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How Difficult is Maintaining a Used Car?

It is a concept that brand new cars are comparatively easier to maintain than that of used cars. But it is not true. Even a used car could be easy to maintain if you consider few factors while buying it. Like small and technologically simple cars are cheap and easy to maintain. Buying a Japanese

Old ‘New’ Car

Everyone wants to hear a little appreciation about their cars but keeping that old vehicle in a new-like condition is difficult. Dents, scratches and cracks in the glass make a car look older in appearance with time. New techniques have appeared with time that helped car maintenance a lot, it has made repairing faster and

Should I Buy a Brand New Car OR Used Car?

It is our nature as people that we look for the best product or service when we decide to spend our hard-earned money. This is because we look for the most value of every penny that we spend and want the most satisfaction out of whatever products or services that we purchase. Same is the

How to Keep the Automatic Transmission Alive

Probably the most neglected component, in terms of maintenance, of a car is its automatic transmission. Although it has to perform a lot of hard work it does not seem to get the proper attention. One must also remember that it does not require repair often but when it does it is considerably expensive. The

Gear Shifting : Heel and Toe Technique

The heel and toe gear change technique is critical on the racetrack but also very useful in every day driving. When you are on the track it is important to keep the car in its power band and if you drive a turbo you want to avoid lag at all costs so need to keep

Handy Tips to Improve Fuel Economy

Nobody wants to spend uselessly in today’s times. The rising gas prices have lead people to think of and apply fuel saving techniques in order to cover more miles in the least amount of gas. Drive slowly; there is no need to tear the roads apart. Driving fast around 55 mph is agreeable but anything