Rust and Car Damage

Today we see cars with shades of rust that won`t appear on colour chips in new car literature. Rust damages can be really serious sometimes as it can go straight through the metal. Once the protection is scraped off or damaged then the metal is exposed to elements which start its rusting.
In order to protect your precious car from rusting, try painting any chips as fast as possible. For a quick repair just apply a bit of nail polish on the scratch. Find appropriate touch-up paint which can easily be found for every vehicle there is. Check the owner’s manual of the car to find where the paint code is hidden.

Minor dents can be repaired with a simple dent repair without any usage of paint. But again one thing must be kept in mind that preventive maintenance is way better than repairing and correcting measures. Protecting and keeping the originality of the car and finish keeps it in a new-like condition. The basic rules of body and paint maintenance have to be carried out like;

– Do not park in the sun as it damages the exterior and interior parts of the vehicle.

– Secondly, wash the vehicle at proper intervals including the surface beneath the car with appropriate products.

– And thirdly, select cleaner and waxes cautiously as a product which is best for one type of finish could be worst for another.