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Toyota recalls its Tundra Pickup Trucks in the US because of wheel nuts issues

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that they have received notification from Gulf States TOYOTA for a recall on its 16,249 units of Tundra models which is manufactured in 2013 – 2014. Tundra is a large sized pickup truck sold in North America. According to the notification to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),

Toyota Prius Is The Most Fuel Economic Car – 247 km/litre

Toyota UK said, “The Prius PHV established a fuel-efficiency of 698miles/gallon in real-world testing”. Toyota Prius has set the record for being the most fuel economic car to date. The car went around the north course of Nurburgring, Germany, covering 20.8 km in a time of 20 mins 59 sec at an average speed of 60

Should I Buy a Brand New Car OR Used Car?

It is our nature as people that we look for the best product or service when we decide to spend our hard-earned money. This is because we look for the most value of every penny that we spend and want the most satisfaction out of whatever products or services that we purchase. Same is the

Reasons to Buy Your Dream Car from Japan

Buying a used car directly from Japan is a cost-effective method of changing your current vehicle. Even though it seems that shipping your car around the world might be something quite risky and pricy, it is actually a very good way to get worth for your hard earned money. Some really intriguing reasons have been

Toyota Aqua is the top-selling new passenger car for 2014

Although suffering a 6.6% decline in sales as compared to last year, the Toyota Aqua managed to secure the top spot in the sales ranking of new passenger cars for the first half of 2014. The announcement was made by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association on the 4th of July, 2014. The Toyota Aqua beat

Toyota Leads While Honda Comes Next

Results from June ranking of registered new vehicles (excluding light-motor vehicles) placed Toyota in first place with a slight increase of 0.4% to 121,942 units since last year in June. Honda followed Toyota as number two on the ranking with an increase of 48.1% to 39,628 units showing outstanding success. Nissan was placed third with

Commercial Trucks

Transportation is the one of the essentials that every enterprise mandatorily required for the efficient transition of heavy loads from one place to another. Commercial vehicles have been playing a very significant role to accelerate the business activities for long time that has made possible to provide services and delivering of various goods conveniently as

Japanese Commercial Vehicles

We often travel on buses, hire taxis, see huge trailers, heavy trucks on the highways traveling miles across the cities or even countries; helping transporting people and other goods to different destinations. Commercial vehicles are mainly used on the corporate level to conduct business activities (often related to commutation) and if this transition is efficient

Japanese Diesel Cars and Trucks

The process in buying a vehicle, fuel type is always being looked more deeply and considerably on the higher side as a client is now aware enough in weighting the options before making a vehicle purchasing process. There are two main fuel types that are running over the roads all around the world; GASOLINE (Petrol)

Kenya Used Cars Import Policy

Keep in mind the following things before importing a vehicle from Japan to Kenya. 1) Vehicles to be imported must be at least 8 years old from the year of manufacture. 2) The vehicles must have undergone JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center) inspection from Japan. The inspection certificate is mandatory for the clearance process.