Cars being a common need of today’s era, you cannot imagine life without it. Initially, cars were made to run on smooth roads, but this didn’t quench the thirst of people they wanted to go beyond roads. Consequently, SUV’s kicked in and changed the whole meaning of Off-Roading.

Nissan X-Trail is a strong and muscular SUV and probably the best that Nissan has ever produced. This car is enough to satisfy people who love Off-Roading, and it can also serve people who look for a smooth road drive. Here are some reasons why this SUV is extremely popular all over the globe.

Engine and its performance

This beast comes with three different engines, 2.0L and 2.5L Petrol Engine and a 2.5L Diesel Engine, which is combined with either 6-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic transmission. It comes with both 2WD and a 4WD system, which gives you equal power either you are On-Raod or Off-Road. The engine produces 360Nm of torque, which makes the handling of the car much more responsive and quick.

Size and seating capacity

The key feature of this SUV is that although it’s a compact one still provides much more space than usual SUVs available in the market. A total of 8 people can fit in comfortably and still, you can have trunk space big enough that four people can sit at the back and play ludo. People in front can enjoy the spacious cabin with ample legroom space, making the ride comfortable for both long and short journeys.

Fuel economy

Nissan X-trail, although has a quiet, powerful engine, but, it gives a sensational mileage of 41.5 mpg on highways and around 36.4 mpg in the city for the diesel engine and for the petrol engine it is 37.2mpg on highways and 31.7mpg in the city, which means this car has a very low operational cost. If once you get the tank filled up you won’t be seeing the petrol pump for at least 3 to 4 days but that depends on your usage.

Nissan X-Trail is a great SUV Family car combo and is a great choice if one is looking for a cheap SUV which have all the features of an expensive one, without compromising on quality.

Nissan X Trail