Everyone dreams of buying a car that looks as if it was made exclusively for the Queen. Most of the people resort towards buying used cars so that they can get a smart car within a smart budget. Buying a used car is not something a lot of people look up to. That’s because most of the people end up paying several more bucks than the product’s worth. However if one does the right amount of research before going on the shopping spree, one can find the hidden treasures that are lying around the market waiting for their fortunate owners.

Important Tips:

Before choosing the vehicle, get a peek into your finances so that you can decide about your price range.

If you are a car enthusiast and have certain know-how about the different functions then you can probably manage on your own. If not, it’s always better to take a friend with you.

Try to hook up for a car that’s not more than 5 to 7 years old. Always take a look at the mileage of the car. The mileage of the car should go along with the general condition of the car.

Don’t be impressed with a low mileage car as it indicates that the car may have been left unused for a long period of time. This can cause certain engine problems. Go for a car that has been regularly used.

Check that the engine plate numbers and chassis number compare it with those on the registration document. You don’t want to get into trouble with the law later on.

Be on a lookout for corrosion or rust. Most of the cars over five years old have a rusty body. Buying such a car is never worth the money.

Check out the doors and wings as any crash repair will show it has not been properly. Also, look out any variations in the paint colour. A car that has been collusion should be a definite no buy as its suspension and/or steering could have been damaged.

Never buy a used car without a test drive. While on a test drive, check that the steering of the car has no tendency to pull either left or right.

The brakes of the car should not offer a certain amount of resistance when applied. Loose brakes indicate the car has undergone a lot of heavy driving.

Always check out the engine before buying a used car. An engine which is dirty with oil strains is a better bet than a sparkling clean engine. A clean engine can be used to disguise problems like oil leaks.

Keep a lookout for the temperature gauge. A car that overheats quickly has problems with its engine and is definitely not a safe bet.

Check for oil leaks.

Finally, always take a close look at the agreement papers. If you are purchasing the car from a dealer, try to weasel out a warranty as it will help keep you away from the workshops for a long time.

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