been tightly closed.
  • Try parking in the shade, the air conditioner works much harder if the car is sun-heated. This will result in more gas wastage.
  • Use the air conditioner as less as possible since everyone knows that ACs take up extra gas. Do not turn on the air conditioner on cooler days or in evenings.
  • Keep your car tuned and the engine in good condition. A well-maintained car will improve gas mileage at an average of 4%.
  • Change oil at proper intervals. Poor or dirty engine oil will make the engine work harder thus causing it to use more fuel.
  • Do not keep unnecessary weight in the car’s trunk or boot. It is estimated that after every increase of 100 pounds there is a decrease of 2% in fuel economy.
  • Try to keep your air filters clean and change them at proper intervals. This can add 10% more mileage.
  • It is better to stop your vehicle than keep it idling. Restarting the car takes a lesser amount of fuel as compared to idling.
  • Proper tire maintenance and inflation add about 3% mileage. Rotate your tires after driving every 7500 miles.
  • Drive your car while using cruise control or overdrive when on the highway.
  • Keeping luggage on top of the car is a nice way to waste fuel. It is estimated that air resistance can cost 5% more fuel. Do it only when really necessary.
  • Maintain the car’s fluids especially the engine coolant. Ensure that it is mixed properly with water.
  • Try to remain relaxed while driving. Do not try to be aggressive as it costs more fuel than being a defensive driver.