In used condition, Japanese assembled vehicles are the most trusted name all over the world. People from around the globe prefer to import these reliable cars from Japan for individual or reselling purpose. For the past few years, Trinidad & Tobago has been incorporated more to import Japanese vehicles due to its durability, affordable prices and convenient importation process; as the interest is still developing gradually. The passion, love and respect for Japanese vehicles are overwhelmed by the inhabitants of the country that eventually stimulate the purchases for such cars.

import used cars in Trinidad and Tobago

The used motor vehicle industry is in the booming process in the region; people are getting aware and showing their interests from almost every state of the Caribbean region. For resellers, importation of used motor vehicles provides the feasible business opportunities to various different big and small enterprises of the region which impacts on the Socio-Economy positively. In order to import a used cars in Trinidad and Tobago, the motor importation restriction must be considered in a sign that has been formed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry; according to which an Import License must be possessed by the purchaser and only 6 years or newer for non commercial whereas fully 6 years or newer for commercial vehicles can be only imported from Japan; just for the reminder these year restrictions was extended from 4 years older vehicles to develop the affordability for the common man.

used cars from Japan

Process of Purchase is mentioned below:

  1. First of all, you will need to select a vehicle that should entertain the above vehicle importation policy i.e. Model 2007 and newer can only be imported additionally Petrol only.
  2. Once the vehicle has been selected, you can ask your supplier to send you the Formal Pro Forma Invoice (Quotation) mentioning complete vehicle and bank details of the exporter to let you proceed for the payment. Usually, Telegraphic Transfer is used as the mode of payment because of it safer, faster and more convenient.
  3. As soon as the payment is received by the Exporter, the shipment and documentation updates can be asked to proceed to arrange an agent to get the vehicle cleared at the port. Please note that for Trinidad & Tobago the preferred port is Port of Spain as the shipments are consecutive from Japan.
  4. Post-shipment, an experienced agent should be hired to clear the vehicle at the port as well as dealing with the Customs Regulatory Authorities on your behalf.
  5. Right after the clearance from the Customs, the drive can be enjoyed on the roads of Trinidad & Tobago.

The prefer brands that are more in demand in this region are Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi due to their reselling, after sales service and spare parts availability. Although the industry has still a kinetic potential to grow further, the government is still determined to facilitate its consumers and encouraging steps are being taken for the prevailing demand of the market.