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Import Japanese Used Cars to Dominica Island in Caribbean

Dominica is a beautiful island in Caribbean region and is an importer of used Japanese vehicles. Importing Japanese used car to Dominica involves a simple procedure. There are different regulations to be followed in different circumstances for importing cars. POLICY FOR RETURNING RESIDENTS: New immigrants or returning residents can import their own used car if

Import Japanese Used Vehicles in Bahamas

Bahamas! A prosperous Caribbean state which comprise of more than 700 islands is one of those states which import bulk quantity of used vehicles majorly from Japan. It is economically suitable for people of Bahamas to import used vehicles from Japan. Good per capital income makes Bahamas a very suitable market for importing used cars.

How to Import Used Cars in Jamaica

Buying a brand new car is a dream of every eye but when it comes about, many people can’t afford new cars. In this case people avail option of buying used cars to save cost. Japanese used car industry is one of the largest used car industries of the world and it has its continuously

Toyota Premio Luxury Sedan Car for Elegant Lifestyle

Toyota Premio is an incredible, extremely appealing and sleekly stylish car specifically been designed for giving a touch of class and luxury. It is the most costly Toyota sedan car after Camry and Corolla. These two vehicles have exceeded world record in their ever mounting sales till today. It is a dream car for everyone

Honda CRV – Compact Crossover SUV

Honda, one of the best Japanese car manufacturers launched its SUV in year 1995 by the name of Honda CRV. According to Japanese press CRV stands for “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle” but according to sales material distributed in UK it referred to “Compact Recreational Vehicle”. CRVs assembly line exists in many countries like England, Japan, Taiwan,


Mitsubishi Pajero is the trendsetter in 4WD SUV Vehicles best suited and ideal for all terrain off-road pleasurable driving experience. It has always set its high class standards of the true combination and finest blend of luxury, comfort with sturdy and rugged sporty drive. The history of this rough and hard rock sport utility vehicle

Advantages of buying Brand New and Used Cars

Buying a Car is a very important event of one’s life, which brings a wipe of anxiousness along with sense of pleasure. It takes lots dough to purchase a car; which makes it critical. Human beings naturally become over conscious when it comes about spending their hard earned money. So to overcome this anxiety people

Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel – King of all Roads

Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel is an off-road fantasy which is well known for giving remarkable experience of smooth ride on bumpy path. The Land Cruiser’s reliability and longevity has led to huge popularity everywhere but, especially in Australia where it has been proved as the best-selling body-on-frame, four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle. This Diesel vehicle has a strong engine

Import Japanese Cars in Singapore

Importing a car in any new country is as much exciting for everyone, but on the other hand, it also requires much complications and hurdles to face for importers. As in every country there are certain imposed taxes and policy regulations on imports. Singapore is also not free from all these importing hassles and imposes

Honda Vezel Hybrid – Mini SUV Car

A top-notch conventional car manufacturer introduced a comfy in late 2013. “Honda Vezel” a comfo-luxry car was firstly presented in Japanese automobile market, but in April 2014 the Company decided to un-veil this mini SUV at “New York auto-show” with the name plate of “Honda H-RV”. Later this HR-V nameplate has been carried over to