Amubulances & Rescue Vehicles

Rescue Vehicles are the most important unit for any “Medical Centre” or “Hospital”. Ambulance is a fully equipped vehicle which plays a vital role in transiting patients safely to the hospital and in some instance it also provides out of hospital medical care to the patients for saving a life. The interior of an ambulance usually has space for one or more patients along with several emergency medical personnel and lifesaving drugs.

There is a large range of Ambulances and Rescue vehicles available in the market nowadays. Different automobile companies introduced different models and designs of Ambulances at different times. These Ambulances and Rescue Vehicles include the vehicle cab and chassis, warning lights and sirens, radios, most electrical system components, the heating and air conditioning components, the oxygen system components, and various body trim pieces like windows, latches, handles, and hinges.

When it comes about buying an Ambulance it totally depends on the buyer’s preference, that what he needs to buy.

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