People who drive a lot and travel over 200 miles in a month need to take extra care of their car to make sure that their vehicle remains in a running and safe condition. The more you drive the more miles you travel, adds more responsibility on your shoulders to keep that lovely old car of yours as well maintained as possible.

There are few people in this world who want to replace their cars every now and then. As for most of us, we want to keep our vehicles up and running for as long as possible, this is because most of us dislike the replacement expense of cars. According to surveys, a person on average keeps his cars for approximately 9 years gratefully to the excellent build quality of cars. People refrain from buying new vehicles because of the high average price of cars. As a result, they are forced or happy to maintain their old cars efficiently and properly so that they can keep their cars longer. It is seen that with proper maintenance, cars can show excellent performance and can travel 200,000 miles or more without any major overhauls or repairs.

It is necessary and essential to understanding that although old cars can go on with proper maintenance, they do surface some needs that are different from new vehicles. Cars that have been on the road for a long time experience wear in engine parts, deposits accumulate on the metal surfaces and the seal may get dry. The engine is the centre of all attention when it comes to maintaining your car. Older engines require a specific focus and lubrication to operate effectively.

There are many different products that have entered the market with the aim of increasing engine life and durability. This is because of the increase in people who prefer to keep and maintain their old cars inefficient running condition. These different products give engines extra protection by the help of additional cleansing agents for engine parts and seals which help reduce the risk of oil leaks and valve deposits.