Nissan Caravan

nissan caravan

Nissan is a third largest and reliable Japanese automobile manufacturer and it has been supplying vehicles according to the need and requirement of market. Nissan introduced its van in year 1973 and it was used as cargo Van but later in 1976 Nissan introduced it under tag of multi-purposed version by the name of Nissan Homy. It got great feedback from market so it is still prevailing in market as its fifth generation though it has been through many changes according to the need of time.

Nissan Caravan

It had seating capacity of 15 people along with ample of luggage capacity. In other markets than Japan Nissan Caravan was sold by the names of Nisan Urvan and Nissan King Van.

Second generation of Nissan caravan was only a cosmetic update with negligible technological changes. Third generation was launched in the year 1986 with no major changes. Nissan introduced fourth generation E25 in 2001 it was sold under the tag of Isuzu Como. Its fifth generation which is still prevailing in the market was launched in the year 2012.has diesel engine and its body is super long.

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