The Concept of Eco-Friendly car is a beneficial idea for the green environment and Toyota Motor Corporation Japan has always strived hard to bring about a revolution and innovation in the automotive industry by producing hydrogen fuel vehicles. Hydrogen has a tremendous potential capability to be used as a transportation fuel by combining it with oxygen for generating fuel cell energy to power the engine with zero carbon emission.

Toytoa FCV Hydrogen Electric Vehicles

Toyota has recently introduced Mirai a Fuel Cell electric Vehicle (FCEV) as a proven test hybrid car for the purpose of properly utilizing and implementing hydrogen fuel cells for vehicle transportation. It is a next-generation futuristic design urban city mid-sized 4-door sedan car equipped with highly powerful 113 Kilowatt fuel cell powered electric motor for providing a clean, healthy and environmental friendly speedy pleasurable driving journey experience for customers. It offers increasing and uprising demand in Japan, United States, and United Arab Emirates. This Japanese Term Mirai has a translated meaning of Future as it provides a futuristic approach car with a true blend of hydrogen fuel energy.

The United Arab Emirates is a flourishing country which has a sheer potential of oil production contributes the driving force for the national economy. It can become a leading country in the world in coming years to take a serious initiative step of providing clean energy hydrogen based economy by producing hydrogen at its sodium hydroxide plants society.

For fulfilling this promise, UAE has just signed an agreement with the leading Japanese automotive giant Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) for the joint hydrogen research collaborative project on the 17th January 2017 in an effort to help bring about a low carbon economy. This valuable agreement has been created between Toyota, UAE Masdar, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Air Liquide, and the local Toyota Distributor Al –Futtaim Motors.

This joint research effort will result in doing testing for the Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle Operation and Charging by using hydrogen stations for experimenting testing of how this vehicle perform in the hot climatic conditions. This valuable research experimentation will help in deep and thorough understanding of fuel cell technology and hydrogen based society. UAE has a bright vision for 2021 to have less ozone pollution and increase in the clean technology and this innovative research will be conducted for the scope of newly constructed Masdar City  Project hoping to provide a completely emission less environment for everyone.

The Future Runs on Hydrogen

This remarkable collaboration will certainly bring amazing results by working together for a core purpose of an emission free and pure healthy environment for customers. UAE has a broad vision of providing scientific hydrogen research for clean energy economy for the world.